How to Get Paldium Fragments in Palworld

Paldium Fragment Palworld are a handy resource in the world of Palworld. These shiny blue rocks are used to craft various helpful items in the game’s early stages. A steady supply of Paldium fragments can give you a significant leg up as you build your island paradise. In this guide, “Paldium Fragment Palworld” we’ll cover all the methods for collecting Paldium fragments so you can start crafting as many Pal Spheres, Palboxes, and other items as you need.

How to Get More Paldium Fragments

Scavenging for Fragments

The easiest way to find Paldium fragments is simply to scour the world for them. These blue rocks can be found scattered across the landscapes and beaches of the different islands in Palworld. They have a distinct glowing appearance that makes them easy to spot.

Keep an eye out for their telltale shine as you explore new areas. Search around hills, cliffs, and shorelines thoroughly. Paldium fragment deposits are small, usually 3-5 fragments grouped. Once you spot a cluster, grab your pickaxe and collect every piece.

Over time, new Paldium deposits will respawn in previously searched areas. So, occasionally, it’s worth revisiting old zones to pick up more fragments. You can gather quite a haul of this vital crafting material with diligent scavenging.

Mining Fragments from Rocks

Another way to find Paldium is to mine it directly from stone boulders and rock formations. Regular mining with a pickaxe has a slight chance of producing Paldium fragments with each swing. So, repeatedly smashing boulders can slowly build up your reserves.

For best results, target large rock formations that take multiple hits to destroy. The more mining you do, the more chances for Paldium drops. Equipping Pals with the Mining specialty can significantly increase your odds of striking Paldium when hacking away at rocks.

While not as reliable as finding direct Paldium deposits, mining rocks is a decent supplementary source of fragments if you’re having trouble locating them in the open world. Plus, all that stone can be stockpiled and converted into extra Paldium once you unlock the Crusher.

Unlocking the Crusher

The Crusher is an invaluable technology for mass producing Paldium fragments automatically. You can unlock this machine by reaching level 8 in the tech tree.

Constructing the Crusher requires 20 wood planks, ten stone, and 5 Paldium fragments. Once built, you can load it with gravel to transform it into shiny new Paldium. Just assign a water Pal with the Watering speciality to power the Crusher.

Each cycle converts ten stones into 2-3 Paldium fragments. The exact amount varies based on the level of your Crusher. So, upgrading the Crusher to increase its Paldium output is worthwhile. If you have a mountain of spare stone from mining, this device can generate a steady stream of fragments.

Paldium Fragment Palworld

What are The Uses of Paldium Fragments

Now that you know how to collect Paldium fragments, what can you do with them? Here are some of the primary uses for Paldium fragments in Palworld:

Crafting Pal Spheres

Pal Spheres allow you to capture and tame wild Pals. To craft a basic Pal Sphere, you need:

  • 1 Paldium Fragment
  • 3 Wood
  • 3 Stone

Pal Spheres are single use, so you’ll need a regular supply of fragments to keep restocking your capture supplies. Higher-tier Pal Spheres require more details but have better catch rates.

Building Palboxes

Palboxes provide safe housing for your tamed Pals. The standard wooden Palbox requires:

  • 1 Paldium Fragment
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Stone

Upgraded metal Palboxes need three fragments each. Having spare boxes ready will let you take on more Pals.

Upgrading Equipment

Many buildable devices like the Crusher can be upgraded to boost their efficiency. These upgrades universally require 1-3 Paldium fragments each, so it pays to have reserves on hand.

Crafting Special Items

Some special equipment like the Pal Pad tablet and Capture Proof walls need Paldium fragments to construct. It’s good to save pieces to build these rare items as required.

Trading and Selling

Paldium fragments can be sold to Traders for Pals or other resources. You can also trade them to allied or neutral Pals to improve relations. Having extra pieces on hand gives you bartering options.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Paldium Collection

Follow these tips to ramp up your Paldium gathering efforts:

  • Visit mines and caves to uncover hidden fragment deposits
  • Check areas at night when the fragments are more accessible to spot
  • Use Pals with the Treasure Hunting speciality to help locate more fragments
  • Upgrade your tools to mine and gather faster
  • Build multiple Crushers to process stone 24/7
  • Buy pieces from Traders if you have sufficient Pals or coins

With the right strategy, you’ll overflow with Paldium Fragment Palworld quickly. Just remember to put them to good use, crafting all the items you need to thrive in the wondrous world of Palworld!

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