Maxence Lacroix FIFA 23: Rating & Price

In the world of FIFA 23, French defender Maxence Lacroix has emerged as a rising talent for gamers. Currently playing center back in real life for VfL Wolfsburg, the 23-year-old has earned impressive ratings in FIFA 23 as well, with an overall of 76 and a potential of 84. For those constructing their ultimate team, Lacroix brings a dynamic mix of size, strength and defensive skills. With Liga 1 Uber Eats now included in FIFA 23, Lacroix also links perfectly to top players from that league. For both career mode and FUT fans alike, “Maxence Lacroix FIFA 23” profiles an asset whose best virtual years may still be ahead.

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Maxence Lacroix, a 23-year-old French football sensation, has been making waves in the virtual football world. Currently holding the position of center back for VfL Wolfsburg in the Germany 1. Bundesliga, Lacroix’s prowess extends to the FIFA 23 gaming universe.

Maxence Lacroix FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Player Profile

Overview of Maxence Lacroix in FIFA 23

In the virtual realm of FIFA 23, Lacroix boasts an overall rating of 76 and an impressive potential of 84. As a right-footed player with medium/high work rates, Lacroix brings a dynamic edge to the gaming experience.

Player Ratings and Attributes

Let’s delve into the intricacies of Lacroix’s in-game attributes. From attacking prowess to defensive mastery, each stat contributes to his unique virtual persona.

Unique Traits and In-Game Features

Lacroix’s 2-star skill moves rating, coupled with his towering height of 190cm (6’3″) and weight of 88kg (194lbs), distinguishes him on the virtual pitch. His natural face in-game adds an authentic touch, making him a sought-after player.

In-Depth Analysis of Lacroix’s Stats

Offensive Attributes

Lacroix’s offensive capabilities include a finishing rating of 74, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess. From crossing to volleys, each attribute adds to the versatility of this virtual center back.

Defensive Prowess

In the realm of defense, Lacroix excels with high ratings in attributes such as heading accuracy, marking, and stand tackle. His physicality and aggression make him a formidable force in thwarting opponents.

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Lacroix’s In-Game Presence and Value

Lacroix’s Impact on the Virtual Pitch

Lacroix’s in-game presence is characterized by strength, speed, and agility. These attributes make him an invaluable asset, contributing to the success of any virtual team.

Why Lacroix is a Valuable Addition to FIFA 23

Whether you’re constructing a defensive powerhouse or aiming for a well-rounded team, Lacroix’s unique blend of skills makes him a strategic and coveted choice.

Market Value and Price Trends

FIFA 23 Card Rating and Platforms

Lacroix’s in-game card is rated 77 in FIFA 23. However, it’s crucial to consider the price variations across different gaming platforms.

Historical Price Variations

The prices of Lacroix’s card fluctuate over time. Xbox, PlayStation, and PC markets exhibit different trends, emphasizing the need for strategic market analysis before making a purchasing.

Considerations for Purchasing Lacroix’s Card

Before diving into the market, it’s essential to stay updated on the latest price trends and consider potential changes that may have occurred since the publication of sources.


Maxence Lacroix emerged not only as a formidable center back in VfL Wolfsburg but also as a virtual gaming sensation in FIFA 23. His unique attributes, coupled with a reasonable market value, make him an attractive option for avid gamers.

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