Momodora: Moonlit Farewell – The Final Adventure Awaits on Switch

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell is the fourth and final instalment in the critically acclaimed Momodora side-scrolling action platformer series. Developed by Bombservice and published by DANGEN Entertainment, Moonlit Farewell continues the captivating gothic tale of priestess Momo and her companions. Although initially released on PC in March 2019, Moonlit Farewell is slated for its console debut on the Nintendo Switch, bringing the curtain down on the Momodora saga in style.

Overview of Moonlit Farewell

Moonlit Farewell is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer viewed from a third-person perspective. The gameplay involves melee combos, dodging, and tactical use of ranged attacks and spells to defeat enemies across various stages.

The game is set in the village of Koho, where a dire calamity looms over the inhabitants. The ominous toll of a bell has triggered a demon invasion, leading to the emergence of hordes of menacing monsters that threaten the village and the sacred Lun Tree, a vital source of life and healing.

As Momo, the High Priestess of Koho, players are entrusted with a divine mission to uncover the mystery behind this predicament and identify the bellringer responsible for it. This sets into motion Momo’s journey across majestic environments and treacherous terrain to trace the source of the bell’s toll and thwart the impending demon invasion.

Momodora Moonlit Farewell

Engaging Storyline and Characters

The storyline of Moonlit Farewell serves as a fitting conclusion to the overarching narrative across the Momodora games. It unfolds five years after the events of Momodora III and addresses unresolved plot threads from the previous games in the series.

The tale centres around the remote village of Koho, which faces destruction at the hands of swarms of demons summoned by the cryptic ringing of a bell. The narrative follows Momo’s adventure to discover the identity of the bellringer and prevent the destruction of Koho Village and its sacred Lun Tree.

Several memorable companions accompany Momo during her journey, including fan-favourite characters like Dronen the knight and Karo, the merchant. These characters provide support in combat and trade items and add depth to the story with their unique personalities and backstories that are revealed through interactions.

Captivating Pixel Art Style

A key highlight of the Momodora games has been their gorgeous retro-inspired pixel art visuals, and Moonlit Farewell is no exception. The environments and character designs are brought to life beautifully in the 2D-pixel art form to create a visually mesmerizing experience.

Moonlit Farewell incorporates darker gothic themes than its predecessors, evident in the ominous atmosphere of areas like the Tower of Ages and the foreboding Moonlight Forest. The pixel art captures the details in the architecture, landscapes, and enemies while retaining the signature charm of the Momodora aesthetic.

Bombservice has crafted the animations masterfully, from Momo’s graceful combos to the quirky idle animations of the companions. The visual presentation complements the cryptic storyline and makes traversing the fantastical world of Momodora a captivating pixel art adventure.

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Strategic Combat with the Innovative Sigil System

At its core, Moonlit Farewell incorporates traditional side-scrolling action platformer gameplay. Players control Momo and utilize her abilities, like darting slashes, whip attacks, and dodging to take down foes. Ranged attacks and spells also come into play, creating opportunities for strategic combat.

A significant innovation in Moonlit Farewell is the introduction of the Sigil system. Sigils are glyphs that can be discovered and equipped to customize Momo’s stats and abilities. By deciphering various sigil combinations, players can enjoy an additional layer of combat strategy and flexibility when taking on the demonic enemies.

The enemies are cleverly designed, with strategic placements and attack patterns that test players’ grasp of Momo’s abilities. Boss battles also feature unique mechanics that require careful utilization of the skills and traits available to Momo based on the equipped sigils and attained power-ups.

A Fitting End to the Momodora Saga

Moonlit Farewell delivers a satisfying sense of closure, answering long-running questions and tying up loose ends in the lore established throughout the Momodora games. It retains the familiar Momodora flavour and improves the formula in many ways.

The platforming and exploration feel tighter, with new movement options for Momo that open up rewarding sequence breaks. The combat is more strategic with the Sigil system, which allows diverse customization options. There are also subtle quality-of-life enhancements that refine the overall gameplay experience.

For fans who have followed Momo’s adventures since the early days, Moonlit Farewell offers a nostalgic finale elevated by inventive new ideas. It provides an impactful conclusion to the gothic tale woven throughout the four titles in the acclaimed indie series.

Release Details for Nintendo Switch

Initially launched on Windows PC via Steam in March 2019, Moonlit Farewell garnered praise from critics and fans as a fitting swan song for the Momodora franchise. The game has an impressive 89% positive rating on Steam based on over 500 user reviews.

DANGER Entertainment revealed plans to bring Moonlit Farewell to consoles, starting with the Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made in a March 2021 tweet from DANGEN’s official account. While an exact release date is yet to be confirmed, the tweet states that Moonlit Farewell on Switch is “coming soon.”

Moonlit Farewell seems ideally suited for the Switch, enabling docked and handheld gameplay. This would allow players to experience Momo’s final adventure, whether at home or on the go. The pixel art visuals also match the Switch’s screen and blend seamlessly, whether playing docked or in handheld mode.

If the port is handled well, Moonlit Farewell on the Switch stands to open up the melancholy saga of the priestess to a new audience. Long-time fans can also look forward to revisiting the memorable conclusion enhanced by the Switch’s versatile gaming modes.


With its ominous narrative, charming visuals, strategic combat, and heartwarming farewell to beloved characters, Momodora: Moonlit Farewell delivers a perfect ending note to wrap up the esteemed Momodora franchise.

The game’s gorgeous pixel art captures the cryptic gothic story in vibrant form to create an immersive 2D action platforming experience. InnovationsInnovations like the Sigil system also complement the traditional Momodora formula, making Moonlit Farewell a modern classic.

Fans eagerly await the Switch port of Moonlit Farewell to dive into Momo’s final adventure on both TV and handheld. The title would make a great addition to the Switch’s stellar library of indie games. Whenever the release date is announced, the Momodora saga shall find a cosy new home on the Switch when Momo ultimately takes her graceful bow.

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