Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit in MW 3: How to Unlock & Playing Tips

The Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit is one of the most coveted weapon customization options in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This rare kit can transform the DG-58 LSW light machine gun into a highly effective hybrid assault rifle/LMG. The journey can be long and challenging for dedicated MW3 players looking to unlock this elite customization. But the payoff of wielding the modified Nightshade is immense.

Overview of the Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit

The Nightshade Rifle Kit is an aftermarket custom kit that can be applied to the DG-58 LSW, one of the light machine guns in MW3. The kit provides the following stat boosts:

  • Tier 3 mobility and handling
  • Tier 3 tac stance spread
  • Tier 2 rate of fire
  • Tier 3 bullet velocity and range
  • Tier 3 damage
  • Tier 2 magazine ammo capacity

With these improvements, the DG-58 becomes much more agile and aggressive. It handles more like an assault rifle but retains some LMG advantages, like increased range. The result is a weapon dominating medium-range combat with excellent mobility and firepower.

Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit

How to Unlock the Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit

Getting your hands on the elite Nightshade Rifle Kit requires patience and skill. Here is the process:

Step 1: Reach Weapon Level 22 with the DG-58 LSW

The base DG-58 must be ranked up to Level 22 before the Nightshade kit becomes available. This requires extensive playtime with the LMG, getting kills, and gaining XP. Depending on your skill, it typically takes at least 5 hours of match time to reach Weapon Level 22.

Step 2: Complete the “Ghillie In The Mist” Spec Ops Mission

This mission tasks you with providing sniper overwatch for your NPC teammate. To unlock the Nightshade kit, complete this mission on Veteran difficulty. This is one of the trickier Spec Ops missions, requiring quick reflexes and accurate sniping. Have precision LMG skills ready.

Step 3: Get 25 LMG Penetration Kills

With the base, DG-58 ranked up and the Spec Ops mission complete, you need 25 kills where your LMG penetrates and kills multiple enemies with one bullet. Wallbangs or collateral kills count. This encourages the smart use of LMGs in map hotspots.

Step 4: Kill Juggernauts

The final challenge requires getting 10 Juggernaut kills using the base DG-58. Juggernauts are heavily armored enemies that can absorb tons of damage. You’ll need to remain mobile and tactical to take them down.

Step 5: Activate the Nightshade Rifle Kit

Once all these challenges are completed, the Nightshade Rifle Kit will be unlocked with the DG-58 LSW. You can activate it in the weapon customization menu.

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Gameplay Improvements with the Nightshade Rifle Kit

Equipping the Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit makes the DG-58 a rival to even the best assault rifles. Here are the key benefits it provides:

  • Faster movement and handling: The Tier 3 mobility and handling buffs allow you to move faster and aim down sights quicker. This makes you more elusive.
  • Increased ranged accuracy: The improved tac stance spread improves accuracy at long-range bursts. Landing shots at a distance becomes easier.
  • Higher fire rate: A mild fire rate boost lets you get more bullets downrange faster. This improves the time-to-kill.
  • Longer effective range: Bullet velocity and overall range see a nice increase. You can eliminate targets from farther away.
  • Higher damage output: Each bullet packs more punch, thanks to the Tier 3 damage bump. This further improves the critical TTK.
  • Larger ammo capacity: A larger magazine means less frequent reloads. You can stay in the fight longer before needing to fill.

These bonuses make the Nightshade an absolute monster in medium-range combat. The improved handling also makes it more viable in close quarters. It provides assault rifle-like capabilities while retaining LMG advantages.

Playing Tips With the Unlocked Nightshade Rifle Kit

Once you equip the Nightshade Rifle Kit, here are some tips to dominate matches:

  • Play mid-range areas like allyways and office buildings. Avoid very close or very long-range battles.
  • Flank and catch enemies by surprise whenever possible to maximize your handling edge.
  • Use cover effectively. Pop out for quick 3-5 shot bursts at targets, then get back behind cover.
  • Go for headshots to maximize the damage buffs. The extra punch helps secure kills faster.
  • Move constantly and use the mobility to make yourself hard to hit at range.
  • Take advantage of the ammo capacity in prolonged fights where reloading could be risky.

Carefully playing to the Nightshade’s strengths will have you topping the scoreboards and eliciting envy from opponents wondering how you got access to such a powerful custom LMG.


Dedicated MW3 players who enjoy LMGs will find the journey to unlock the Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit worthwhile. The extensive challenges require you to thoroughly master the DG-58 and become an expert in Spec Ops missions. Completing the steps also serves as a badge of honor, proving your skill.

Once unlocked, the Nightshade certainly lives up to its reputation. The striking stat improvements create an LMG/assault rifle hybrid perfectly suited for advanced players. It dominates at medium range while formidable up close or at a distance. The Nightshade Rifle Kit is highly recommended if you crave best-in-class firepower and superior handling.

Just be ready to put in the work to unlock it. The grind will test your skills, but emerging from the challenges with this elite custom LMG is an immense reward. You’ll gain a weapon to rival any rifle or LMG in the game, granting you a key edge in all future Modern Warfare 3 battles.

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