How to Use the Roblox Client Optimizer

The Roblox Client Optimizer is a free utility developed by the LBX team to enhance the gaming experience. It automatically adjusts “FFlags,” which are dynamic toggles used internally by the Roblox engine, to minimize interruptions and lag during gameplay. The RCO also provides additional optimization features to help improve performance and graphics.

An Overview of the Roblox Client Optimizer

The RCO tool offers several benefits for Roblox players:

  • Unlocks the frame rate cap for higher FPS gameplay
  • Optimizes memory caching and management
  • Fine-tune graphical settings for smooth performance
  • Preloads fonts and textures to reduce in-game loading
  • It gives users more control over performance configurations

By tweaking these FFlags and graphics options, the RCO can boost performance significantly, even on low-end hardware. This results in faster load times, improved frame rates, and a smoother experience in Roblox.

The RCO software is free to use and has been reported to work safely without issues. However, since it modifies game files, use caution and install from a trusted source.

Downloading and Installing the RCO

Here are the steps to download and install the latest version of the Roblox Client Optimizer:

1. Get the Latest Installer

Go to the official RCO website and navigate to the Downloads page. Download the latest “RCO Installer” file, which will be named something like RCOInstaller v1.3.5.exe.

Save the installer file to your computer.

2. Locate Roblox Folder

You need to install the RCO files into the Roblox application folder. To find it:

  • Right-click on the Roblox desktop shortcut
  • Select “Open file location.”
  • This will open the folder containing the Roblox files

3. Make a ClientSettings Folder

In the Roblox folder, create a new folder called ClientSettings.

You will extract the RCO files to this in the following steps.

4. Run the RCO Installer

Double-click the RCOInstaller file you downloaded to launch it. This will:

  • Guide you through the installation
  • Extract optimized configuration files
  • Place them into the ClientSettings folder

The installer will automatically detect your Roblox directory and configure the optimizations. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish installing the RCO files.

5. Launch Roblox

Once RCO is installed, launch Roblox from your desktop shortcut or Start menu.

The optimized configuration files will load automatically, tuning performance without additional actions.

You can confirm that RCO works by checking for higher frame rates in-game or using the built-in performance overlay (CTRL+F7).

How to Use the Roblox Client Optimizer

Using the Included Optimizations

The RCO ships with settings that provide optimized performance out of the box. But if you want more customization:

FPS Unlock

  • Go to the client settings folder
  • Open ClientAppSettings.json
  • Change “VsyncEnabled” to false

This turns off vertical sync for unlimited framerates.

Graphics Options

You can enable UI options for graphics quality using the following:

  • Open ClientAppSettings.json
  • Change “EnableGraphicsOptionsMenu” to true

This unlocks graphics presets ranging from 1-10. Higher values enable more visual effects.

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Ensuring Safe Usage of RCO

While the Roblox Client Optimizer is designed to be safe, here are tips for secure usage:

  • Only download RCO from the official site to avoid malware
  • Don’t alter files unless you fully understand the changes
  • Check for Roblox updates, which may require reinstalling RCO
  • Seek help in the Discord community if you face any issues

Using trusted builds and updated versions will ensure maximum safety and stability. Overall, if installed correctly, the RCO is designed to improve Roblox securely with minimal risk.

The Future of RCO and Alternatives

Recently, it was announced that RCO has been discontinued and will no longer receive updates. The developers recommend transitioning to a spiritual successor called “RFO” – the Roblox FFlag Optimizer.

RFO provides similar optimization features in a more modern package. It has an easy one-click installer, automatic updates, and improved stability.

For those currently using RCO, you can migrate to RFO for continued performance improvements and support. It is the best replacement in the future.


In summary, the now-discontinued Roblox Client Optimizer unlocked FPS limits, optimizes caching and graphics, preloads assets, and gives users more performance control – leading to faster load times and smoother gameplay.

Players can fine-tune the experience on lower-end machines by customizing included configurations or graphics options. While no longer supported, RCO worked well and safely during its lifespan. It provides full-featured performance tuning through an easy one-click installation process.

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