Is Rust Cross Platform? Xbox and PC


Rust, the popular online multiplayer survival game developed by Facepunch Studios, has garnered significant attention since its initial early access release in 2013. With its expansive open world, complex crafting system, and uncompromising gameplay, Rust offers players a uniquely challenging and competitive multiplayer experience. Let’s explore Is Rust Cross Platform Xbox and PC play is possible.

The game has seen many updates over the years, with support added for console platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and the original PC platform. This has led many players to wonder: Can Xbox and PC players team up and compete together on the same Rust servers?

Current State of Cross-Platform Play

Currently, Rust does not support cross-platform play between Xbox and PC. Players on Xbox can only play with others on Xbox, while PC players can only match with fellow PC users. The player bases between platforms remain entirely separate.

However, Rust does offer full cross-progression between PC and Xbox. This allows players to switch gaming platforms while retaining all their progression and unlocks. This is handy for players who want to transition from console to PC or vice versa.

Additionally, Rust supports cross-play between the two major consoles – PlayStation and Xbox. So PlayStation 4/5 users can play on the same servers as their Xbox One/Series X counterparts. However, the divide still exists between console and PC platforms.

Is Rust Cross Platform Xbox and PC

Why Cross-Platform Play Isn’t Supported

Several significant factors account for the lack of cross-play between PC and Xbox in Rust:

Gameplay and Control Imbalances

The most significant barrier is the primary difference in control schemes. A keyboard/mouse gives PC players more precision and responsiveness than controllers. This would upset the gameplay balance if the player pools were merged.

Performance Differences

PCs also have huge hardware performance advantages over standardized console specs. Higher frame rates and visuals would further tilt the playing field against Xbox users.

Cheating and Exploitation Risks

Cross-play also exacerbates the risks associated with hacking, cheating, and exploitation. Console ecosystems are much more locked down and controlled than PCs. Preventing cheating on an open platform like a PC is exponentially more difficult.

Due to these factors, the development team has chosen to keep the platforms segregated regarding multiplayer access.

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Possibility of Cross-Platform Play in the Future

While Rust’s Xbox and PC worlds remain divided now, this may change at some point in the future. The developers have acknowledged the players’ significant desire to play together across platforms.

However, significant advancements in solving the above issues must occur first for that to happen. Performance gaps need to be reduced, sophisticated anti-cheat capabilities implemented, and solutions found that prevent keyboard/mouse users from destroying controller-based players. The onus lies on platform holders like Microsoft to drive these initiatives.

Once hardware and software capabilities evolve sufficiently to mitigate these factors, Rust’s development team has expressed willingness to implement full cross-platform play that unites Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers under a standard banner. This exciting possibility continues to drive platform evolution across the industry.


While Rust currently lacks cross-platform play between Xbox console and PC players, there is hope this functionality could come eventually as technology progresses. Xbox users can now enjoy cross-play with PlayStation brethren and migrate seamlessly between Xbox and PC thanks to cross-progression support.

And who knows – one day, Xbox and PC survivors will be able to band together against the harsh environment of Rust’s formidable world. That will undoubtedly mark an exciting milestone in the game’s lifecycle.

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