Uncover the Rare Huge Scorching Egg in Palworld

Palworld is a unique life simulation game where you build a relationship with creature companions called Pals. One of the most exciting parts of the game is finding rare and valuable eggs that can hatch powerful Pal partners. The Huge Scorching Egg is one of the rarest and most coveted eggs in Palworld. With the right effort and strategy, you can obtain this egg and hatch an elite Fire-type Pal.

What is the Huge Scorching Egg?

The Huge Scorching Egg is a rare giant egg that yields a very strong Fire-type Pal when hatched. Its massive size and bright red/orange colouring, with flame-like patterns, make it stand out from standard eggs.

Only the most challenging fiery regions of Palworld contain Huge Scorching Eggs. The Pal that hatches from this egg will have high Combat and Gathering abilities, making it invaluable for advancing in the game.

Huge Scorching Egg Palworld

Where to Find Huge Scorching Eggs

Huge Scorching Eggs spawn in extremely hot and volcanic areas of the Palworld map. Here are the main locations to search for this elite egg:

The Volcano

The active Volcano region in the southeast corner of the map contains flowing lava and Ash Pals suited to the intense heat. This is the most reliable place to find huge scorching eggs, but finding the valuable eggs can be difficult.

Eternal Pyre

This mid-game tower dungeon is surrounded by volcanic terrain. Defeating the Pyre Guardian mini-bosses allows you access to treasure chests, some of which may contain the coveted egg.

Igneous Caverns

These underground lava caverns accessible from the Volcano region hold fiery enemies and valuable loot. Search thoroughly amongst the tunnels for hidden chests and the small chance of a Huge Scorching Egg.

Volcanic Vents

Vents emitting hot gas and lava dot the landscape in areas near volcanically active regions. Check each vent – a Huge Scorching Egg may be nestled close to the intense heat source.

How to Obtain a Huge Scorching Egg

Reaching Huge Scorching Egg spawn locations is challenging. You need heat resistance gear, strong Pals, and clever strategies to retrieve an egg safely. Here are some tips:

Upgrade Heat Resistance

Craft warming elixirs, potions, and gear so you and your Pals can withstand the intense heat of volcanic areas. High-level fireproof equipment is a must.

Bring Strong Water and Ice Pals

Water and Ice-type Pals will be very useful both for their type advantage against enemies and their cooling abilities. Level them up as much as possible.

Scout Ahead Carefully

Do not rush into volcanic areas. First, scout at a distance with a telescope to pinpoint egg locations, then strategically plan how to reach them.

Create Cooling Stations

Place cooled Storage Chests stocked with healing items and chilling food/drink to allow you and your Pals to recuperate when the heat becomes too intense.

Use Ranged Attacks

Luring and defeating enemies from a distance with Bows, spells, and Pal ranged attacks will help conserve health and resources.

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How to Incubating the Huge Scorching Egg

Once obtained, the Huge Scorching Egg must be incubated and hatched to obtain your new powerful Pal. Follow these tips for safe incubation:

Construct an Egg Incubator

Use Paldium Fragments, Cloth, Stone, and Ancient Civilization Parts to build an Egg Incubator, available at Crafting Level 7.

Monitor Temperature Closely

The Incubator must remain very warm to incubate a Scorching Egg properly. Check temperature often.

Use Lamps and Heaters

Place heat sources like Lava Lamps and Pal Heaters nearby to keep the Incubator at an ideal warm temperature if needed.

Don’t Allow Overheating

While Scorching Eggs require heat, make sure the Incubator doesn’t overheat, or the egg may be damaged.

Wait for the Full Duration

Huge Scorching Eggs require a very long incubation time, around 2 real-time hours. Wait out the full duration.

How to Hatch the Egg

Once incubation is complete, stand back! The Huge Scorching Egg will crack open and reveal your new powerful Fire Pal.

Possible Pal Types

Huge Scorching Eggs primarily yield Pals like Suzaku and Blazehowl Noct. These Pals have top-tier Combat and Gathering skills.

Immediately Form a Bond

Interact with your new Pal quickly to form an initial bond. Bring their favourite food to improve the relationship further.

Level Up Your Pal

Work on levelling up your new Pal through Combat and other activities. A max bond Fire legendary can help tremendously.

Breed for More Eggs

Breed your high-level Pal with another strong Pal to sometimes obtain more Huge Scorching Eggs for even more powerful Pals.


The Huge Scorching Egg is one of the rarest and most valuable finds in Palworld. With smart preparation and strategy, you can obtain and hatch this egg into an elite Pal to help you overcome fiery regions, defeat epic bosses, and master the game. The journey to get this egg will test your skills, but the reward of an incredibly powerful Fire-type Pal is well worth the effort.

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