Palworld Breeding Spreadsheet: Guide

Palworld, the newly released monster-collecting and breeding game, has quickly become a fan favorite for its adorable creature designs and deep breeding mechanics. With over 900 unique Pal species to discover, players have been experimenting with different breeding combinations to create their perfect Pal team. However, with so many potential combinations, it can feel overwhelming to figure out which pairs will produce which offspring.

That’s where the Palworld breeding spreadsheet comes in. This incredibly helpful community resource maps out all possible 18,797 breeding pair combinations and their results, empowering players to strategize their breeding plans. In this article, we’ll break down how to use this spreadsheet to its full potential.

An Overview of Palworld Breeding

Before diving into the spreadsheet itself, let’s do a quick overview of how breeding works in Palworld. Breeding allows you to combine two of your existing Pals to create an entirely new species.

The resulting species will depend on the average Power level between the two parents. Power is a stat that ranges from 1 to 100, with higher Power yielding stronger and rarer Pals. For example, breeding two Pals with 50 Power will produce a Pal with around 50 Power.

There are a few special rules that impact what gets produced:

  • Parents must be of opposite genders.
  • Legendary and Special Pals cannot breed.
  • Parents’ visual traits impact the baby’s appearance.

With over 900 Pals, the breeding possibilities are nearly endless! The Palworld breeding spreadsheet helps make sense of it all.

Palworld Breeding Spreadsheet

How to Use the Breeding Spreadsheet

The breeding spreadsheet, created by the Palworld community on Reddit, contains a wealth of data to help players strategize. Let’s go through how to use and interpret this valuable resource.

Make Your Copy

To get started, go to the Reddit post and click “Make a Copy” to save the spreadsheet to your Google Drive. This will allow you to sort and modify it without impacting the original.

Select Parent Pals

In the top left corner are two drop-down boxes titled “Select Parent #1” and “Select Parent #2.” Click into these boxes to choose from a list of all 900+ Pals. Select your two-parent Pals to breed.

See the Calculated Result

Once you’ve chosen the parents, the spreadsheet automatically calculates the resulting Pal based on the combination. The result will be displayed in the “Breed Result” box below the parents.

Browse All Combinations

The main table contains all 18,797 possible breeding combinations listed by Pal Number. You can browse through this list to see every possible pairing and outcome.

Sort or filter the table as needed to find combinations that interest you. For example, you could filter it only to show combinations that yield a specific Pal.

Use the Breeding Calculator

While browsing all combinations can be helpful, you’ll often want to start with two parents in mind.

Use the interactive Breeding Calculator on the right side to select two parents and instantly see the result. This is the easiest way to plan your breeding.

Special Pal Variations

On a separate tab, the spreadsheet includes details on producing Special Pals, which have unique visual traits.

There are 18 different appearance variations, along with what breeding pairs can create them. Use this tab if you’re aiming to breed Pals with specific colors or patterns.

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Key Breeding Takeaways

Now that you know how to utilize the breeding spreadsheet, let’s review some key tips to help you strategize:

  • Aim for an average Power level. The resulting Pal’s Power will be around the average of the parents. So, breeding two level 30 Pals will yield something around Power 30.
  • Try many combinations. Multiple pairings can produce the same Pal, so don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Use visual traits to influence appearance. The baby will inherit colors and patterns from its parents.
  • Legendary and Special Pals can’t breed. They pass down their traits through Fusion instead.
  • Opposite genders are required. Make sure your parents’ Pals are male and female.
  • Use the Special Pal tab for colors. Target specific parent Pals if you want a certain color or pattern outcome.

Start Breeding Your Dream Team

With over 900 Pal species to discover, the breeding combinations in Palworld seem endless. Luckily, this community-created spreadsheet helps make sense of it all.

Use the breeding calculator to plan your pairings and unlock new Pal types. Filter the data to find the perfect matchups for your goals. With this comprehensive resource, you’ll be on your way to breeding the ideal Pal team in no time.

So try out new combinations, review the visual traits, and let the spreadsheet guide your breeding strategy. Before you know it, you’ll have discovered new rare Pals and crafted a diverse, powerful squad. Happy breeding!

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