Is PowerWash Simulator Crossplay?

PowerWash Simulator is the surprise hit game of 2022 that lets players live out their fantasy of blasting away grime and dirt with a high-powered washer. Developed by UK-based FuturLab, PowerWash Simulator launched in July 2022 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

With its colourful and satisfying gameplay, the PowerWash Simulator is best enjoyed by friends. Naturally, many players wonder if the game supports crossplay across platforms so they can play together.

Does PowerWash Simulator Have Crossplay?

The answer is yes; PowerWash Simulator does support crossplay, but only between specific platforms.

PowerWash Simulator supports crossplay between PC (Windows and Steam) and Xbox players, allowing them to connect and play together. However, crossplay is not available for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch players.

Here’s a summary of PowerWash Simulator crossplay:

  • PC and Xbox: Crossplay supported
  • PlayStation: No crossplay
  • Nintendo Switch: No crossplay

This means Xbox and PC players can play co-op together, while PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users are limited to playing with others on the same platform.

Is PowerWash Simulator Crossplay

How Crossplay Works in PowerWash Simulator

Enabling crossplay requires a few simple steps.

For PC and Xbox Players

Players must create a room code to play together across PC and Xbox.

First, start the game and open the main menu. Choose the game mode you want to play in multiplayer. Then, head over to the main menu and select the “Join a Player’s Co-Op Game” option at the top of the screen.

This will let you input the room code shared by the other player. After entering the code, the game will connect you to the other player’s session.

Alternatively, Xbox players can join a Windows player’s game through the Xbox friends list and vice versa. With this native integration, no room code is needed to play together.

No Crossplay for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions do not currently support crossplay with other platforms.

PlayStation users can only play co-op with other PlayStation players. Nintendo Switch users are limited to playing with others on Nintendo Switch as well.

Why Isn’t Crossplay Available for All Platforms?

PowerWash Simulator’s limited crossplay capabilities likely include technical challenges and platform restrictions.

Enabling full crossplay between all platforms takes a lot of work. Policy and technical hurdles are related to linking accounts, servers, and networks across different ecosystems.

PlayStation, in particular, has been resistant to opening up crossplay in the past. Nintendo Switch also tends to have limited crossplay support in third-party titles.

The game’s developer likely focused on getting crossplay working between PC and Xbox before tackling the complexities of adding PlayStation and Nintendo Switch support.

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The Benefits of Crossplay

Despite the limitations, the crossplay support in the PowerWash Simulator is still appreciated. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Play with friends on other platforms – Crossplay makes it easy to play co-op with friends who own the game on PC or Xbox.
  • Faster matchmaking – Combined player bases mean more secured matchmaking and full co-op lobbies.
  • Shared progression – Unlocks and progress carry across the platforms with cross-saves.
  • Longer lasting player base – Crossplay helps maintain a healthy player population as the game ages.

The Future of Crossplay in PowerWash Simulator

The developer should expand crossplay to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in future updates.

In a July 2022 interview, FuturLab CEO James Marsden expressed interest in adding wider crossplay post-launch. The studio is aware of player demand for opening up multiplayer.

However, Marsden also noted that crossplay involves business considerations between all the platform holders. The challenge is getting the various companies to cooperate on a technical level.

For now, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch players must wait patiently and hope for future crossplay support. At least there is community confirmation that the developer is interested in making it happen.

Enjoy Crossplay Between PC and Xbox

While full universal crossplay isn’t available yet, PC and Xbox owners can enjoy playing PowerWash Simulator together right now.

Gather your co-op cleaning crew across devices and platforms. Use the Room Code system to connect with friends on PC and Xbox easily.

For PlayStation and Nintendo Switch gamers, coordinated cleaning must stay within each platform community. But there’s still plenty of fun playing locally or online with other users on the same device.

With its viral popularity and feel-good vibes, PowerWash Simulator will have a thriving and friendly player base, no matter the platform. Watch for future crossplay updates that will unite the entire PowerWash community.

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