Leto Mark II Armor Set: Unveiling the Ultimate Defense

In Remnant 2, the Leto Mark II Armor Set stands as a pinnacle of protection, offering unparalleled defence and damage reduction. This upgraded set builds upon the popular Leto armour from the original Remnant game, providing even greater defensive capabilities. Designed for tank builds that prioritize absorbing damage and shielding allies, this ultra-heavy remnant 2-leto armor set is a game-changer. However, before donning the Leto Mark II, adventurers must understand its nuances and weigh the benefits against the drawbacks.

Acquiring the Leto Mark Armor Set

Venturing into the challenging endgame Labyrinth is the first step towards obtaining the Leto Mark II Armor Set. Accessible through the Biome Portal Key, the Labyrinth is a maze of danger, requiring skill and strategy. Brave the labyrinthine pathways, confront formidable enemies, and claim the hidden armor pieces as your own.

Components of the Leto Mark Armor Set

The Leto Mark II Armor Set comprises four essential components: Helmet, Chest Piece, Gauntlets, and Greaves. Each piece contributes distinct defensive bonuses, and when combined, they unlock the powerful “Leto Bulwark” set bonus, converting damage into temporary armor.

Leto Bulwark Set Bonus

As you face adversaries, some of the inflicted damage transforms into temporary armor, providing an additional layer of defence, capped at 20% of your maximum health. This unique defensive capability adds a tactical edge to your gameplay, though it’s essential to note that the temporary armor decays over time and remains unaffected by healing effects.

Stats Breakdown of Leto Mark II Armor Set

For a comprehensive understanding, let’s break down the stats of each Leto Mark Armor Set piece:


  • +45 Armor
  • +30 Physical Resistance
  • +20 Decay Resistance

Chest Piece:

  • +60 Armor
  • +40 Physical Resistance
  • +30 Decay Resistance


  • +30 Armor
  • +20 Physical Resistance
  • +15 Decay Resistance


  • +30 Armor
  • +20 Physical Resistance
  • +15 Decay Resistance

Balancing these stats is crucial for optimal performance in different scenarios.

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Leto Mark II Set vs. Leto Mark I Set

The Leto Mark II Set is an upgraded version of its predecessor, boasting higher armor ratings and improved resistance against damage types. While the Mark I set offers higher elemental resistances, the Mark II set excels in overall defence and weighs less.

Elemental Resistances

Understanding the elemental resistances of both Leto Mark I and Mark II sets is vital for strategic gameplay:

Leto Mark I Armor Set:

  • Bleed Resistance: 13
  • Fire Resistance: 28
  • Shock Resistance: 13
  • Blight Resistance: 15
  • Toxin Resistance: 13

Leto Mark II Armor Set:

  • Bleed Resistance: 4
  • Fire Resistance: 4
  • Shock Resistance: 5
  • Blight Resistance: 3
  • Toxin Resistance: 3

Player Considerations

Choosing the Leto Mark I and Mark II sets depends on your preferred playstyle. While the Mark II set offers unparalleled defence, its weightiness impacts mobility and increases stamina consumption, making it suitable for a tank-focused approach.

Recommended Weapons

Pairing the Leto Mark II Armor Set with the right weapons is essential to maximize defensive capabilities without sacrificing damage output. Consider the following weapon types:

  • Heavy Firearms: Sporebloom or Eye of the Storm for high damage output.
  • High-Damage Melee Weapons: World Breaker or Riven for close combat situations.
  • Explosive Weapons: Ruin or Hive Cannon for additional crowd control.

Strategically choosing weapons enhances your effectiveness in battles, complementing the Leto Mark Armor Set’s defensive prowess.


The Leto Mark II Armor Set in Remnant 2 is a formidable choice for players seeking top-tier defence. While its weightiness poses challenges, the unparalleled protection and unique set bonus make it a popular and strategic option. Consider your playstyle, weigh the benefits against the drawbacks, and step into the Labyrinth fully prepared to claim the ultimate defence.

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