How to See Valorant Night Market

The Valorant Night Market is a limited-time in-game store that offers players the chance to purchase premium quality weapon skins at discounted prices. Occurring only once per Act, the Night Market provides an opportunity for players to obtain sought-after weapon cosmetics without breaking the bank. This guide will explain everything you need to know about the Night Market event in Valorant, including when it takes place, how to access it, the type of weapon skins available, and tips for getting the most value out of the rotating deals. In This Article Explore “How to See Valorant Night Market”.

Overview of the Night Market Event

The Night Market is a rotating store that pops up in Valorant randomly once per Act, typically lasting around two weeks1. During the event, players can access an exclusive shop containing steep discounts on six randomly selected weapon skins2.

The next Night Market is scheduled to run from December 13, 2023, through January 8, 20243. This means players have a limited window to take advantage of the discounted offers before the store rotates out.

The main incentive of the Night Market is to allow players to obtain premium quality weapon skins for as much as 50% below their regular store price1. The weapon skins featured are randomly selected per player from a pool of eligible skin lines released at least 2 Acts prior.

How to Access the Upcoming Night Market

When the Night Market goes live on December 13, there will be a few simple steps to access the exclusive deals:

  1. Launch Valorant and enter the main menu
  2. Click on the card icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  3. The Night Market will appear – click “View Offer.”
  4. Scroll through the six weapon skins to view percentages of discounted

The Night Market always appears in the dedicated store panel, identifiable by the card logo icon. Once players click to view the offer, they can scroll through the six randomly assigned weapon skin collections available and see each skin tier alongside the discounted percentage.

How to See Valorant Night Market

Weapon Skin Types Available in Night Market

The weapon skins available during Night Market will be at least from the Select, Deluxe, or Premium skin lines. While most high-tier skin collections won’t appear, players may occasionally find premium supplies like Ion, Spline, or Sensation at a steep discount. Knife skins related to these same tiers can also occur, and Night Market discounts will apply to skin upgrades like finishers.

Players won’t find skin lines from the ultra-premium Valorant Go in their Night Market! Volume bundles or exclusive lines like Champions 2021. Generally, skins must be available for at least 2 Acts before they are eligible for potential Night Market appearance1.

For the December 2023 Night Market, skin lines from the recent Episode 5 Act 1, like Daydreams, Artefact, and Caballero, should be available3. With six randomly selected weapon skin offers per player, results will vary greatly but lean toward Select through Premium skin qualities.

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Strategies to Get the Most Value from Night Market Discounts

To make the most of the two-week-long Night Market event, there are some key strategies players should keep in mind:

  • Check skin quality tiers – Look for Premium skins over Select skins to maximize potential savings
  • Factor in upgrades – Night Market discounts apply to variants, colors, and finishers too
  • Compare regular skin prices in the standard store to make sure deals listed in Night Market represent an actual discount
  • Consider how often weapons are used when deciding which weapon skin discounts to take advantage of
  • Purchase only the skins you love since deals are exclusive to this event

The randomized weapon skin offers mean that the Night Market will yield different values per player. These tips can help players determine which of the six deals are worth buying over the event’s 2-week duration for the best savings on premium weapon cosmetics.


The Valorant Night Market brings an element of surprise and excitement to the in-game store, tempting players with glimpses of coveted weapon skins at steep markdowns. Following the steps above to access the Night Market from December 13, 2023, to January 8, 2024, players can economically take home premium skins ranging from Select to Ultra tier.

Taking advantage of the one-time per-act discounted offers in the Night Market requires a strategy to find the best weapon skin savings. But with the potential to score skin lines like Ion, Spline, Sensation, or Artefact for 50% below retail value1, the effort to maximize this limited opportunity is well worth it for fans of weapon cosmetics.

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