Oblivion Trainers: Elevate Your Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion offers players an immersive open-world RPG experience with a deep levelling and skill system. As you adventure through Cyrodiil, you gain experience points and advance your skills in combat, magic, stealth, and craft categories. One way to accelerate your skill advancement is through skill trainers. These experienced NPCs can provide training services to boost your proficiency rapidly. However, finding and utilizing skilled trainers effectively requires some knowledge and planning. This article will cover how you can master skills in Oblivion faster using skill trainers.

An Overview of Skill Trainers in Oblivion

Twenty-one skills in Oblivion fall into three main classes: combat, magic, and stealth. Each skill has associated trainers that can provide services to increase your proficiency. Trainers come in three levels:

  • Apprentice (0-40): Help you advance basic skill levels
  • Journeyman (41-70): Advanced intermediate skills
  • Master (71-100): Train expert level skills

The trainers can be found throughout Cyrodiil in cities, guild halls, inns, and other locations. However, some trainers may only be available at certain times or have different requirements. Consulting comprehensive skill trainer guides can help you locate trainers for each skill more quickly.

When you find a trainer, you can pay them to train you in their skill. The cost depends on your current skill level and the trainer’s level. As your skill improves, the cost increases. Training sessions raise your skill level by 1-5 points. You can train up to 5 times per character level.

Choosing Skills to Prioritize with Trainers

With the efficient use of trainers, you can quickly boost your proficiency in specific skills. But you only have limited training sessions per level, so you must be selective. Here are some tips on choosing skills to focus training on:

  • Combat Skills: Prioritize your weapon skills like Blade, Blunt, and Hand-to-Hand. These directly impact your fighting ability.
  • Magic Skills: Magic skills like Destruction and Restoration are expensive to train. Use trainers to augment your spell casting.
  • Stealth Skills: Trainers can rapidly improve Sneak, Security and other stealth skills that are slow to advance naturally.
  • Crafting Skills: Training in Smithing, Enchanting or Alchemy can allow you to boost your equipment and potion creation.
  • Miscellaneous Skills: Speed levelling of athletics, acrobatics, or other skills to boost attributes.

Look at your playstyle and consider where you need a quick skill boost to optimize your build. Training combative or magic skills early on can give you an edge in battles, for example.

Oblivion Trainers

Locating and Accessing Skill Trainers

The hardest part is finding the trainers scattered across Cyrodiil. Here are some tips for locating trainers for the skills you want to boost:

  • Consult online guides that list all skill trainers and their locations.
  • Check guild halls associated with specific skills – the Mages Guild has magic trainers.
  • Visit cities where skilled NPCs congregate. The Imperial City has master trainers.
  • Some trainers are only accessible at certain times or upon completing quests.
  • Higher-level trainers may require you to advance the main storyline first.

You can prepare using online resources to map out key trainer locations. But be prepared to revisit areas later when advanced trainers become available. Joining certain factions can also grant access to exclusive trainers.

Maximizing Skill Increases from Trainers

To optimize your skill training, keep these tips in mind:

  • Train skills early before costs become prohibitive. Prioritize primary skills.
  • Combine exercise with natural skill use to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Take advantage of Trainer perks that give discounts on training costs.
  • Level up first, then seek training to maximize skill increases per level.
  • Train just below skill level milestones (25, 50, etc.), then use the skill to cross over.
  • Pay for five training sessions at each character level to accelerate advancement.

Careful planning and timing of your skill training can pay off. You can bounce skills up rapidly at critical milestones to master your abilities.

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Reaching Skill Mastery with Trainers

Reaching 100 skill levels grants you the mastery perk for that skill, providing unique bonuses. However, once mastered, you can no longer gain skill increases from using that skill.

This provides a natural skill cap but may encourage you to train other skills. You can also use mastered skills to increase general experience gain. Combining skill trainers and strategic skill use lets you achieve mastery faster.


Oblivion offers an elegant skill advancement system with skill trainers to supplement natural progress. Planning out your trainer usage, locating skilled masters, and training efficiently can all help you maximize your character’s potential. Consult Oblivion skill training guides, focus on critical skills, and time training wisely. Mastering your chosen skills will make you a force to be reckoned with in Tamriel.

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