Palworld: Duneshelter Location Guide & More

Deep in the scorching hot Sand Dunes biome in the world of Palworld lies an abandoned town known as Duneshelter. Once a thriving desert oasis, Duneshelter now stands neglected but full of treasures for intrepid travellers to uncover.

An Overview of Duneshelter

Duneshelter is located at coordinates 357 and 348 in the Palworld map, right in the middle of the hazardous Sand Dunes. The biome itself is extremely hot, with daytime temperatures exceeding 50°C. Lava pools dot the landscape, and fire geysers erupt from the sands. Multiple high-level Boss Pals like Anubis and Scorpius lurk in the dunes, ready to burn unprepared wanderers.

The town itself is in ruins, with many collapsed and boarded-up buildings. Sand has piled up against decrepit walls, and only the hardiest cacti and tumbleweeds grow in the crumbling courtyards. Yet Duneshelter still retains a shadow of its former bustling life, with merchants stubbornly eking out a living in this inhospitable place.

Palworld Duneshelter Location

Duneshelter’s Origins and History

Duneshelter was founded decades ago, during more prosperous times when the Sand Dunes were lush and verdant. The settlement thrived on trade from the rare ores and minerals buried in the sands. Caravans laden with iron, gold, silver and other metals mined from the dunes stopped at Duneshelter to rest and resupply.

At its peak, Duneshelter had a population of over 500 Pals and humans. Settlements like Fisherman’s Point depended on Duneshelter’s mines for raw materials and trade. However, over time, seismic shifts in the Sand Dunes biome turned the landscape barren and arid. Duneshelter’s wells ran dry, and its mines petered out.

Most inhabitants eventually abandoned the dying town. A few stubborn merchants and business pals remained, catering to the brave adventurers passing through. Duneshelter became a hideout for outlaws and Black Marketeers peddling illegal wares. Officially the town was declared off-limits, but travellers still stopped there to find rare loot and hidden treasures.

Duneshelter’s Merchants and Trade Opportunities

Despite Duneshelter’s abandoned state, it remains an important stopover for trading and resupplying. Several notable merchants still hawk their wares here:

The Black Marketeer

This shady dealer operates out of a locked building that is only accessible at night. He sells illegal goods like the Power Glove accessory, C4 explosives, and Rare Hunter Pheromones for controlling Boss Pals. His inventory is random, so check frequently for new and rare items.

The Sandstone Salesman

This rugged Pal peddles picks, shovels, explosives and other mining tools. He also buys raw ores and minerals. Check his stock to upgrade your equipment before mining expeditions.

The Desert Farmer

This hardy cactus farmer sells food and water essential for surviving Duneshelter’s harsh climate. Stock up on prickly pear, aloe vera, desert wheat and citrus fruits to create heat-resistant food. She’s also the only source of Fresh Water in the biome.

The Shady Arms Dealer

He operates a weapons shop with high-level firearms like Muskets, Grenade Launchers, Paintball Guns and more. His prices are steep, but his inventory is top-notch. Buy from him before tackling Duneshelter’s powerful Boss Pals.

The Haberdashery Owner

This Pal tailor sells clothing and accessories specialized for Duneshelter’s climate. Check frequently as her hats, capes, goggles, boots and light armour are randomly generated. Useful finds include Heatproof Slippers, Winter Coats and Desert Boots.

In addition to shops, Duneshelter also has a Training Dojo, Bank, and Revive Point – essential amenities when mining in the treacherous Sand Dunes.

Duneshelter’s Resources and Loot

Beyond trading, Duneshelter’s real value lies in its resources. The abandoned mines and ore deposits contain rare crafting materials valuable for upgrading your equipment and base:

Ores and Metals

The Sand Dunes contain rich veins of Iron, Gold, Silver, Titanium and Coal buried under the sand. Search for surface outcroppings and use a pickaxe to unearth a fortune. Raw ores can be processed into ingots for crafting or sold.

Oil Deposits

Hidden oil wells dot the dunes and can provide Pal Oil and ultra-rare High-Quality Pal Oil. The latter is critical for crafting firearms like the Musket. Extract oil with a drill and transport it carefully as spillage attracts nearby Boss Pals.

Rare Minerals

Exotic minerals like fire opals, sunstones and draconite crystals can also be unearthed here. These are used in magical artefacts and summoning fire/heat-based Boss Pals. Mine carefully around lava pools and geysers.

Salvageable Loot

Duneshelter’s buildings contain forgotten treasures. Smash crates, dig through debris piles, and scavenge in chests for rare eggs, accessories, and crafting materials. Useful finds include air conditioners, electric fans, winter clothing and cold drinks.

Giant Clams

These huge clams buried in the sand contain pearls when pried open. Look for their telltale bubbles by the shore. The Black Marketeer will pay handsomely for giant pearls. Just watch out for their tendency to attract Boss Pals when disturbed.

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Survive Duneshelter’s Harsh Climate

Before rushing into Duneshelter’s riches, ensure you’re prepared to handle its punishing heat:

Heat-Resistant Armor/Clothing

Wearing the Snow Set or Desert Set armour will greatly reduce heat damage and sunburn. The Desert Boots, Goggles, and Cape are especially useful. Check stores regularly for new stock.

Cooling Food/Drink

Stock up on aloe vera, citrus, and cactus fruits from the Desert Farmer to craft Chilled Juices. These reduce the heat debuff. She also sells Fresh Water, the only available water source here.

Shade Structures

Create shelters and tents around campsites and mining areas using Wood Planks and Cloth. Take frequent breaks in the shade to avoid sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

Temperature Resistant Tools

Equip heatproofed picks, axes and drills to work longer under the scorching sun. The Sandstone Salesman sells Heat-Treated Mining Tools that last longer before overheating.

Circadian Strategy

Avoid the daylight hours when the heat is most intense. Travel and mine at dusk or night instead when it’s cooler. But bring lighting as the dark also hides lethal Duneshelter threats…

Dangers Lurking in the Duneshelter Sands

While the heat alone can kill the unprepared, far more dangerous threats lurk beneath Duneshelter’s sands:


This giant scorpion Boss Pal emerges from sand pits to ambush passersby. Its venomous stinger can inflict deadly poison. Scorpius is afraid of fire and light; however, they use Molotovs or flares when they appear.


The jackal-headed Anubis stalks ruin sites and mines. Its fire magic and sand tornadoes can overwhelm unprepared travellers. When Anubis spawns, use water weapons like the Supersoaker to extinguish its flames.

Raider Pals

Bandits and outlaws are common around deserted Duneshelter. Improved armour and weapons are recommended when exploring off the beaten path. Set traps and use stealth to avoid unwanted confrontations.

Quicksand Fields

Pockets of quicksand hide beneath the dunes. Watch for suspicious sand patches and throw items to test for safety. Have an escape rope ready if you get trapped in a sinking pit.


Sudden sandstorms can spring up and last several days, burying structures and blinding explorers. When storms hit, retreat to sheltered areas or underground. Ride out the weather until the skies clear again.

Giant Scarabs

These huge beetles emerge at night to devour anything in their path. Their thick carapaces resist damage, so they use fire, explosives or poison to defeat giant scarabs. Avoid disturbing bones and ruins that attract them.

Is the Journey to Duneshelter Worth the Risk?

Despite its dangers, Duneshelter remains a top destination for intrepid Palworld explorers. Nowhere else contains a wealth of rare loot and crafting materials needed to thrive globally. Tread carefully, plan extensively, and only journey there when you’re ready; the rewards can be great.

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