Is Insurgency Sandstorm Crossplay?

With online multiplayer games gaining popularity, many gamers wonder: is Insurgency Sandstorm crossplay? This first-person tactical shooter has cultivated a passionate community eager to unite forces across platforms. However, the crossplay capabilities do not currently live up to expectations. While limited cross-platform support exists between Xbox and PlayStation console families, PC integration remains unavailable.

With developers acknowledging demands and reassuring players that crossplay between all platforms is an eventuality, fans are left asking – when will we finally see complete unification? For now, gathering more intel is required to determine whether Insurgency Sandstorm will become truly crossplay in the foreseeable future. One thing remains certain – this feature’s implementation unlocks valuable benefits like increased social interaction, even in a limited capacity. As developers inch closer toward fully opening crossplay, as of December 2023, barriers persist.

Current Crossplay Status

While the gaming industry is moving towards more inclusivity with crossplay, Insurgency Sandstorm has yet to embrace this trend entirely. Console players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 can join forces, experiencing limited crossplay within their console family. However, the bridge between PCs and consoles remains uncrossed.

Cross-Progression Absence

In the absence of cross-progression, players face challenges when switching between platforms. Your in-game achievements unlock, and stats do not carry over, keeping progress siloed within the forum of origin.

Is Insurgency Sandstorm Crossplay

Developer Plans

Developers acknowledge the demand for crossplay and have expressed their commitment to making it a reality, at least for consoles. Unfortunately, there’s a catch – PC players are not currently part of the crossplay equation.

PC and Xbox Crossplay: The Fine Print

Yes, there’s a glimmer of hope for PC and Xbox players to unite in battle. However, the reality is a bit more complex. A YouTube video suggests that cross-platform play exists but comes with a condition – if you opt for mouse and keyboard controls, you’re relegated to crossplay lobbies. Furthermore, purchasing the game on the Xbox Live game store rather than Steam is a prerequisite for PC players seeking to join their Xbox counterparts.

The Contradictory Reports

Reddit posts and articles offer conflicting information, adding to the confusion. Some suggest that PC and console crossplay won’t happen, while others hint at limited support post-console launch.

Clearing the Air: PC and Xbox Crossplay

Despite varied reports, the current consensus is clear – crossplay between PC and Xbox is not supported. The developers have made it known that there are no plans to enable this feature in the foreseeable future.

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Xbox and PlayStation Crossplay Limits

Crossplay opportunities exist within the same console family, such as Xbox One with Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 4 with PlayStation 5. However, there’s a stark absence of crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation users.

Defining Crossplay in Insurgency Sandstorm

In the gaming lexicon, crossplay refers to the ability of gamers on different platforms to play together seamlessly. In Insurgency Sandstorm, this remains confined within the boundaries of the same console family.

Unlocking Benefits Through Crossplay

While Insurgency Sandstorm falls short of full crossplay, the limited cross-platform support still offers advantages.

Increased Player Pool

Crossplay widens the player pool, enhancing matchmaking opportunities and reducing queue times for a more dynamic gaming experience.

Enhanced Social Interaction

The beauty of crossplay lies in playing with friends, regardless of the platform they prefer. Insurgency Sandstorm attempts to foster better social connections through limited crossplay.

Diverse Gaming Experience

Crossplay introduces diversity in gaming by allowing players to team up with friends using different consoles or playing on PC through various platforms.

Anticipating Cross-Progression

Though not available currently, developers assure players that cross-progression is on the horizon. This feature would enable players to seamlessly switch between platforms without losing progress.

Current Limitations

The current restrictions ensure players stay within the same console type for crossplay. However, developers want to lift these limitations, offering broader crossplay opportunities shortly.


While the multiplayer experience in Insurgency Sandstorm is vibrant, crossplay remains a work in progress. The benefits, though limited, showcase the potential for a more connected gaming community. Players can expect more inclusive crossplay in future updates as the developers continue their efforts.

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