LoL Patch 14.1 Rundown: Major Gameplay Changes and Updates

League of Legends Patch 14.1 Rundown ushered in significant changes and updates to Riot Games’ popular MOBA game. This patch included champion buffs, map terrain alterations, new items, monsters, ranked modifications, and more. Let’s dive into the major highlights of what this patch brings to LoL gameplay.


Patch 14.1 marks the beginning of Season 2024 and implements impactful updates to Summoner’s Rift. These map changes and champion, item, and objective revisions aim to enhance player experience and evolve League of Legends’ strategic elements.

With over 100 item alterations, new epic monsters, and three Baron Nashor forms, this patch significantly affects PvP dynamics. Ranked gameplay also transforms with the introduction of split seasons.

Patch 14.1 focuses on refreshing LoL through innovative maps, evolving objectives, and strategic itemization. Read on for a detailed rundown of this update’s most significant changes.

Hwei Buffs

Among the champion adjustments in Patch 14.1, Hwei receives a base armor increase from 18 to 21. This buff aims to make the melee fighter more viable against attack-damage opponents in the early levels.

The boost to Hwei’s innate defense stats allows him to sustain more harassment in the lane. It also enables him to jungle more safely in the initial clears. This is a small but meaningful change intended to nudge Hwei’s win rate higher.

Massive Map Terrain Changes

The most substantial changes in League Patch 14.1 relate to Summoner’s Rift terrain. Significant layout adjustments provide new tactics and balance for the three lanes.

The first significant revision is the addition of new walls and path tweaks around the top and bottom lanes. This aims to even out the landscape between the blue and red sides.

Furthermore, the mid-lane bushes transform to refresh gameplay dynamics. Entryways from the river to the top lane also get altered to protect solo laners.

Beyond the lane and jungle spaces, the map has enhanced theming to reflect the Void. New Void-affiliated monsters now inhabit certain areas as well.

These layout modifications encourage players to rethink rotations, vision control, and learning patterns. Map awareness and adaptation become critical.

LoL Patch 14.1 Rundown

2024 Ranked Season Updates

Theranked 2024 season commences with League Patch 14.1. However, the specific changes have yet to be revealed in detail.

Riot has announced the 2024 season will include three separate splits. The first split spans January to May. Splits two and three will cover the rest of the calendar year.

This split format enables more opportunities to climb the ladder and showcase skills. We expect Riot to share more ranked changes as the season gets underway.

Removal of Mythic Items

One of the most impactful itemization changes is the removal of mythic items. In Season 11, mythics gave players potent effects for their first major purchase.

However, Riot is moving away from mythics in 2024. This change aims to diversify and build paths again. Without mythics dictating purchases, summoners can better respond to game conditions with items.

To compensate for the removal of mythics, many legendary items have been reworked or added. For example, influential effects like armor penetration get spread across multiple options.

Item versatility and situational decision-making come back to the forefront. Players must relearn how to build effective paths without relying on mythic bonuses.

Introduction of New Epic Monsters

Objective control expands with three new epic monsters in Patch 14.1. Two Lesser Drakes join the lineup of elemental drakes. A third named Voidborn also emerges as a potent threat.

Lesser Wind Drake provides movement speed buffs for its slayers. More inferior Fire Drake enhances champion damage through ability haste bonuses.

Meanwhile, the eldritch Voidborn can mind-control enemy minions and grow in strength over time if not defeated swiftly.

These new neutral objectives deepen the PvE challenge and options on Summoner’s Rift. Teams must decide how to prioritize contesting each epic monster based on drafts and win conditions.

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Three Forms of Baron Nashor

The primary objective of Baron Nashor now exists in three unique forms. Each Baron has its combat mechanics that keep players on their toes.

The standard Baron applies area damage spells around him. The Empowered Baron summons thorn pods and vicious plants to the pit. Finally, the Void-born Baron corrupts your team’s attacks, forcing you to be reasonable with abilities.

With three deadly Baron forms to face, teams must approach Nashor strategically each game. Vision and information gathering become critical to secure this mutated monster’s buffs.

Dynamic Music System

League’s sound has expanded with a dynamic music system tied to in-game events. Certain epic monsters and event triggers now cause thematic music to play.

For example, defeating Baron Nashor prompts triumphant scores. They were getting ambushed cues up the danger melody. Dragons, Rift Herald, and other vital moments also have unique tunes.

The adaptive music better immerses summoners into the world. It enhances the feel of struggles and victories across Summoner’s Rift. This new soundscape intensifies LoL’s audio experience.

Introduction of In-Game Quests

To deepen progression, Riot has implemented in-game quests for players to complete. These quests range from introductory training to dailies and event-limited challenges.

Quests reward summoners with blue essence, champion shards, emotes, and other loot. This gives players, especially newcomers, clear goals to work towards each match.

Combined with the refundable Unlockable Stat-Boosting Tomes, the new questing system accelerates acquiring champions and advancing your profile. Quests incentivize and reward actively improving at LoL.


League of Legends Patch 14.1 kicks off Season 2024 with impactful changes to evolve the game’s strategy and feel. While Riot’s patch notes provide the overview, this rundown highlights the most crucial updates to gameplay.

The extensive map changes, new epic monsters, items overhaul, and ranked changes signal an exciting year for LoL. Players must recalibrate their knowledge and skills to adjust to Patch 14.1’s sweeping updates.

However, these revisions to long-standing systems also will help keep League gameplay novel and engaging. Competitive and casual play gets refined with strategic depth augmented across Summoner’s Rift.

Patch 14.1 represents one of the most ambitious updates to League we’ve seen in years. It lays a strong foundation that Riot can build on throughout 2024 and beyond. LoL continues evolving meaningfully thanks to Riot’s drive for innovation after over a decade.

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