Manage Your Palworld Server with Admin Commands: Guide

Palworld is a unique life sim game where you build a civilization alongside creature companions called Pals. If you run a dedicated Palworld server, you have access to admin commands that let you manage the server and customize the experience for players. Admin commands can teleport players, kick and ban troublemakers, broadcast announcements, and more. This guide will cover the essential Palworld admin commands for managing your server.

Overview of Admin Commands

Palworld admin commands allow server admins to control many aspects of the game. Commands are entered into the in-game chat box. All commands start with a forward slash (/). Some commands, like /BanPlayer, require additional parameters like a player’s SteamID.

Here are some examples of admin commands in Palworld:

  • /BanPlayer {SteamID} – Permanently ban a player
  • /KickPlayer {SteamID} – Kick a player from the server
  • /Broadcast {Message} – Send a broadcast message to all players
  • /TeleportToMe {SteamID} – Teleport a player to your location

These commands allow server admins to moderate their server and create the experience they want for players. Let’s go over the most useful admin commands in more detail.

Palworld Admin Commands

How to Manage Players with Admin Commands

Admin commands give you control over players in your Palworld server. You can kick, ban, teleport, and more.

Kick and Ban Players

The /KickPlayer and /BanPlayer commands allow you to remove problematic players from your server.

To use them, put the target player’s SteamID in the brackets:

  • /KickPlayer {STEAM_1:0:00000000}
  • /BanPlayer {STEAM_1:0:00000000}

Kicking removes the player temporarily, while banning prevents them from ever joining again. Make sure you have evidence of wrongdoing before banning someone permanently.

Teleport Players

You can teleport a player directly to you using the /TeleportToMe command:

  • /TeleportToMe {STEAM_1:0:00000000}

This is useful for bringing a new player right to you to get started or for pulling a rule-breaking player away from trouble.

You can also teleport yourself to a player with /TeleportToPlayer:

  • /TeleportToPlayer {STEAM_1:0:00000000}

This lets you quickly get to a player to assist or investigate as needed.

View Connected Players

The /ShowPlayers command lists players connected to your server with their SteamIDs.

This helps you identify players you may need to take action on. You can also see the size of your player population.

How to Communicate with Players

Admin commands also allow you to communicate information to your players.

Send Broadcast Messages

The /Broadcast command lets you send a message to all players on your server:

  • /Broadcast {Your message here}

This is useful for announcing events, server updates, reminders about rules, or anything else you want your players to see.

Private Messaging Players

You can privately message players by starting a normal chat message with their SteamID:

  • {STEAM_1:0:00000000} This is a private message.

This lets you discreetly warn, invite, or communicate with specific players.

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How to Manage Your Palworld Server

In addition to player management, admin commands allow you to control your Palworld server.

Save the Server

The /Save command saves your Palworld server’s current state. Make sure to use it regularly to avoid losing data:

  • /Save

You can also set up auto-saving in your server config files.

View Server Info

The /Info command displays your server’s settings and information:

  • /Info

This allows you to check settings like difficulty, PvP mode, max players, etc.

Shut Down the Server

You can shut down your Palworld server from inside the game with:

  • /ShutDown {Seconds} {Message}

For example:

  • /ShutDown 300 Server restarting for updates!

This will display your shutdown message and shut down the server after the specified number of seconds.

Make sure to warn players before restarting or shutting down your server!

Best Practices for Use Admin Commands

Now that you know the main Palworld admin commands, here are some best practices to use them effectively:

  • Set rules and share them with your players so they know what is allowed
  • Only ban players as a last resort with solid evidence
  • Announce restarts, updates, and events on your server
  • Be thoughtful when teleporting players against their will
  • Use /Broadcast for reminders about rules or server changes
  • Save regularly to prevent data loss
  • Communicate politely but firmly when private messaging rule-breakers

Admin commands give you much control over your Palworld server, so wield this power responsibly! With great power comes great responsibility.

How to Customize Your Palworld Server

In addition to admin commands, you have other options to customize and configure your Palworld server:

  • Mods – The Palworld modding community is already active with mods that add new items, gameplay mechanics, and quality-of-life improvements. Browse mods on sites like NexusMods and add ones that fit your server vision.
  • Config Files – Palworld’s config files allow you to fine-tune many aspects of the game, like resource gathering rates, PvP damage, max players, and more. Tweak these settings until your server has the feel you want.
  • Hosting Tools – Look into game server hosting tools like that give you easy control panels and tools to manage your Palworld server, mods, updates, backups, and more.

The power to build a one-of-a-kind Palworld server with the help of admin commands and customization is in your hands. Set ground rules and foster a strong community, and your server will thrive as a place for players to enjoy Palworld for many hours to come.


Admin commands are powerful tools that let Palworld server admins manage their world. Kick, ban, teleport, send messages, and control every aspect of the server. Use these commands responsibly to create a fair, fun environment for players. Saving regularly, communicating politely, and setting ground rules will help make your server a beloved hangout for the Palworld community. With imagination and a few key admin commands, you can craft a unique Palworld server to call home.

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