How to Use Mosquito Drone in MW3

The Mosquito Drone in MW3 is a powerful and disruptive Call of Duty killstreak reward: Multiplayer mode in Modern Warfare 3. This little, dangerous robot floats over the combat zone and naturally jumps onto foes who stroll under it. Dominate the Mosquito Robot can assist you with piling up kills and control the guide. Here is a far-reaching focus on the most proficient method to open and really use the Mosquito Robot MW3 in MW3.

Unlock the Mosquito Drone MW3

To open the Mosquito Drone MW3 killstreak, you want to arrive at Level 52 in the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Once opened, it will be accessible as a 3-4 killstreak reward. Prepare it in your custom classes to have the choice to actuate it during matches.

The simplest method for arriving at Level 52 is to zero in on finish the difficulties. Play objective modes like Control and Central command, which give successive scoring amazing open doors. Actuate twofold XP tokens to accelerate your movement. With some committed recess, before long, you’ll hit Level 52 and open this destructive drone.

How the Mosquito Drone MW3 Works

When opened, the Mosquito Drone MW3 can be prepared as a 3-4 killstreak reward. Get 3-4 kills in existence without passes on, and you’ll have the option to enact the drone.

Subsequent to enacting, the drone will send off high up and watch a set region on the guide. It circles as it observes the ground below. Assume that an adversary player enters the drone watch zone, it will naturally recognize them and plunge towards them prior to detonating on influence.

The shoot sweep of the robot’s blast is enormous, so regardless of whether it straightforwardly hits the adversary, it will probably kill them or cause huge harm. The drone resets itself after its bombing mission and continues to patrol its area of operation.

How to Use Mosquito Drone MW3

Tips for Using the Mosquito Drone Effectively

Here are a few hints to expand the effect of your Mosquito Drone MW3:

Activate in Important Areas 

Pay careful attention to where you activate the mosquito drone. Search for high-traffic regions that adversaries regularly, for example, Control banners, chokepoints, or expert marksman homes. Enacting it close to targets powers adversaries to either redirect or get bombarded.

Match With Partners

Time the drone with a partner’s assault, similar to an airstrike. Adversaries might endure the main hit yet get wrapped up by the drone bombard them as they escape the region. The harm is made worse by this.

Clear Rooftops and Upper rooms

Initiate above indoor regions like rooftop passages or storage room windows. The drone besieging presented adversaries attempt to involve strategic position for a benefit against your group.

Deny Routes 

By activate the drone along pathways with a lot of traffic, you can block off enemy approach routes. This powers them to take longer backup ways to go, easing back their development.


Utilize the Mosquito Drone to zone adversaries out of regions and crowd them into better commitment zones for your group.

Overwatch Goals 

Maintain a drone that patrols important goals like dominate flags. This gives the above to watch and rebuffs adversaries attempting to catch it.

Counter Snipers

Bomb out inconvenient for riflemen by initiate by a robot over their home. They will either have to move or die as a result of the explosion.

Offensive Pressure

As your group pushes forward on offence, bring in a drone over challenged regions to debilitate foe protections through the flying siege.

Defensive Shield

While guarding a region, initiate a drone to rebuff foes driving into your zone. The steady danger makes progress less secure.

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Avoid Enemy Mosquito Drones

To counter adversary Mosquito Drone, stay careful and watch the skies. While on patrol, listen for their distinctive buzz sound.

In the event that you spot a drone orbit ahead, don’t stroll under it! Either shoot it down with your essential weapon or take a backup way to go. The robot is helpless while jumps down, so a few very pointed shots can obliterate it before it contacts you.

Use structures and above cover to hinder the drone view of you. The roof may shield you from its blast if you hear it comes but are unable to see it. Hurry under strong above cover is better compared to being uncovered in the robot’s sights.

With map mindfulness and legitimate situating, you can try not to lose your life to a foe Mosquito Drone MW3. Don’t let it take you by surprise!


One of Call of Duty’s most disruptive and dangerous killstreak rewards is the Mosquito Drone MW3: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. It gives phenomenal guide control and powers adversaries to redirect their development or get bombarded.

Dominate drone enactment timing and situation can assist you with piling up additional kills and back your group’s guide situated. Yet, stay careful against foe drones, utilizing cover and shooted them down before they contact you.

Set these tips up as a regular occurrence, and the Mosquito Drone MW3 will turn into a significant device in your MW3 weapons store, making you a more powerful and dangerous administrator!

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