Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay?


Rainbow Six Siege is a popular tactical first-person shooter game published by Ubisoft. With tens of millions of players across various platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia, and Luna, many gamers wonder if Rainbow Six Siege supports crossplay multiplayer.

Crossplay allows players on different gaming platforms to play together. As online multiplayer games become more popular, crossplay capabilities are an increasingly demanded feature. So, does Rainbow Six Siege let PlayStation players team up with Xbox gamers? What about PC and console crossplay?

Console Crossplay

The good news is that Rainbow Six Siege does have limited console crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox platforms. So, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can squad up with their friends on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

This allows the game’s community to team up, squad, and play together regardless of whether they game on Sony or Microsoft consoles. Friends lists are unified across both platforms as well.

Console crossplay offers players a couple of significant benefits:

  • More extensive player base – With PS and Xbox players in shared matchmaking pools, there are more teammates and opponents to match up with. This results in faster matchmaking times.
  • Play with friends – Gamers on PlayStation and Xbox can join the same squad and work together despite being on different console platforms.

Console crossplay can be turned on or off in the Options menu. So, if you only wish to play with PS-only or Xbox-only users, you can opt out of cross-platform multiplayer.

No PC and Console Crossplay

However, while PlayStation and Xbox platforms have crossplay, Rainbow Six Siege does not support crossplay between PC and consoles.

So PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players are segregated from each other. If you game on PC, you cannot squad up with your buddy on PS5. And console gamers cannot join matches with PC opponents and teammates either.

There are a few reasons why PC-console crossplay has not been implemented:

  • Competitive advantage – Mouse & keyboard controls on PC are considered to have superior speed and accuracy compared to console controllers. This could upset game balance.
  • Technical limitations – Hardware, OS environments, and networking differences can introduce technical challenges.
  • Cheating concerns – The increased use of aimbots and wall hacks on PCs is a problem for fair competitive play.

The lack of crossplay between PC and consoles disappoints Rainbow Six fans who game on different platforms. But Ubisoft may revisit this restriction in the future as gaming technology continues advancing.

Is Rainbow Six Siege Crossplay

PC Crossplay Limited to PC, Stadia, and Luna

While PC players are separated from the console multiplayer pools, Rainbow Six Siege does allow limited PC crossplay between PC, Stadia, and Amazon Luna cloud gaming services.

PC gamers can compete with friends who play the game on Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, or other cloud gaming platforms hosting the Windows PC edition of Rainbow Six Siege.

However, gaming with console gamers is still restricted for PC, Stadia, and Luna players due to the aforementioned competitive balance, technical, and cheating issues.

Crossplay Can Be Disabled

Crossplay remains an optional feature that can be turned off within the Options menu.

So whether you game on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, you can opt out of the shared matchmaking pool so you only get matched up with players on your same gaming platform.

No Cross-Progression Between PC and Console

Another limitation is that while crossplay allows multiplayer across platforms, Rainbow Six Siege does not support cross-progression and account transfer of data between PCs and consoles.

So if you switch from PS4 to PC, your operators, skins, ranks, stats, and other progress will not carry over. However, Ubisoft says plans include enabling cross-progression across all platforms. But currently, only console to console (PlayStation ↔ Xbox) cross-progression is available.

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Future Roadmap for Full Crossplay

Rainbow Six Siege’s recent dev team roadmap for Year 7 indicates plans to enable full crossplay support between PCs and consoles. However, the exact details and release timeframes have yet to be communicated.

But if successful, one unified Rainbow Six Siege player base across Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and cloud gaming platforms could become a reality. This would significantly enhance the game’s longevity and player counts in one shared ecosystem.

Time will tell whether Ubisoft can make this ambitious vision for complete crossplay a working reality, considering the earlier noted challenges around competitive balance, anti-cheat, and technical compatibility issues across PCs, consoles, and cloud gaming services.


In summary, Rainbow Six Siege currently offers:

  • Console crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox platforms
  • Limited PC crossplay on PC, Stadia, and Luna (but not with consoles)
  • Optional crossplay that can be turned off
  • No cross-progression between PC and consoles

Regardless of the gaming platform, the ability to squad up is excellent. But the lack of crossplay between PCs and consoles currently fragments the player base.

Ubisoft has long-term intentions to unify all platforms together. If they manage to pull this off, Rainbow Six fans across PC and consoles may finally be able to team up. But only time will tell if full crossplay for Siege can become an equal and cheating-free reality.

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