Palworld: Digtoise Location, Skills, How to Catch & Use

Digtoise, the sturdy armadillo-like Ground type Pal, is a popular choice for Palworld players looking to maximize their mining and resource-gathering efficiency. With its high mining skill level and useful passive abilities, capturing a Digtoise early on can give you a significant advantage. But first, you have to find one! In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about tracking Digtoise and catching this valuable mining Pal.

Where to Find Digtoise

Digtoise habitats are primarily located in the desert regions of Palworld’s two main islands. They can be found burrowing underground throughout the sandy areas, especially in the northeastern desert close to the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point. Digtoise also spawns in the central part of the Palpagos Islands.

The best way to find Digtoise is to explore these desert regions systematically. Look for disturbed sand or half-buried rocks and boulders – signs that a digtoise may lurk underground. Equip a Pal or item that reveals hidden Pals to make locating burrowed Digtoise easier.

If you don’t see any Digtoise roaming initially, leave the area and return later. Digtoise should respawn given some time. Patience and perseverance are key when hunting for specific Pals like Digtoise.

Palworld Digtoise Location

How to Catch Digtoise

Now that you’ve tracked down some Digtoise, it’s time to catch one! Digtoise has a relatively forgiving catch rate, so you don’t need ultra-rare or high-level Spheres to have a good chance.

Recommended Spheres:

  • Pal Spheres
  • Mega Spheres

Avoid using your most valuable Spheres, as the basic and mid-tier ones work fine. Weaken the Digtoise first before throwing a Sphere to increase catch success.

Tips for weakening Digtoise:

  • Use a Grass type Pal – Digtoise is weak to Grass attacks
  • Lower its health until just before the red zone
  • Apply status effects like Poison or Burn to whittle down HP

Be careful not to defeat the Digtoise accidentally! Get its health low enough to catch, but don’t knock it out completely. Throwing Berries to appease angry or agitated Digtoise can also better your chances. Exercise patience, and you should be able to capture Digtoise easily.

Digtoise’s Skills and Strengths

So what makes Digtoise worth hunting down in the first place? Digtoise excels at mining, construction, and resource gathering as a sturdy Ground type Pal. Here are its key skills and abilities:

Element Type: Ground

Work Suitability: Level 3 Mining

Partner Skill: Drill Crusher – damages enemies by drilling into the ground

Passive Skills:

  • Artisan – Work speed increased by 50%
  • Mine Foreman – Increases player Mining Efficiency by 25%
  • Stronghold Strategist – Increases player Defense by 10%
  • Logging Foreman – Increases player Logging Efficiency by 25%
  • Motivational Leader – Increases player speed by 25%

With these excellent mining and resource boosts, Digtoise can significantly bolster your ore and material harvesting capabilities. The passive speed, defence, and Efficiency skills make Digtoise a well-rounded utility.

Having a Digtoise along for mining sessions means you gather resources faster, can carry more, and earn more profit from sales. The Mine Foreman skill benefits your mining speed when equipped with a pickaxe. Digtoise also helps construct buildings and structures much quicker with its innate construction worker skill set.

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How to Use Digtoise for Mining

Once you’ve captured your Digtoise, put it to work in the mines or quarries! Here are some tips for utilizing Digtoise effectively as your go-to mining Pal:

  • Equip Digtoise with the Miner job clothing item to boost productivity further. The hard hat accessory helps, too!
  • Level up Digtoise’s mining skill by having it assist you regularly with mining tasks.
  • Designate the Mining job when deploying Digtoise so it prioritizes mining spots.
  • Deploy Digtoise near clusters of ore deposits or rare crystal formations to maximize its area efficiency.
  • Use Digtoise’s Partner Skill Drill Crusher to expose buried resources.
  • Pair Digtoise with Pals of other Work Types (Woodcutter, Builder, etc.) to gather a balanced haul.

With the Mining Foreman buff, you can equip a pickaxe and mine alongside Digtoise for a huge boost in ore obtained. Keep Digtoise well-fed and happy, and it will prove an invaluable mining asset for all your resource needs in Palworld.


Digtoise’s natural mining strengths make it one of the most sought-after Pals for players looking to extract resources efficiently. By hunting patiently in Palworld’s deserts and catching it with the right Spheres, you can recruit Digtoise to turbocharge your mining and construction efforts. Equip it properly, level up its skills, and deploy Digtoise strategically to maximize your profits and material gains. With a Digtoise by your side, you’ll be amassing resources and minerals quickly!

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