MW3 Double XP Event: This Week Only!

The holidays came early for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players this year, announcing a special MW3 Double XP Event from December 21 to December 28. This event allows players to level up quickly during the holiday season. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know to maximize your Double XP earnings during this event.

When Does the Double XP Event Take Place?

The Modern Warfare 3 Double XP event runs for a whole week, starting on December 21 and ending on December 28. This gives players ample time to use the bonus XP rewards across all game modes.

During this week-long event, players will earn double the average amount of XP for all activities completed in Multiplayer and Special Ops game modes. The Double XP applies to your overall player rank, weapon levels, levelling up the Battle Pass, completing challenges, and more.

How Double XP Works in MW3

Typically, players earn a set amount of XP for actions performed in a match, such as getting kills, assists, completing objectives, etc. The base XP made for these actions doubles during a Double XP event.

For example, if getting a kill typically rewards 100 XP, you would earn 200 XP instead during Double XP. This applies to all sources of XP across Multiplayer and Special Ops.

The bonus applies to XP earned from completing challenges, weapon progression, and levelling up the Battle Pass. This makes unlocking new weapons, attachments, camos, and other rewards much faster.

MW3 Double XP Event

Tips to Maximize Double XP

To make the most of the Double XP event in Modern Warfare 3, here are some tips to boost your XP earnings:

Play Objective Modes

Stick to objective modes like Domination, Hardpoint, and Headquarters, which offer more opportunities to earn XP from completing objectives, getting kills, and assists. Avoid slower methods like Team Deathmatch.

Use XP Boosts

Equip XP boosting perks like Hardline on your loadouts. You can utilize any Double XP tokens you’ve earned from challenges or bundles.

Party Up

Grouping up with friends gives you an XP boost. Take advantage of this by partying up before matches. Communicating and working together results in more wins, kills, and objectives.

Focus on Challenges

Check the Challenges menu for missions you can knock out in Multiplayer or Special Ops to earn extra Double XP.

Play Longer Matches

Modes like Ground War and 20v20 offer more targets and longer match times, allowing you to earn more XP.

Use High-XP Weapons

Equip weapons like SMGs that you still need to max out to unlock attachments and camos quickly.

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What to Unlock During Double XP

The Double XP event allows you to progress through Modern Warfare 3 much faster. Here’s what you should focus on unlocking during the event:

Weapon Attachments and Camos

The bonus XP also applies to weapons, making it easier to max out guns. Grind out kills using weapons you want to outfit with more attachments and camouflage skins.

Battle Pass Tiers

You can quickly skip through the Season 1 Battle Pass tiers to unlock new Operator skins, weapon blueprints, XP tokens, and more.

Player Levels

Level up faster to unlock new loadout slots, lethal and tactical equipment, perks, and streaks to build more potent classes.

Operator Missions

Play as different Operators and complete their missions to unlock new outfits and other cosmetic rewards.

Maximum Prestige

You can reach the maximum prestige level for the most dedicated players during this event if you play consistently.

When Does Double XP End?

This valuable Double XP event lasts for one whole week. Players must get their fill before the event ends on December 28.

Once the event concludes, XP earnings will return to their standard rates across Multiplayer and Special Ops. So be sure to utilize this event while you can!

Other Double XP Events in MW3

The good news is that this won’t be the only Double XP event we see in Modern Warfare 3 this year. Typically, these events coincide with new seasons, holidays, or major in-game events.

Based on precedent, we can expect to see more Double XP events in 2023 around:

  • Special seasonal holidays (4th of July, Halloween, etc.)
  • Start of new Multiplayer seasons
  • Significant MW3 patches and content drops

Follow Call of Duty news sites and social media channels to stay on top of Double XP announcements. These events are usually confirmed 1-2 weeks prior, giving players time to prepare.

Get the Most Out of Double XP in MW3

A Double XP event is the perfect time to blast through Modern Warfare 3’s ranks and unlocks. With an entire week to take advantage of boosted XP rewards across Multiplayer and Special Ops, players have plenty of time to level up.

Be sure to use some of the tips provided to maximize your XP earnings during this event. Focus on high-XP weapon and Operator missions, equip XP boosts, play objective modes in longer matches, and party up with friends.

This is a prime opportunity to prestige, unlock new loadout items, max out your Battle Pass, and earn highly-coveted cosmetic rewards before the new year. Get out there and enjoy the double rewards while they last!

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