How to Unlock The Vault in MW3 Zombies

The Call of Duty Vault:┬áModern Warfare 3’s endurance mode “Zombies” holds the desired high-level plunder and stuff for your personality. However, aired it out requires information on a perplex hidden threat traversing the guide. In this Article “How to Unlock The Vault MW3 Zombies” we’ll walk you through tracking down each of the four transmitters, overcome the hired soldier’s small managers watch them, and open the vault.

Overview of the Vault Easter Egg

The most important steps to complete the egg are as follows:

  • Find the chessboard in the neglected H7 work to track down transmitter areas
  • Gather the four transmitters from smaller-than-usual manager areas:
  1. Pawn: Fishing Cabin
  2. Knight: Meandering truck chief
  3. Cleric: Train burrow
  4. Rook: Highest level of lodging
  • Return transmitters to H7 construct and enact them on the chessboard
  • Access the now-opened vault in the storm cellar of Shaheen Estate

Finish this Hidden little goody rewards you with high-esteem plunder chests inside the vault and the “Vault Expert” accomplishment. Expect testing battles against interest smaller than regular supervisors watch the transmitters. Having a planned group will be fundamental.

Find the Chessboard

Your most memorable stop is an unwanted structure in the conflict-torn city roads of the H7 area. Search for the system set apart with a red skull symbol on your guide upper east of the Shaheen Estate. Inside, head higher up, where you’ll find a room with an enormous window above the road. A dusty chessboard with four missing pieces is on a table.

Inspect the chessboard to see the related transmitter areas on your guide: the Pawn, Knight, Minister, and Rook. These four transmitters should be gathered and gotten back to actuate the vault.

Collect the Pawn Transmitter

With the transmitter areas checked, go to the first northwest of the H7 working in Beachfront Town. It’s a little fishing cabin with nets and stuff inside. Jump inside the hovel and look at the highest point of the television to track down the Pawn transmitter. Recover it, and you’re prepared for the following one.

How to Unlock The Vault MW3 Zombies

Battle the Rook Mercenary

Presently advance southwest of H7 to the tall in a high rise in C5. This is the region of the Rook, a specialist rifleman who watches the highest level. You’ll have to carry enough capability and watchfulness to bring him down.

Instead of climbed floor by floor, I’d jump straight onto the roof. Immediately, he uses cover and throws streak explosives towards his roost to confuse him. Have colleagues centre discharge with sharpshooter rifles or rocket launchers to bargain weighty harm. With the Rook crushed, snatch the Rook transmitter from his body.

Survive the Train Tunnel Ambush

The Priest transmitter rests somewhere in the train burrow run underneath the Tanalov Station; however, arriving at it will be complex. Expect a tight battle against the Minister and his hired soldiers in close passages.

Pack shotguns, SMGs, and projectiles proficiently to get out of the thin passages. Headshots will help you eliminate the Bishop faster because he relies on armour and health packs. Get the Priest transmitter from the back train vehicle when he’s down.

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Hunt Down the Armored Knight

Your last objective, the Knight, rides around Urzikstan in a vigorously defensively covered truck search for targets. He will have to be caught by you before he gets away for good.

Look out on your radar for his truck symbol and use vehicles to make up for lost time to him rapidly. Have partners centre fire around the truck’s tires and motor to immobilize it. Once crashed, toss all that you have at the Knight himself – rockets, explosive multitudes, and LMG fire are great. Take possession of the final Knight transmitter as his armour is cracked.

Activate the Transmitters

Presently comes the decision time at the H7 building. Please get back to the room with the chessboard and associate with it. For every transmitter, there is a comparing spot on the board to embed it.

When every one of the four transmitters is set up, the lights on the board will initiate. This indicates that the vault has been opened! Make a scramble back there before the instrument closes down once more.

Loot the Hidden Vault

Head into the cellar of Shaheen Estate using the cavern entrance close to the lake. In the cellar chamber, you’ll find the vault entryway now available.

Step warily – the notorious Lord scaled-down supervisor is supposed to mask himself as a plunder chest inside! Open every chest individually while your colleagues cover you. Rare Level 4 Armor Plat, exclusive weapon blueprints, attachment packs, and other goodies will likely be contained within!

Be prepared to fight back rapidly if one of those chests changes into the Lord himself! The fulfilled “Vault Expert” accomplishment will open whenever you’ve gotten the plunder.


And That covers everything you need to know about MW3 Zombies’ vault secrets! It’s a challenge Easter egg with multiple parts that span the entire map, but it’s also gratify. The keys are the H7 chessboard, which can locate the transmitters, defeat the mini-bosses guard them, and finally unlock the vault.

With arrangement, cooperation, and speedy reflexes, you and your crew can vanquish this Hidden treat and guarantee the prizes in the secret vault. Presently, snatch your best loadout and check whether you have the stuff to dominate this complicated mission!

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