Malang Sarr in FIFA 24: The Game Changer

Malang Sarr is a young French center-back making waves in the English Premier League with Chelsea. In FIFA 24, the latest installment of the popular FIFA video game series, Sarr is rated as a capable defender with room to grow. Let’s take a closer look at Malang Sarr’s FIFA 24-player rating and attributes to see what makes him an exciting option in defense.

Overview of Malang Sarr in FIFA 24

In FIFA 24, Malang Sarr’s overall rating is 74, with a potential rating of 78. This means the game evaluates him as a decent Premier League-caliber center-back already, with the capacity to improve further over the next few seasons.

Specifically, his detailed attributes in critical areas are:

  • Defending: 74
  • Dribbling: 68
  • Pace: 76
  • Passing: 68
  • Physical: 79
  • Shooting: 58

With high physical and pace ratings augmented by solid defensive attributes, Sarr profiles as a mobile, intense center-back able to cope with the demands of the Premier League. His ratings indicate room for refinement in distribution and attacking prowess.

Strengths of Malang Sarr in FIFA 24

Digging deeper into Sarr’s attributes reveals more about his playing style and strengths in FIFA 24:

Strong Defensive Ability

With 74 interceptions and 72 standing tackles, Sarr can read play and win back possession for his team. An 83 Aggression rating means he gets stuck in to make firm challenges when needed.


Sarr’s 79 Physical rating includes 84 Jumping and 82 Strength ratings, making him a formidable presence in the air and physical battles with opposition strikers.


For a center-back, Sarr has impressive pace ratings of 76 Acceleration and 76 Sprint Speed. This allows him to cope with faster attackers and deal with balls played in behind the defensive line.

Weaknesses and How to Overcome Them

While clearly a capable all-around defender, Sarr has areas for improvement in FIFA 24:

Attacking Limitations

With low Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling ratings for a modern defender, Sarr won’t contribute much to build-up play and attacking sequences.

Overcome it:

  • Use fast build-up play and higher fullbacks for attacking width rather than relying on Sarr.
  • Substitute more offensive-minded midfielders if chasing a goal.

Occasional Lapse in Concentration

Sarr’s 72 Defensive Awareness rating suggests he can sometimes switch off his defensive duties.

Overcome it:

  • Use a Defensive style Tactics setup.
  • Partner him with a defender with higher Awareness.

Perfect Partner & Positioning

Malang Sarr’s attributes make him an ideal left-center back in a back-four defense:

  • His pace compensates for a lack of attacking contribution.
  • Partner with a right-footed, sweeper-type center back with better Short/Long Passing ratings.
  • Getting tight to the left flank prevents opponents from attacking down this side.

In Summary, Malang Sarr is a promising talent in FIFA 24, offering solid defensive skills, physical power, and pace with room to get even better. Work around his attacking limitations, keep him concentrated, and position him well, and he’ll strengthen any backline.

Malang Sarr in FIFA 24

Using Malang Sarr Effectively in Your FIFA 24 Team

With a 74 rating and the potential to hit 78, Malang Sarr is a budget-friendly player who can develop into a capable center-back option for your FIFA 24 Career Mode or Ultimate Team. Let’s explore how best to utilize him:

FIFA 24 Career Mode

In Career Mode, Sarr is an astute signing for sides needing defensive reinforcements. With his combination of current ability and future potential, he offers immediate stability with the scope to embed himself as a star defender over the coming seasons.

Assessing his Price Tag

His well-rounded attributes, coupled with Premier League experience, make Sarr a valuable commodity. While transfer prices can fluctuate, his market value likely sits in the £15-25m range.

For sides needing defensive reinforcement, that fee for a player able to contribute straight away with bags of potential is appealing. As a bonus, his room to improve makes him a solid sell-on proposition, too.

Ideal Club Fits

Sarr suits clubs aiming for mid-table security or those battling relegation. For top sides, he works as an understudy or rotation option behind elite defenders.

Some potential fits include:

Premier League: Brighton, Bournemouth, West Ham

Abroad: AC Milan, Sevilla, Lyon

Domestically, he’d slot straight into Brighton and Bournemouth’s starting XIs, while rotation minutes for European regulars like Milan and Sevilla enable further development.

Tactical Usage

Defensively-minded managers will enjoy Sarr’s combative nature and front-foot defending. Playing a deep defensive line helps Sarr mop up counterattacks and physical duels.

In possession, use short lateral passes with Sarr to retain the ball before releasing flying wing-backs to provide attacking width from deeper areas.

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FIFA Ultimate Team

In FUT, Sarr is a handy Premier League option in starter teams or as squad depth in more elite sides.

Transfer Market Value

Early in FUT 24’s lifecycle, Sarr should cost between 3-5k coins on Xbox and PlayStation markets. As the game progresses, unique cards may enhance his base 74 rating and drive costs upward.

Consider snapping him up early before inflation hits.

Squad Building and Chemistry Styles

In starter PL teams, Sarr is a fine partner for another pacy defender like Joe Gomez. Applying an Architect chemistry style boosts his Physicality and Passing, given his defensive attributes are already decent.

In more elite teams, Sarr serves as an impact substitute to see out leads. Bring his fresh legs and defensive solidity into central defense in place of tiring attackers. An Anchor chemistry boost here maximizes his physical and pace capabilities.


In FIFA 24, Malang Sarr is an attractive central defensive option – especially for Career Mode team building. Already a functional Premier League performer with bags of potential upside, he can stabilize vulnerable defenses before potentially growing into a defensive cornerstone down the road.

Give Malang Sarr a shot if you are looking to bolster your backline without breaking the bank – his blend of defensive qualities, physical power, and rapid pace augurs well for success. By masking any attacking limitations and concentrating his effort, he can excel.

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