Is Civ 6 Cross-Platform?

With ever-evolving technology and gaming platforms, the question “Is Civ 6 cross-platform?” has been on the minds of many fans of the beloved Civilization franchise. As one of the premier turn-based strategy titles that transports players across time to build epic empires, Civ 6’s availability and connectivity across various devices is an essential consideration for the game’s devoted following. This article explores the intricacies surrounding Civ 6’s cross-platform capabilities, examining the extent of unified gaming experiences offered between PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and mobile. 

While full cross-play evades Civ 6, we analyze provisions for cross-progression via cloud saves and limited cross-platform functionalities. For strategy fans weighing their options, delving into the details around platform-specific features paints a picture of what this award-winning franchise has concocted for multi-device gameplay. Whether you’re a casual world builder or a seasoned virtuoso aiming to lead your civilization to victory, deciphering Civ 6’s cross-platform potential provides invaluable insights.


Cross-platform play has become a sought-after feature in the dynamic gaming world, allowing players on different devices to enjoy a shared gaming experience. This article delves into the cross-platform capabilities of Civilization VI (Civ 6), the acclaimed turn-based strategy game that has captivated gamers worldwide.

Is Civ 6 Cross-Platform

Cross-Platform Features in Civ 6

A. Cross-Saves

One notable aspect of Civ 6 is the support for cross-saves, enabling players to continue their games seamlessly across various platforms. However, exceptions exist, such as the lack of cross-saves on the PlayStation 4 version.

B. Cross-Play

Contrary to popular belief, Civ 6 does not offer full cross-play between platforms. While there is cross-play between PC platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store, playing across consoles remains challenging.

C. Conflicting Information

Misinformation circulated about Civ 6 having full cross-play in 2023, but this is debunked. The confusion might be linked to the cross-saves feature or the game’s availability on multiple platforms.

Civilization VI Gameplay

A. Overview of Gameplay Features

Civilization VI offers a rich gaming experience, including building and expanding civilizations, advancing culture, and competing against historical leaders. The multiplayer mode enhances the gaming experience by allowing cooperation and competition.

B. Multiplayer Mode

While Civ 6 supports multiplayer mode, it falls short in offering universal cross-platform play. Players can engage with friends in various situations but are limited by the platform divide.

C. Lack of Universal Cross-Platform Play

As of 2023, Civ 6 supports cross-platform play between PC, Switch, iOS, and Xbox One through cloud saves. However, PlayStation remains excluded from this cross-platform harmony.

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Cross-Platform Support in Civ 6

A. Platforms Supporting Cross-Play

The game supports cross-platform play between specific platforms, but the exclusion of PlayStation and limited support between Xbox and PC is noteworthy.

B. Platforms Without Cross-Play Support

Civ 6 does not facilitate cross-play between all major platforms despite its wide availability, leaving players bound to their chosen gaming ecosystem.

C. Unified PC Play Feature

PC gamers on Steam or Epic Games Store can still play together using the Unified PC Play feature, showcasing a bridge across different platforms within the PC realm.

Choosing a Civilization in Civ 6

A. Unique Strengths and Abilities

Civilizations in Civ 6 boast unique strengths and abilities, influencing early-game dominance, science and culture yields, and other strategic aspects.

B. Considerations for Civilization Choice

Experienced players strategically choose civilizations aligning with their play style- military conquest, diplomacy, growth, or other victory paths.

C. Leader Selection and Game Setup

Players can select specific leaders or opt for randomness. Game setup options include difficulty level, map type, and rulesets tailored to player preferences.

Summary of Cross-Platform Play in Civ 6

A. Platforms with Cross-Platform Support

As of 2023, Civ 6 enables cross-platform play between PC, Switch, iOS, and Xbox One through cloud saves, enhancing gaming flexibility.

B. Platforms without Cross-Platform Support

The absence of universal cross-platform play, especially between PC and consoles like PlayStation, highlights limitations in the gaming experience.

C. Playing with Friends on PC

Unified PC Play allows Steam and Epic Games Store players to enjoy Civ 6 together, showcasing a harmonious cross-platform feature within the PC gaming community.

How to Play Civ 6 Cross-Platform

A. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Accounts

Players need Xbox Live or PlayStation Network accounts based on their gaming platform to engage in cross-platform play. However, this feature is limited to playing with friends on the same platform.

B. Limitations of Platform-Specific Play

While owning Civ 6 on Steam or Epic Games Store facilitates playing with friends, accurate cross-platform play is absent, limiting players to their chosen gaming ecosystem.

C. Cross-Platform Cloud Saves

Cross-platform cloud saves offer continuity across devices, except for PlayStation, providing flexibility in gaming experiences.


Civilization VI does not offer universal cross-platform play but supports cross-saves and limited cross-platform play between specific platforms. Players can still enjoy the game with friends on the same platform or leverage Unified PC Play for an inclusive gaming experience.

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