How to Strafe in MW3: Game-Changer Guide

Strafing, the technique of moving sideways while aiming at a target, is an essential skill to master in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Appropriately employed, strafing gives players an edge over opponents in gunfights and firefights across MW3’s frenetic maps and modes. This comprehensive guide will provide players with a complete breakdown of strafing, from basic techniques to advanced manoeuvres. Follow these tips “How to Strafe in MW3” to start strafing like a pro in MW3.

The Basics of Strafing

Strafing in MW3 provides several key benefits:

  • Disrupting enemy aim by moving unpredictably makes you a more challenging target.
  • Maintaining accuracy while on the move due to precise aim control.
  • Allowing agile navigation across the map to flank and ambush opponents.
  • Increasing evasion against incoming enemy fire.
  • Improving overall aim by practising tracking targets while strafing.
  • Outmaneuvering enemies in close-quarters engagements.
  • Surviving longer during intense shootouts.

To strafe effectively, utilize the following basic techniques:

  • Depending on your platform, move sideways with the left thumbstick or A and D keys. Continue facing forward while strafing left and right.
  • Keep your weapon aimed at targets and be prepared to fire accurately while strafing.
  • Vary strafe timing and direction to be less predictable. Use longer or shorter strafes, and switch up left/right movement.

Mastering these fundamental strafing mechanics will immediately improve your defence and offence during firefights.

Tips for Improving Strafing Skills

Once you have the basics down, focus on the following areas to upgrade your strafing skills:

  • Practice strafing in private matches or the combat training mode to build muscle memory without the pressure of online games.
  • Utilize cover more effectively by strafing in and out of protected positions.
  • Engage enemies at close to medium range where strafing is most viable. It’s harder to strafe effectively at long distances.
  • Experiment with weapon attachments like the Stock for increased strafing speed.
  • Try different weapon classes – SMGs and shotguns complement strafing exceptionally well.

As you continue honing your skills, consider which tactics work best with your playstyle and preferred weapons.

How to Strafe in MW3

Advanced Strafing Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals and put in ample practice time, it’s time to step up your game with these advanced techniques:

  • Strafe jumping – Jump sideways while strafing to cover more distance quickly and evasively.
  • Circle strafing – Curve your strafe in a circular motion around opponents to avoid fire and attack from all angles.
  • Wall strafing – Hug walls and lean out while strafing to isolate and pick off enemies.
  • Crouch strafing – Incorporate crouching to lower your profile and throw off enemy aiming.
  • Shotgun rushing – Sprint and strafe simultaneously to close distance on foes aggressively with shotguns.

Integrating strafing with other movements like jumping, crouching, and sprinting adds a new dimension of unpredictability that can overwhelm less experienced opponents.

Game Mode and Loadout Considerations

Employing strafing effectively requires tailoring your technique to each game mode’s gameplay style:

  • In close quarters, Team Deathmatch uses room-clearing weaponry like SMGs and shotguns paired with attachments to maximize strafing speed.
  • During objective modes like Domination, strafe while moving between capture points to evade fire.
  • For long-sight lines in Ground War, minimize strafing and utilize cover instead. Engage at range with assault rifles.
  • In cramped Gunfight maps, shotguns and frantic strafing reign supreme due to extremely close quarters.

Fine-tuning your loadouts to complement strafing in each mode will amplify your effectiveness dramatically.

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Helpful Tips for Mastering Strafing

To take your strafing to the next level, incorporate the following tips into your gameplay:

  • Play on Hardcore mode – strafing is more viable when every bullet is lethal.
  • Pre-aim corners while strafing to catch enemies by surprise.
  • Practice against bots to polish reflexes and accuracy when shelling.
  • Watch professional MW3 players strafe and study their techniques.
  • Experiment with sensitivity settings to find your optimal balance of precision and agility.
  • Level up weapons to unlock attachments tailored to strafing speed.
  • Map knowledge is critical – anticipate angles of attack while strafing.

With dedicated practice using these tips, strafing can transform from a novelty into an instrumental technique that propels you to victory across every MW3 match.


Strafing is an indispensable tool in every Call of Duty player’s arsenal. Mastering side-to-side movement while maintaining accuracy provides measurable advantages in fast-paced firefights. Players who invest time into honing their strafing abilities will reap the rewards with an improved aim, heightened evasion, and, most importantly – more wins.

Start with the core concepts of moving unpredictably and shooting accurately. Integrate strafing into your standard aiming mechanics. Then, build on the fundamentals with advanced techniques like jump shots, circle strafing, and crouch strafing. Use fine-tuned strategies to complement the unique gameplay of each mode. With the proper practice and adaptations, you’ll become a strafing expert capable of outgunning any opponent who dares to challenge you in MW3’s frenetic multiplayer arenas. Get out, start strafing, and step up your Call of Duty game.

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