Palworld 1.1 Patch Notes Explore New Features and Updates

Palworld, the quirky life sim that lets players train, breed, and exploit Pals to build their business empire, has continued to receive updates since its early access launch in November 2022. The latest major patch for the game Palworld 1.1 Patch Notes, introducing a host of tweaks, fixes, and some exciting new features. Let’s look at what’s new in Palworld with the 1.1 update.

Overview of Major Changes

The Palworld 1.1 patch focuses on improving quality of life and addressing player feedback from the early access period. Key changes include:

  • New character customization options – Expanded choices for customizing your character’s appearance.
  • Pal training adjustments – Updates to wild Pal training to make it more engaging.
  • Base building additions – New structures and tweaks to the base building.
  • UI/UX enhancements – Menus, HUD and other visual elements improve.
  • Optimizations – Rendering upgrades for better performance.
  • Bug fixes – Squashing errors and crashes reported by players.

While not as extensive as some expected, the 1.1 patch lays the foundation for more significant updates as Palworld evolves through early access.

Character Customization

One of the significant upgrades in the 1.1 patch is the expanded character customization system. Players now have increased choices when creating their avatar in Palworld before starting their business ventures.

More Complexion Options

The complexion system has been overhauled to provide better representation and allow the creation of more unique-looking characters. Additional skin tone selections are added across the spectrum.

Greater Control Over Features

Players get more customization control over specific facial features like eyebrows, facial hair, makeup and more. There are more hair and eye colour options as well.

Extra Hairstyles & Accessories

Several new hairstyle choices were added for greater variety, including some distinctly anime-inspired ‘dos. The patch also added more hat and eyewear options to unlock through gameplay.

More Body Type Options

While character models remain stylized, the 1.1 update provides more diversity in body types to choose from beyond basic size sliders. This allows for more personalized avatars.

The upgraded character creator gives players better tools to design a unique character to journey through the wacky world of Palworld. These additions help represent the diversity of the player base.

Palworld 1.1 Patch Notes

Wild Pal Training Adjustments

A core game loop in Palworld is venturing to find and subdue wild Pals through training to recruit them to your cause. The 1.1 patch tweaks this system to make taming Pals more strategic and engaging.

Smarter Wild Pal AI

Wild Pals now behave more dynamically when confronted by the player. Their actions respond better to your approach tactics. Pals may be more aggressive, try to flee, or band together depending on the situation.

New Training Items

New consumable items have been explicitly added to help alleviate wild Pals. This includes throwing balls to distract them and placebo “vitamins” to make Pals more docile and receptive to training.

Expanded Training Techniques

You have more techniques available to try to tame wild Pals, including being able to send out your Pals to assist non-violently. Training mechanics also now account for differences between Pal types.

The training changes make subduing and recruiting wild Pals more challenging and varied. You have to consider your approach instead of just using brute force carefully.

Base Building Additions

Pal bases are the foundation of your business, and the 1.1 patch adds new structure options and tweaks.

Breeding Pens

Specialized pens can now be constructed to house Pals and optimize breeding. Pens boost offspring’s chances and provide bonuses to Pal’s growth rates. But they come at a high resource cost to build and maintain.

Water Structures

Several new structures related to water interaction were added. This includes waterslides, fountains with healing properties, and mineral pools that speed Pal’s recovery.


Many new cosmetic decorations are available to customize Pal facilities—everything from wallpaper, flooring and banners to furniture, statues and other flair to add visual pop.

Improved Snapping & Alignment

The base building mechanics also got refined. Improvements to structure placement, snapping, and grid alignment make constructing neatly organized, aesthetically pleasing bases more accessible.

These new structural choices and improvements give players more options and control when constructing specialized Pal facilities tailored to their needs.

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UI and Visual Improvements

The 1.1 patch also upgrades the visual presentation and user interface. These changes improve the moment-to-moment gameplay experience.

Revamped Menus

The main menus have been completely redone with new styling. There are also quality-of-life enhancements like better keyboard shortcuts and search bars to improve navigation.

Cleaner HUD Layouts

On-screen indicators and other HUD elements got updated visual designs and new organization to be less intrusive. Important gameplay info is more efficiently displayed.

Hint System

A new hint system provides optional tutorial tips to learn game mechanics as you play. The friendly guidance is handy for new players throughout the early hours.

Graphical Tweaks

Some graphical settings saw optimizations like improved lighting and shadow rendering. There are also upgrades to specific visual effects for abilities and attacks for added flair.

The visual and UI changes help modernize Palworld’s presentation to match its quirky gameplay. The updates improve the quality of life for new and returning players alike.

Other Key Changes

Alongside the major features above, the 1.1 patch also includes an array of other tweaks and fixes.

  • Adjustments to Pal needs to improve realism
  • Rebalancing of stamina usage for actions
  • Fix for erratic Pal behaviour in certain situations
  • Improved Pal pathfinding and navigation AI
  • Corrections for some exploit fixes for crashes and other bugs reported during early access

These minor scale changes refine and stabilize many aspects of the Palworld experience outside the headline updates.

What’s Next for Palworld?

Version 1.1 is just the start of Palworld’s ongoing evolution throughout its early access period. The developers at Pocketpair have hinted that even more substantial updates are in development. Based on player feedback and surveys, future patches may include:

  • More story content and NPC interactions
  • New biomes to explore beyond the starting areas
  • Additional Pal types and breeds to discover
  • Expanded building options for base customization
  • More minigames and side activities

As an early access title, Palworld still has a long runway for growth. The 1.1 update shows that Pocketpair is committed to improving Palworld based on actual player data and requests. The delightfully sinister Pal raising sim will continue gaining new depths as one of the most unique gaming experiences.


The Palworld 1.1 patch introduces meaningful changes that enhance many aspects of the charmingly twisted management sim. Key upgrades like the improved character creator, refined training mechanics, expanded base building, and visual tweaks demonstrate Pocketpair’s close attention to player feedback. While not revolutionary, version 1.1 addresses criticisms of the early access launch state and lays the groundwork for future, more ambitious updates as Palworld continues its long-haul development journey. Both new players and returning fans will find enjoyable additions that make training Pals for questionable purposes smoother and more personalized.

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