Is Overcooked 2 Cross Platform?

Overcooked 2 is a fun and frantic cooking game that can be played single-player or with friends in local or online multiplayer. With two editions of the game available, there is some confusion about whether Overcooked 2 has cross-platform support. In this article, we’ll break down the details of crossplay for Overcooked 2 and Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat.

Overcooked 2 (Original Version) Does Not Support Crossplay

The original version of Overcooked 2, launched in 2018, does not support cross-platform play. This means if you own Overcooked 2 on PlayStation 4, you cannot play with friends who have the game on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

Crossplay is not enabled between any platforms for the original Overcooked 2. So players on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch are unable to play together in online multiplayer.

The only way to play co-op multiplayer with friends in the original Overcooked 2 is if they have the game on the same platform as you. Local co-op is supported so that you can play together in person with multiple controllers connected to a single system.

But for online play, you and your friends will need to all own Overcooked 2 on the same platform – PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or PC via Steam – for crossplay to work.

Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat Supports Full Crossplay

Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat is a bundled edition of the game containing all content from the original release plus the DLC expansions. This version was designed specifically to enable cross-platform multiplayer across different systems.

Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat has full crossplay support across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. This means if you have the game on Nintendo Switch, you can play online with friends who have it on Xbox or any other platform.

The platforms that work together for Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat crossplay include:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC via Steam
  • PC via Epic Games Store

You need to add friends using their Team17 account name rather than their platform-specific username. Then you can join their games or invite them to yours.

Parties can consist of any combination of these platforms. So, a group with players on PS5, Switch, Xbox, and PC can all play together online with no problem.

Crossplay works across all game modes and DLC levels. And you can turn off crossplay in the settings if you only want to play with users on the same platform.

Is Overcooked 2 Cross Platform

What About Cross-Progression and DLC?

In addition to crossplay, Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat also features cross-progression support. This means your progress and unlocks are shared across platforms when playing on the same Team17 account.

For example, any recipes or kitchens you unlock on Xbox will also be available when you play on Switch or PC. This makes it easy to pick up and play on any platform while retaining your full progression.

The only limitation is that DLC purchased on one platform does not carry over to other platforms. So if you buy a DLC pack on PS4, you would need to buy it again on Switch to access that content when playing on Nintendo’s console.

But your base progression and any recipes/kitchens unlocked through gameplay are shared between all versions when using the same account.

Is Overcooked 2 on Switch?

Yes, Overcooked 2 is available on the Nintendo Switch, both as a standalone version and as part of Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat.

The Switch version includes all the hectic chopping, cooking, and plating action that makes the series so fun. You can play in a single-player or local wireless co-op with up to 4 players sharing Joy-Cons.

Overcooked 2 on Switch also supports online multiplayer through Nintendo Switch Online. You can play privately with friends or join public matches to team up with other chefs.

With Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat, Switch players get full crossplay with PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. So you can play online multiplayer with friends no matter what platform they own the game on.

The Switch version makes great use of the console’s flexibility. You can play on TV or tabletop mode for local co-op at home. Or switch to handheld mode for on-the-go cooking chaos.

Overall, the Switch port offers the full Overcooked experience and is a great way to play on Nintendo’s system.

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Does Overcooked 2 Have a Local Co-Op?

Yes, Overcooked 2 was designed first and foremost as a local co-op game. The main draw is teaming up with friends or family in the same room to cook meals together.

On all platforms, Overcooked 2 supports local co-op for up to 4 players. You can use multiple controllers connected to a single system to play through the campaign or take on challenges.

The frantic, coordination-heavy gameplay is at its best when everyone is together on the couch, yelling instructions at each other. The local co-op enables real-time communication and teamwork in a way that online multiplayer cannot replicate.

Each player takes control of a different chef in the kitchen. You need to chop ingredients, combine them into dishes, serve them up, and wash dishes while coordinating with your teammates. The kitchens become chaotic and intense, with all the chefs running around.

The campaign is fully playable in local co-op, and there is also an extensive list of challenges tailored specifically for couch play. This includes modes like holding one button down the longest or serving the most dishes.

So, while online play is great for playing with distant friends, the local co-op couch gameplay is the definitive way to experience Overcooked 2.

Does Overcooked 2 Have Online Multiplayer?

In addition to local co-op, Overcooked 2 also includes online multiplayer functionality. This allows you to play with friends over the Internet even when they are not physically with you.

The original Overcooked 2 supports online play on PC via Steam. You can create private matches and invite friends on your Steam friends list to play with you.

On consoles, the original Overcooked 2 requires a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription. This allows you to match with random players online or invite friends to your game.

With Overcooked 2: All You Can Eat, online play is expanded to full crossplay between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. You can play with friends no matter what platform they are on, which is a huge upgrade.

The online multiplayer functions almost identically to local co-op. The main difference is needing to communicate using mics instead of yelling across the couch.

Up to 4 players can team up online, assigning chefs and coordinating their actions. Matchmaking is available if you want to play with random opponents.

While the online play isn’t quite as seamless as local co-op, it nicely expands your options for who you can cook with. And with crossplay enabled, Overcooked 2 provides one of the best online multiplayer experiences around.


Overcooked 2 serves up frantic and fun cooking action that’s best enjoyed with friends. While only the All You Can Eat edition has full cross-platform support, both versions offer great multiplayer.

You can play locally with up to 4 players sharing a couch. Online multiplayer is available to team up with friends over the Internet. And options like Nintendo Switch and PC crossplay make playing together easier than ever.

So gather your friends on whatever platforms they have and dive into Overcooked 2 for some cooperative, culinary chaos! Just be ready to communicate clearly and cook precisely if you want to conquer all the challenging kitchens.

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