Medieval Dynasty: Oxbow Best Place to Build

Medieval Dynasty drops players into a harsh medieval world, tasking them with building and managing a settlement to ensure the survival of their villagers. Choosing the location to establish your village is crucial in this unforgiving landscape. If you know where to build, the Oxbow region offers a prime spot to thrive. This guide will overview the Oxbow area, key settlement location factors to consider, and provide specific site recommendations for different playstyles. In This Article You’ll Explore “Medieval Dynasty: Oxbow Best Place to Build”.

Overview of Oxbow Region

The Oxbow region lies southeast of the Medieval Dynasty’s opening village of Piastovia. It earned its moniker from the oxbow lake situated along the Strzyga River. The area provides ample resources, moderate wildlife threats, and proximity to Piastovia for trade.

When selecting the site in Oxbow, keep these critical regional features in mind:

Abundant Natural Resources

The Strzyga River offers reliable freshwater sources for village consumption, farming, and irrigation. The surrounding forests provide timber for constructing buildings and fuel for fires. Foragers can harvest plentiful berries, mushrooms, and herbs. The land supports farming staple crops like wheat and rutabagas.

The mine near Piastovia serves as the crown jewel. This mine constantly replenishes valuable ore, coal, and stone. Controlling this mine guarantees a steady income stream from crafting and selling metal tools and weapons.

Moderate Dangers

While Oxbow lacks any human threats, wildlife still endangers overconfident settlers. Wolves stalk the mine’s entrance, attacking anyone who approaches. Boars, bears, and wolves roam the forests and meadows. Establish some defensive fortifications until your villagers can defend themselves.

Prime Trading Location

Piastovia sits just across the river from central Oxbow. Once you accumulate surplus goods, traders pay handsomely for tools, clothing, cooked meat, leather, and jewelry. Use the profits to purchase crop seeds, livestock, resources, and production buildings.

Choosing Settlement Site Location

When examining the Oxbow region map, several distinct biomes emerge as options for establishing a new settlement. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of each site carefully before choosing where to drive your first stake.

Settlement Location Factors

Assess each potential village site across these critical factors:

  • Defensibility: Natural and constructed barriers to protect against wildlife and raids
  • Sustainability: Reliable access to water, arable land, and critical resources
  • Expansion: Room to grow croplands, pastures, and buildings over time
  • Traceability: Ease of traversing terrain and accessibility to Piastovia for trade

Strike the right balance across all four factors for the optimal site.

Medieval Dynasty: Oxbow Best Place to Build


The riverside area directly southwest of Piastovia offers newcomers an appealing starter settlement location. However, certain limitations prevent long-term prosperity.


  • Access to Strzyga River for water
  • Trees for lumber dotted the river
  • Open, flat meadows to raise livestock and grow crops
  • Short travel distance to Piastovia for trade


  • Restricted space to expand between river and forest
  • Resources clustered on one side, necessitating travel through wolf territory
  • Rogue wolves crossing the river pose a threat

The riverside appeals to new players but won’t support an advanced settlement without significant terrain reshaping. Veterans should consider other options.

Northern Forest

The dense forest spanning Oxbow’s northern half provides security and sustainability at the cost of convenience. Players favoring a secluded logger or hunting village will thrive but may eventually outgrow the space.


  • Plentiful timber and wild game
  • Existing clearings among trees for early buildings
  • Forest offers defenses from wildlife
  • Foragers can collect bountiful berries and mushrooms


  • Restricted farming as trees occupy much of the land
  • Remote location far from Piastovia weakens trading
  • Rugged terrain slows travel within the settlement
  • Limited space to clear for future expansion

This challenging but rewarding environment best suits experienced players pursuing a forestry-based economy. Trade extra wood and meat for other supplies.

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Southern Meadows

Sprawling south from the mine lie expansive meadows offering room for growth at the cost of increased threats. Prioritize defenses and wildlife management to protect villagers in this ideal farmland.


  • Vast open space to raise livestock and grow crops
  • Nearby clay deposits applicable for bricks and pottery
  • Proximity to the mine and its replenishing ore
  • Short travel route for trading with Piastovia


  • Rogue wolves and boars frequently attack settlers
  • Few natural barriers leave the village exposed
  • Limited trees for lumber necessitate importing
  • Remote areas are more challenging to defend as the village expands

Ambitious builders will thrive in the southern meadows by leveraging vast crop yields and mineral income to fund defenses and imported goods.


Within the Medieval Dynasty: Oxbow Best Place to Build region, settlers discovered varied terrain supporting different settlement goals. Evaluate each site across defensibility, sustainability, expansion, and travelability concerns. Rookie farmers may prefer the riverside’s convenience, while seasoned foresters can embrace the northern woods’ seclusion and abundant timber. The southern meadows’ vast fertile plains tempt ambitious agricultural tycoons through increased threats. Wherever you choose, apply the lessons learned in this guide to establish an enduring settlement. The Oxbow awaits your arrival!

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