Neutralizer Test Site in MW3

The thrill of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Act 2 culminates in the climactic final mission – Shepherd. Here, players deploy to the pivotal Neutralizer Test Site to face waves of increasingly difficult enemies, including the formidable Mega Abomination boss. This guide provides essential strategies, tips, and steps for conquering the Neutralizer Test Site to complete the mission and earn exciting rewards like the Warmageddon vehicle skin.

First, we will break down key objectives that must be achieved at the Neutralizer Test Site: destroying SAM sites to enable access, clearing enemies near the Armored Combat Vehicle, escorting the vehicle, activating then defending the powerful Neutralizer weapon, and finally detonating it to eliminate threats.

Next, the guide offers specific recommendations for defeating the menacing Mega Abomination, from targeting weak points to utilizing weapons with incendiary damage. Stocking up on health/armour and preparing for an epic boss fight are also advised.

Finally, the guide walks through proper Neutralizer Test Site deployment, outlining sequential steps that must be executed to find success. The rewards for completing this challenging mission include XP boosts and stylish new cosmetics, making mastery of this Zombies finale highly worthwhile.

With this intelligence, players can strategize to clear the pivotal Neutralizer Test Site mission, claim victory over the intimidating Mega Abomination, and reap the spoils. Let’s get into the details!


In the thrilling world of MW3 Zombies, the Neutralizer Test Site is pivotal in the final mission, Shepherd. This article unveils the strategies, tips, and essential steps to conquer this challenging mission and emerge victorious against the formidable Mega Abomination.

Neutralizer Test Site MW3

What’s the Neutralizer Test Site

The Neutralizer Test Site is a crucial component of MW3 Zombies Act 2, Shepherd mission. To complete this mission, players must navigate through a series of objectives, culminating in testing the powerful Neutralizer against waves of enemies, including the menacing Mega Abomination.

Mission Objectives

  1. Destroy SAM Sites: The first step in deploying to the Neutralizer Test Site involves the destruction of two SAM Sites strategically placed in the mission area.
  2. Clear ACV Surroundings: Ensure the safety of the ACV (Armored Combat Vehicle) by eliminating threats in the vicinity.
  3. Escort ACV: Safely guide the ACV around the building to progress through the mission.
  4. Activate Neutralizer: Trigger the Neutralizer to initiate the crucial testing phase.
  5. Defend the Neutralizer: Face off against waves of enemies, including the Mega Abomination, to safeguard the Neutralizer.
  6. Detonate the Neutralizer: Execute the final step to conclude the mission successfully.

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Surviving the Mega Abomination

To overcome the Mega Abomination, follow these battle-tested tips:

1. Defend the Neutralizer

Deploy to the Neutralizer Test Site and defend it against zombies for approximately 90 seconds. A Mega Abomination will spawn, giving players the choice to confront or evade.

2. Attack the Weak Spots

Aim for the Mega Abomination’s open mouth and employ high-penetration weapons like Assault, Marksman, Battle, or Sniper Rifles. Focus on systematically destroying its three heads to defeat the boss.

3. Incendiary Damage

Utilize weapons with incendiary damage, such as the Crossbow with incendiary rounds, to melt through the Mega Abomination’s weak spot. Combine this tactic with the Fire mod for enhanced burn effects.

4. Juggernaut Perk

Equip the Juggernaut perk to boost survivability and damage output, providing a significant advantage in the battle against the Mega Abomination.

5. Kite the Boss

Strategically kite the Mega Abomination into Medium Threat areas to avoid confronting higher-level enemies and gain a tactical advantage.

6. Prepare for a Marathon

Given the Mega Abomination’s formidable health pool and high damage, anticipate a prolonged and challenging fight. Stock up on health and armour to increase survival chances.

Remember, experimentation is critical to finding the optimal strategy that aligns with your play style.

Deployment to the Neutralizer Test Site

After completing mission objectives, players can deploy to the Neutralizer Test Site. The Game Crater provides a comprehensive guide outlining the steps:

  1. Destroy two SAM Sites.
  2. Clear the area surrounding the ACV.
  3. Escort the ACV around the building.
  4. Activate the Neutralizer.
  5. Defend the Neutralizer.
  6. Detonate the Neutralizer.

Rewards of Success

Upon successfully testing the Neutralizer, players are rewarded with:

  • Carmageddon Vehicle Skin
  • 5000 XP

These rewards not only enhance the gameplay experience but also contribute to improved performance in the game.


Mastering the Neutralizer Test Site in MW3 Zombies requires strategic thinking, skilful execution, and adaptability. By following the outlined steps and implementing battle-tested tips, players can confidently navigate the Shepherd mission, defeating the Mega Abomination and reaping the rewards of success.

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