Overwatch Error BN-564: How to Fix It

As an avid Overwatch 2 player, I’ve encountered my fair share of errors and bugs. One that can be particularly annoying is the BN-564 error. This error typically pops up out of the blue, interrupting your gameplay with an abrupt disconnect from Blizzard’s servers.

While jarring, the BN-564 error is relatively common and usually easy to fix. In this guide, I’ll walk you through some Fix steps to get to the bottom of the BN-564 error and restore your Overwatch 2 connection. We’ll start with some quick and easy fixes like checking server status and restarting your router. Then, we’ll move on to solutions like re-linking your Battle.net account and contacting Blizzard support if all else fails.

With the help of this guide, you can get insights into what causes the BN-564 error and the various ways to address it. The solutions range from simple tricks you can try yourself to seeking official support from Blizzard. The aim is to get you back into Overwatch 2 swiftly, so you can rejoin the competitive action. So whether you’ve seen that pesky BN-564 error once or multiple times, use this guide to eliminate it once and for all!

What is the BN-564 Error?

Before we delve into the solutions, let’s first understand what the BN-564 error signifies. This error typically appears when there’s a disruption in your connection to Overwatch 2’s servers. It can be triggered by several factors, but the good news is that it’s usually fixable.

Fix Steps

Here are the steps you can take to tackle the BN-564 error code:

1. Check for Server Status

The first thing to do is to verify the server status. The BN-564 error can crop up when Overwatch 2 servers are down for maintenance or facing issues. To stay informed, regularly check the BlizzardCS Twitter account for updates on server status.

2. Unlink and Relink Your Battle.net Account

Assuming the servers are running smoothly, you can try this quick fix. Unlink your Battle.net account from your console through Account Settings on Battle.net. Then, close and restart Overwatch 2 on your console. To relink your Battle.net and console accounts, follow the instructions provided.

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3. Check for Updates

Ensure that your game is up to date by installing the latest patches and updates. Outdated software can sometimes trigger connectivity problems.

4. Reset Your Internet Router

If you’re still encountering issues, a simple reset of your internet router can work wonders in resolving connectivity problems. Sometimes, a fresh start is all your connection needs.

5. Contact Blizzard Support

If all else fails, don’t fret. Blizzard’s support team is there to help. Visit the Technical Support Forums or reach out to Blizzard for further assistance. They have experts ready to guide you through Fix steps to get you back into the game.

Additional Resources

For further assistance and insights, consider these resources:

  • YouTube Video Tutorial: Check out the video tutorial titled “How to Fix ‘Error BN-054’ Error in Overwatch 2.” Video guides can be incredibly helpful.
  • Dot Esports Article: The article “How to fix the Overwatch 2 BN-564 error code” offers in-depth insights into fixing this specific error.
  • GameRevolution Article: “Overwatch BN-564 Error Explained: How to Fix BN 564 Overwatch Error” provides additional information on addressing this issue.
  • Battle.net Support Page: For official support, visit the “Overwatch 2 Console Error BN-054” page on Battle.net. Here, you can find Blizzard’s recommendations and additional solutions.


Overwatch 2 is a dynamic and thrilling multiplayer game, and while encountering errors like BN-564 can be frustrating, it’s reassuring to know that there are solutions available. By following the steps mentioned in this guide and utilizing the provided resources, you can successfully Fix and resolve the BN-564 error, allowing you to return to the game and enjoy the Overwatch 2 experience.

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