Is Palworld Cross-Platform?

Palworld is a new life simulation game that has generated a lot of buzz since its release in late 2022. Developed by Pocketpair, Palworld allows players to capture and befriend cute creatures called Pals, who can help with farming, fighting enemies, and more. With versions available on Xbox and PC, many gamers want to know – is Palworld cross-platform? Can you play with friends on different systems?

Current Cross-Platform Status

Currently, Palworld supports limited cross-platform functionality between the Xbox Series X|S and PC versions available on the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Players on these platforms can match and play together online. However, those who have the game on Steam cannot play with people using the Xbox or Microsoft Store versions.

Cross-platform support between Steam and other platforms is planned for a future update but is unavailable at launch. The development team has stated they are working on enabling full cross-play between all platforms but want to ensure stability and parity first.

Is Palworld Cross-Platform

Cross-Save Support

In addition to limited cross-play, Palworld supports cross-progression and cross-save between the Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass for PC editions. This allows you to transfer your saves between the console and PC to pick up where you left off.

Unfortunately, the Steam version does not support cross-saves with the other platforms at launch. Your progress and saves are isolated on Valve’s platform. The development team has not indicated if Steam cross-save is planned for the future.

What Platforms Is Palworld On?

Currently, Palworld is available on:

  • Xbox Series X|S – Retail and digital purchase. Also available on Game Pass.
  • Microsoft Store – Digital purchase and via Xbox Game Pass for PC
  • Steam – Digital purchase only

There are no official announcements regarding other console or mobile versions. However, the developers have expressed interest in expanding to more platforms. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 releases have not been confirmed nor ruled out.

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Will Full Cross-Play Eventually Happen?

The Palworld team has stated that they hope to expand cross-platform support to include Steam and other services after launch. In an interview with IGN Japan, the developers said:

“We are preparing to support online cross-platform play between users on Steam and the Microsoft Store…We want to realize cross-platform play between as many platforms as possible.”

So, while full cross-play isn’t available now, it is a priority for the developers working on post-release updates. Players hoping to play with friends on all platforms will likely need to wait for a future patch.

Is Palworld Worth Playing Without Cross-Platform?

For players purchasing Palworld on Xbox, Microsoft Store, or PC Game Pass, the current cross-platform and cross-save functionality provides a solid experience. You can play with others on PC and Xbox while transferring saves.

However, the lack of Steam support does limit who you can play with online. Those on Valve’s platform can’t connect with most Palworld players. And without cross-save, progression is isolated.

Still, Palworld has plenty to offer as a single-player experience. You can spend dozens of hours exploring the world, collecting Pals, and customizing your farm. So, while full cross-platform would be ideal, the game has merit even without it.

The Bottom Line

Here is a quick summary of Palworld’s cross-platform status:

  • Limited cross-play between Xbox and Microsoft Store/PC Game Pass versions
  • No cross-play with Steam (planned for future update)
  • Cross-progression & cross-save between Xbox and Microsoft versions
  • No cross-save with Steam currently
  • Available on Xbox, Microsoft Store, Steam
  • Full cross-platform play hoped for post-launch

In summary, Palworld has partial cross-platform capabilities at launch but still has some limitations. Xbox and PC Game Pass players can matchmake together, while Steam users are isolated. Cross-save also doesn’t apply to Valve’s platform yet.

While not ideal, the situation is likely temporary, with the developers actively working towards full cross-play. Even without it, Palworld provides a fun single-player experience. But those looking for complete cross-platform functionality may want to wait for future updates before diving in.

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