Palworld: Coal Locations & Tips

Coal is an essential resource in Palworld that allows players to craft firearms, ammunition, and other valuable items. However, obtaining a steady coal supply can be challenging, as coal nodes are primarily found in hazardous desert biomes. In this guide, “Palworld Coal Location” we’ll cover everything you need to know about farming coal efficiently and safely in Palworld.

Overview of Coal in Palworld

Coal is a black-coloured mineral node that can be mined using a pickaxe. It provides coal ores for crafting various items at crafting stations when mined. Here are some of the primary uses of coal in Palworld:

  • Crafting firearms – All ranged weapons, such as pistols, rifles, and shotguns, require coal to frame. The higher the tier of the gun, the more coal is needed.
  • Crafting explosives – Items like dynamite and landmines require coal in their recipes. Explosives are useful for mining, battles, and laying traps.
  • Smelting bars – Coal can be used to smelt metal bars in a furnace. Bars are needed to craft weapons, armour, tools, and more.
  • Crafting torches/campfires – Torches and campfires require coal as part of their recipe and provide light sources.

As you can see, securing a steady coal supply is pivotal for crafting the equipment you need to survive and defend yourself in Palworld. Now, let’s look at where to find coal.

Palworld Coal Location

Locating Coal Nodes in Palworld

Coal nodes spawn primarily in desert biomes of the Palworld map. Deserts have a sandy yellow terrain, and pixels will overheat without proper armour. In deserts, watch for dark-coloured rock formations jutting out from the sand. These black-coloured nodes indicate coal and can be mined with a pickaxe.

Some tips for finding coal nodes:

  • Search deserts in the southwest region – Many players have reported abundant coal nodes spawning in the deserts to the far southwest of the map.
  • Look near rocky cliffs or oases – Coal nodes often spawn near rocky cliffs and oasis lakes within desert biomes.
  • Fly high above deserts – Scanning the deserts from the sky makes coal nodes stand out against the bright sand.
  • Gather intel from Pals – Speaking to Pals in towns can sometimes offer clues regarding nearby coal node locations.

With some searching, you’ll eventually find plenty of coal nodes clustered together in the deserts. Establishing a base near a coal hotspot is a good idea for easy access.

Preparing for Mining Coal Safely

Deserts are hazardous environments teeming with threats like hostile creatures and burning heat. Make sure you take the following precautions before mining coal:

  • Wear insulating armour – The high temperatures of the desert will quickly overheat and damage pixels without heat-resistant armour. Craft and equip insulation or cooling armour pieces to survive in the desert.
  • Bring food/medicine – The desert drains hunger and health quicker than other biomes. Stock up on consumables like cooked meat, aloe extracts, bandages, etc.
  • Pack extra pickaxes – Coal nodes are challenging and require strong pickaxes. Carrying spare pickaxes ensures you can mine a complete coal inventory before they break.
  • Watch for enemies – Dangerous foes like giant ants, scorpions, and bandits patrol the deserts. Stay alert, and don’t let them catch you off guard while mining.

Following these tips will help you safely extract coal from desert nodes efficiently. You’ll be fully stocked up on coal for crafting firearms, explosives, and other equipment in no time.

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Efficient Mining Techniques

Once at a desert coal node, utilize these mining techniques to extract coal quickly and maximize your haul:

  • Mine clusters first – If you spot multiple nearby nodes, focus on mining a group before moving to isolated nodes. This saves time travelling between nodes.
  • Use area dig – When mining a large node, use the area dig tool to rapidly extract coal in big chunks rather than slowly chipping away.
  • Watch your inventory – Keep an eye on your list while mining and return to base to empty it when it gets full. Don’t let mined coal go to waste.
  • Repair Pickaxe – The area digs function repairs your pickaxe. Use it periodically while mining to keep your pickaxe from breaking.
  • Set up crafting stations – Construct stations like furnaces near mining spots to craft collected coal into valuable items immediately.
  • Build a desert base – Establishing a permanent outpost near a coal hotspot lets you mine efficiently without long, dangerous treks from town.

Following these mining strategies will let you make the most out of Palworld’s coal nodes. Just be ready for anything and watch for hostile desert dwellers.

Prime Coal Mining Spots

Veteran players have reported excellent results mining coal from certain desert areas. Here are some prime spots to check out:

  • Southwest Oasis Lake – A fertile mining area circles a pristine lake southwest of the map. Abundant coal and iron nodes spawn here.
  • Coastal desert canyon – Along the south coast, a giant desert canyon has plentiful coal and rare crafting resources deep inside.
  • Near oil fields – The desert oil fields in the southeast often generate coal nodes along their rocky ridges.
  • Anubis plains – The desert region east of the Anubis boss has huge open tables littered with coal.
  • Underground desert – Use bombs to access underground caverns below the desert. Dark tunnels frequently contain coal and treasures.

Of course, coal node generation is random, so your experience may vary. But many players consistently find success in these known desert hotspots.

In Summary

Securing a steady coal supply is necessary for crafting and survival in Palworld. By scouring desert biomes, preparing correctly for the hazards, and utilizing efficient mining strategies, you’ll swim in more than enough coal for all your crafting needs. Remember to play cautiously, as the deserts are treacherous. With these tips, you’ll become a master coal miner in no time. Now, get out there and start crafting!

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