Mortal Kombat 1 Desync Issue Remains a Persistent Problem

Mortal Kombat 1, the iconic fighting game that debuted the gory “Fatality” finishing moves in 1992, received a significant graphics and gameplay overhaul with its recent remaster. However, amidst the improved visuals and fluid combat, a nagging technical issue has reared its ugly head: desynchronization errors during online matches. Despite a recent patch in January 2024, the Mortal Kombat 1 desync Issue frequently disrupts competitive play.

The Issue at Hand

During online matches, particularly in Kombat League ranked mode, MK1 will abruptly freeze and display “desynchronization detected” error messages. This boots both players back to the main menu, robbing them of hard-fought victories and rank progression. Understandably, the MK community is growing increasingly frustrated.

The desync issue mainly afflicts the PC and Xbox Series X/S versions so far, though PS5 players have also reported instances of it occurring. It can happen randomly but is likely to rear its head during rematches.

Specifically, the desyncs tend to trigger when:

  • Players rematch after an online game
  • A player skips the pre-fight intro sequence
  • Using specific characters like Shang Tsung and Havik

The problem lies not with individual player connections but rather the synchronization between clients and MK1’s servers. It relates to how the game transitions into those rematches without properly coordinating.

The Search for Solutions

NetherRealm Studios acknowledged the desync issue and stated that they are investigating it. However, they’ve yet to pinpoint the exact culprit.

Some players have found mild improvements by taking specific steps, such as:

  • Not skipping intro sequences
  • Testing different characters
  • Double checking internet connections for packet loss
  • Completely restarting the game

But these are temporary band-aids at best, not permanent solutions. The desyncs invariably return until the root cause is addressed.

NetherRealm did roll out a patch on January 12, 2024, specifically targeting the issue. But it has only helped some PC players; console owners still report frequent desync issues.

The developer has gone entirely silent regarding the timeline for a proper fix. Their last update came via the official Mortal Kombat Twitter account on January 15:

We continue to investigate MK1 desyncs and will provide updates when we have them. I appreciate your patience.

So, there is no ETA for when console players can expect a comprehensive solution. Understandably, the lack of transparency from NetherRealm Studios has left many fans even more disgruntled.

Mortal Kombat 1 Desync Issue

Why This Matters for Kombat League

The desync issue is incredibly disruptive due to MK1’s emphasis on competitive online matches via the Kombat League mode. Here, players can test their skills against others while jockeying for rank on the leaderboards.

But sudden desyncs waste time, unfairly penalize players with “losses,” and make progressing up the tiers exceedingly tricky.

Imagine you finally achieve a hard-fought victory that elevates you to Grandmaster status, only to have the game desync during the rematch. When you reconnect, you discover you’ve been bumped back down leagues below where you just were.

It’s easy to see why Kombat League participants are in arms over the constant disruption. Until it’s fixed, the mode’s integrity remains compromised.

What We Know About the Technical Causes

While the exact triggers continue to be investigated, the dynamics relate to how MK1 handles synchronization between players after matches.

During the original battle, each player’s game communicates with the server to sync graphics, inputs, and victory conditions. But when immediately rematching, something goes awry during this transition.

The result? A total loss of coordination, plunging players into a confusing, desynced limbo until the whole game session resets.

It’s likely tied to how MK1 deals with matchmaking infrastructure and net code when quickly shuttling players into consecutive online games. But without access to the source code or server logs, fans can only speculate on the specifics.

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What’s Being Done to Address the Issue?

Aside from the single patch in January, NetherRealm Studios has not provided any updates on solutions in the works. The community manager’s Reddit account has gone silent when asked about timelines for a proper comprehensive fix.

Some fans have speculated that fully resolving the desyncs might require a significant reworking of the game’s net code and matchmaking systems. That could explain the lack of progress nearly a month after launch.

Others point to similarities with past fighting games like Street Fighter V and its “rage quitting” penalty controversy. Capcom eventually mitigated that issue, giving hope that MK1’s problems aren’t insurmountable either.

But without transparency from NetherRealm, it’s impossible to say how deeply rooted the desync bug is. Players can only continue reporting their experiences and hope a fix materializes soon.

What Can Players Do In the Meantime?

Until the issue is fully patched out, competing in Kombat League remains a frustrating gamble. Desyncs could strike at any time, erasing hard-fought progress. Players desperate for a temporary workaround can try:

  • Sticking to offline modes against AI or local friends
  • Avoiding rematches to sidestep the common desync triggers
  • Using an Ethernet connection and turning off other network programs
  • Port forwarding router settings to prioritize MK1 traffic
  • Testing different characters and variations

But the reality remains that nothing short of a comprehensive software fix can fully solve the desync problems. Here’s hoping NetherRealm’s developers can isolate the culprit soon and restore MK1’s online modes to their former glory.

In the meantime, the Kabal mains of the world can only grit their teeth and hope the next attempted Kombat League run doesn’t end in a demoralizing, desynching disaster. It’s a frustrating limbo, but with enough community pressure, NetherRealm may finally roll out the fix fans sorely deserve.

The Finish Him Blow

Like many hastily released games, Mortal Kombat 1 fell victim to shipping with a nasty technical flaw in its online components. While not ruining the acclaimed gameplay and story modes, the pervasive desyncing robs the game of its competitive heart.

Here’s hoping dedicated players get the smooth online experience they deserve sooner rather than later. But NetherRealm’s opacity makes progress uncertain.

At the very least, MK1 is another reminder of the importance of polishing net code and matchmaking infrastructure. When a fighting game’s lifeblood lies in its competitive online modes, half-baked synchronization risks doing more damage than any gruesome spine-ripping Fatality.

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