What is “Criminal Activity Underway” in Palworld? Explained

The vibrant and whimsical world of Palworld may seem like a lighthearted playground at first glance. But under the surface lies a complex wanted system that simulates law enforcement dynamics. Players who test the limits of acceptable behavior in Palworld will be confronted with the stark message “Criminal Activity Underway,” signaling that their transgressions have not gone unnoticed.

Attacking Humans Triggers the Criminal Alert

One of the fastest ways to trigger the “Criminal Activity Underway” alert is to attack or attempt to capture a human NPC directly. Humans may seem tempting targets for charging, but they are considered sovereign citizens in Palworld. Assaulting or capturing a human is regarded as a severe criminal offense.

When a player harms a human NPC, the alert will flash on the screen. This is the first warning that the player’s actions have violated Palworld law. PIDF troops will swiftly be dispatched to the crime scene to apprehend the offending player. Those hoping to avoid confrontation with the authorities must flee the area quickly before armies converge.

Palworld Criminal Activity Underway

Using Pal Spheres to Capture Humans

Players hoping to capture humans without directly attacking them may attempt to use Pal Spheres to confine humans. Pal Spheres allow players to capture wild Pals or humans without engaging in direct combat. However, using a Pal Sphere on a human NPC still constitutes a criminal offense in Palworld.

As soon as the Pal Sphere encapsulates a human NPC, the “Criminal Activity Underway” message will appear. PIDF forces will still be alerted and sent to arrest the criminal player. The Pal Sphere does buy the player more time to escape before the troops arrive, compared to a direct assault. But it does not exempt them from consequences.

The Threat Levels of the Wanted System

Once the “Criminal Activity Underway” alert has been triggered, players must deal with escalating threat levels of the Palworld wanted system. The desired levels include:

Level 1: A small squad of PIDF ground troops will be dispatched to the crime scene at the first star level. They will pursue the player on foot and attempt apprehension.

Level 2: The second threat level triggers air support, with PIDF choppers being deployed to track the player from the skies. They will attempt to cut off any avenues of escape.

Level 3: PIDF will dispatch heavily armored riot troops at the third wanted level. These elite ground units are equipped to take down criminal players. Tear gas and armored vehicles may be deployed.

Level 4: The max threat level fourth star will see PIDF call in the cavalry – tanks, gunships, and all available air support. Players must deal with roadblocks, aerial assaults, and unrelenting pursuers.

Evading the Authorities

Those committing crimes in Palworld will need a clear escape plan to evade the escalating wanted levels triggered by the alert. Some methods of evasion include:

  • Fleeing population centers and seeking refuge in wilderness areas with cover
  • Using vehicles for rapid escapes from crime scenes
  • Fighting back against the earliest waves of PIDF troops to reduce the wanted level
  • Seeking shelter in buildings to break line of sight from pursuers
  • Using bribes to facilitate the desired level if apprehended at lower threat levels

However, the most effective method is avoidance. Refraining from criminal actions against humans will allow players to entirely avoid the “Criminal Activity Underway” alert. For those insistent on testing the limits of the law, swift and decisive escape tactics are required.

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Consequences of Apprehension

Players arrested by PIDF troops will face varied consequences depending on their wanted level and the severity of their crimes. At lower threat levels, they may pay a fine or have contraband items confiscated before being released. But repeated or egregious offenses can result in the following:

  • Temporary incarceration and delays before release
  • Permanent confiscation of captured Pals or items
  • Inability to access specific items/Pals as punishment
  • More incredible evasion difficulty with an increased troop presence
  • Banishment from human population centers
  • Severe fines and fees have to be paid before the release
  • Even exile from Palworld in the most extreme cases

These punishments scale in severity, but make no mistake – PIDF does not take kindly to those who disrupt the island’s harmony. Criminal players will be harshly reprimanded.

Think Twice Before Capturing Humans

While capturing a rare human NPC might seem appealing, players must seriously weigh whether it is genuinely worth triggering the criminal alert and evasion system. Not only are humans less optimized than Pals, but apprehending and keeping them can permanently lock players out of certain content through banishments.

The wisest path is partnering with the willing Pals who want to cooperate with players. Though the “Criminal Activity Underway” alert may add the excitement of escaping the law, it often creates more problems than rewards. Those seeking a smooth Palworld experience would be wise to avoid the allure of criminal behavior altogether.


The “Criminal Activity Underway” alert clearly shows players that their deviant actions have not slipped under Palworld’s radar. While circumventing society’s restrictions might appear fun and exciting, it comes with clear consequences from PIDF’s wanted system. Any player choosing to capture humans or disrupt Palworld’s harmony should consider whether the penalties are worth the trouble. For most, working harmoniously within the quirky and lighthearted nature of Palworld will provide the most profound enjoyment and reward.

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