How to Find & Solve Mistbury Catacombs in Enshrouded

Near the outskirts of the village of Enshrouded lies the ancient Mistbury Catacombs, a labyrinthine tomb filled with dangers and rewards for those brave enough to explore its depths. Getting inside is just the first step – navigating the traps and puzzles requires grit and wit. For seasoned adventurers, unlocking the secrets of the Mistbury Catacombs can lead to treasure beyond imagination.

How to Find the Hidden Entrance

The first challenge is locating the hidden entrance to the catacombs. It sits nestled amidst the rolling hills northeast of the Hill of Scavengers, far off the main roads. Head on the northeast road from the Hill of Scavengers to find it. When the road forks, take the path heading west. Follow this route as it winds through the countryside, and you’ll soon come across a stone stairwell leading underground into the hillside. This inconspicuous doorway marks the start of your journey into Mistbury Catacombs.

Upon descending the stairwell, you’ll find yourself in an antechamber lit by flickering torches along the walls. The room contains two large stone tablets etched with runic writing. These tablets hold clues on unlocking the catacombs’ deeper areas, so be sure to examine them closely. Copy down any clues, as they will be essential to making your way through what lies ahead.

Mistbury Catacombs Enshrouded

How to Navigate the Labyrinth

Past the antechamber is a maze of corridors and chambers, with many dead ends designed to confuse trespassers. Passages twist and turn at odd angles, forcing you to pay close attention to your steps. Marking your route as you explore is highly recommended, lest you wander in circles.

The architects of Mistbury Catacombs were clever builders and laid many traps throughout for the unwary. Look for suspicious loose stones, which may trigger poison darts from the walls. Floors may also give way to spiked pits if you step in the wrong place. Proceed cautiously and test your weight before moving forward. Let any companions take the lead to check for such hazards.

How to Solve the Runestone Puzzles

As you delve deeper into the catacombs, you’ll come across several chambers sealed by solid stone doors marked with runic symbols. The clues from the entrance tablets are needed here to decipher the combinations that will open these doors. Each runestone puzzle requires arranging the proper sequence of stones to form the correct word or phrase.

Study the symbols closely – they may resemble letters in ancient languages. You must deduce the right order to press them to unlock the door. For example, the first sealed chamber has symbols for L-I-F-E-D-E-A-T-H. You are arranging them as D-E-A-T-H-L-I-F-E, which opens the path forward. Open your mind to the meanings behind each character to find the solutions.

How to Brave the Burial Chambers

Once past the runestone doors, you will enter the central burial chambers where the Mistbury clan leaders were laid to rest centuries ago. These halls are rife with undead creatures and sinister guardians placed to protect the tombs from robbers. Skeletal warriors, vengeful spirits, and worse may emerge from the shadows to attack. Arm yourself with silver, magic, or holy water, as ordinary weapons will be useless here.

There are four burial chambers in total, each with its hazards. In one, ghostly pallbearers endlessly march with caskets on their shoulders. Disturbing their procession causes them to become violent. In another, the coffin of Lord Mistbury may spring open to unleash a cursed mummy. Stay alert and be ready to flee or fight at the first sign of movement. Overcoming these guardians is the only way to claim the reward that lies beyond.

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How to Unlock the Hidden Vault

At the rear of the burial chambers stands an ornate locked door adorned with four unusual keyholes. This vault can only be opened by discovering the four special keys hidden within the catacombs. Seek them in secret alcoves or held by guardians as you explore. Once you acquire all four keys, please return to the vault door and simultaneously place each in its matching lock.

The keys may take strange forms – rings, crystals, carved bones. Examine them closely to deduce which locks they fit in. You may need to consult the entrance runestones again for clues. Patient, observant explorers will reap great treasure if they enter the hidden vault unscathed.

The Treasures Within

The risks and dangers of Mistbury Catacombs are well rewarded for those who fully uncover its secrets. Within the sealed vault lie piles of glittering gold, silver, gems, enchanted weapons, and armour. Lucky adventurers might even find Lord Mistbury’s fabled Belt of Giant Strength or the death mask believed to grant visions of the future. Take care to avoid any final curses placed on the tomb’s contents.

Having braved the catacombs’ labyrinth and defeated its guardians, you’ve earned the right to these treasures. Search carefully to uncover the most valuable artefacts. Your efforts will be long remembered among explorers and bards alike. But beware – such riches can lead to trouble or theft if word gets out. Exit quietly and choose wisely how to spend or securely store your newly gained fortune and gear.


The Mistbury Catacombs present a thrilling challenge for adventure seekers in Enshrouded. Their hidden entrance leads to a dangerous maze of puzzles, traps, and undead guardians protecting unimaginable treasures. By studying clues, moving carefully, overcoming the burial chambers’ residents, and unlocking the mysterious vault, you, too, can uncover the catacombs’ secrets and claim fantastic rewards. Just watch your back and make it out alive to enjoy your discoveries. For bold explorers, the timeless riches of Mistbury Catacombs await!

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