How to Find & Capture Orserk in Palworld


Orserk is one of the most coveted and powerful Pals in Palworld. As a Dragon and Electric-type Pal, Orserk boasts formidable offensive capabilities and can take down even the toughest opponents. However, finding and capturing this elusive Pal is a challenging feat. Orserk can only be found in one specific location in the sprawling open world of Palworld. Furthermore, players must utilize strategic breeding combinations and battle tactics to capture this beast successfully. This article provides an in-depth guide on locating Orserk and the optimal strategies for adding this mighty Pal to your collection.

Orserk Location Palworld

Exclusive Location – Wildlife Sanctuary

The key to finding Orserk is pinpointing its exclusive habitat location. Orserk can only be found in Palworld’s Wildlife Sanctuary, situated at the farthest northeastern corner of the map. This remote sanctuary is dense with vegetation and rocky cliffs – a perfect secluded environment for the rare Orserk.

Upon reaching the Wildlife Sanctuary, Orserk may wait to appear. Players must explore the various cliffs, caves, and thickets scattered throughout the area. Orserk rests on cliff edges or creeps through the sanctuary’s forests. Patience and perseverance are vital, as Orserk only spawns a handful of times during the day-night cycle.

Some tips for locating Orserk in the Wildlife Sanctuary:

  • Search the cliff edges north of the sanctuary camp at dawn and dusk. Orserk likes to sunbathe on the cliffs in the early morning and evening.
  • Thoroughly comb through the Dense Thicket area southwest of the main lake. This tangled forest is one of Orserk’s favorite hangouts.
  • Equip Pals with strong scenting abilities. Utilizing a Sniffly or Doggo Pal can help pinpoint Orserk’s location.
  • Bring plenty of Bait Fruits. Use them to lure Orserk out of hiding spots in caves and trees.

What Are The Ideal Breed Combinations

Once players have tracked down Orserk in the Wildlife Sanctuary, the next step is capturing it. One of the most effective methods for capturing this powerful Pal is breeding. By producing an offspring Pal that matches Orserk’s elemental properties, players can challenge it to a Breeder Battle and attempt capture after defeating it.

The ideal breeding pair for Orserk is a Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus. Here’s a breakdown of why this combo works:

  • Grizzbolt – As an Electric-type Pal, Grizzbolt passes down the Electric elemental trait to offspring. This matches one of Orserk’s elements.
  • Relaxaurus – Relaxaurus contributes to the Dragon elements. Combining this with Grizzbolt results in an Electric/Dragon baby Pal ideal for battling Orserk.
  • High Offense Stats – Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus boast high Attack stats, which they pass down for strong offensive capabilities.

By breeding a Grizzbolt and Relaxaurus, players will obtain an electric dragon offspring Pal perfectly suited for confronting Orserk.

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What Are The Battle Strategies and Advantages

When challenging Orserk to a Breeder Battle, the bred offspring Pal should be at least level 30 or higher. Players should also equip Power Gems to boost their Pal’s attacks.

Here are some key battle advantages to exploit when facing off against Orserk:

  • Ground-Type Pals – These deal double damage against Orserk’s Electric typing. Ground Pals like Hippowdon and Mammo are ideal choices.
  • Anubis – This Egyptian jackal Pal knows the Ground-type Move Sand Tomb. It inflicts heavy damage on Orserk.
  • Status Conditions – Orserk is vulnerable to conditions like Burn, Paralysis, and Freeze. These debilitate Orserk and make capturing easier.
  • Trap Gems – Equip Gems that restrict Orserk’s movements like Stop, Sticky Juice, and Spider Web. This prevents Orserk from fleeing and enables an easier capture.

Following these battle strategies will tilt the odds in the player’s favor when confronting Orserk. Capitalize on type advantages and status conditions, and trap Gems to swiftly defeat Orserk and add this incredible Pal to your collection.


Orserk is one of Palworld’s most powerful creatures, but locating and capturing this Dragon/Electric Pal requires the right strategies. By traveling to the remote Wildlife Sanctuary, breeding a Grizzbolt with Relaxaurus, and exploiting Orserk’s battle weaknesses, players can defeat and capture this mighty Pal. Adding Orserk gives players an incredible offensive asset that can devastate Palworld opponents. Just be ready to work tracking down and taming this exclusive legendary Pal. Orserk is the pinnacle Pal for players seeking to dominate Palworld battles and become master Breeders.

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