How to Find and Destroy a Mercenary Convoy in MW3

The elusive Mercenary Stronghold Keycard is one of the most coveted items in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode. This rare keycard grants access to the formidable mercenary strongholds scattered across the zombie-infested maps, offering brave undead slayers lucrative opportunities if they’re up for the challenge.

Locate and Secure a Mercenary Convoy

Before you can get your hands on that precious keycard, you’ll need to track down and remove one of the deadly mercenary convoys patrolling the maps. This is no easy feat, as these mobile squads are heavily armed and ready for combat. Here are some tips for locating and safely engaging a convoy:

The best approach is to actively search while playing strategically. Listen for your AI teammates calling out convoy alerts, and keep an eye on your minimap for groups of red vehicles driving together. Convoys typically move along significant roads and periodically sweep hotspots like the central highway and zone borders.

Once you’ve spotted a target, thoughtful preparation and careful execution are key. Gear up with your most potent weapons and equip valuable perks like Juggernog for added health. Move to intercept the convoy in an area that provides good cover or choke points to limit mobility.

To initiate the attack:

  1. Stay mobile and use explosives to soften them up before focusing fire.
  2. Coordinate with teammates to divide mercs’ attention.
  3. Prioritize drivers and heavy gunners first before cleaning up the remaining forces.

You’ll take down the convoy with persistence and sharp tactics and claim that valuable keycard!

Mercenary Convoy MW3

How to Unlock and Survive the Mercenary Strongholds

Now that you’ve secured your ticket inside, it’s time to put that Mercenary Stronghold Keycard to work! Strongholds are marked by yellow shield icons on your map—head to the fortified entrance and interact to use your hard-earned keycard.

Brace for heavy resistance inside, including shielded foes and deadly juggernauts. Move carefully through the dimly lit corridors, and be ready to use the cover to your advantage. Take out enemies from a distance whenever possible. Equipping perks like Toughness and Dead Man’s Switch will give you an edge in close-quarters combat.

While fighting your way through, watch for lucrative loot caches. Safes, crates, and hidden nooks often contain potent weapons, equipment, and perks left behind by fallen mercs. Seek out additional objectives that unlock even more fantastic rewards when completed.

Escape and Reap the Rewards

Once you’ve fought through the ranks of mercenaries and achieved any particular objectives, it’s time to make your getaway! Locate the marked extraction point and fight there, using secret side passages or exits you’ve discovered for a stealthier approach.

Having backup makes escaping much smoother. Coordinate with teammates to cover chokepoints, extract resources, and revive downed allies. Feel free to fall back and rethink your strategy if you become overwhelmed.

You are completing a stronghold nets significant rewards. You’ll emerge laden with rare loot and be satisfied with conquering one of the toughest challenges in MW3’s Zombies. Follow these tips, and that keycard will bring you wealth and glory!

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Critical Strategies for Mercenary Stronghold Success

Let’s recap the key tactics for mastering mercenary strongholds with your hard-earned keycard:

Search Smarter, Not Harder

  • Listen for teammate callouts signalling nearby convoys.
  • Check the minimap frequently for groups of red vehicles indicating a convoy.
  • Patrol map hotspots like highways and zone borders where convoys travel.

Engage Convoys with Caution

  • Attack smartly using explosives and flanking manoeuvres.
  • Focus fire to eliminate drivers and heavy gunners first quickly.
  • Use cover and keep moving to avoid being overwhelmed.

Enter Strongholds Ready for a Fight

  • Equip heavy firepower and defensive perks before breaching.
  • Move cautiously and utilize cover inside the dimly lit corridors.
  • Seek out loot caches and hidden objectives between firefights.

Have an Escape Plan

  • Fight your way to the marked extraction point.
  • Watch for secret side routes that provide alternate exits.
  • Coordinate escapes with teammates for maximum survivability.


The Mercenary Stronghold Keycard provides uniquely intense challenges in MW3’s Zombies mode. You can safely tackle these formidable sanctuaries with efficient convoy-hunting strategies, thoughtful preparation, and skilful stronghold infiltration tactics.

The epic firefights and lucrative rewards are well worth the effort. Follow this guide, stay alert, and cooperate with your squad to achieve victory and reap the hard-fought spoils hidden behind heavily fortified walls! With your newfound expertise, you’ll dominate MW3 Zombies and master the formidable mercenary strongholds.

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