How to Make Polymer in Palworld

Polymer is an essential late-game material in Palworld that allows you to craft advanced weapons, equipment, and items. Making polymer requires some infrastructure setup and obtaining rare ingredients, but the effort is well worth it. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to produce polymer in your Palworld base.

Prerequisites for Polymer Production

Before you can start churning out polymer, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Reach Technology Level 28 – This unlocks the Production Assembly Line, which is necessary for crafting polymers. You’ll need to invest time and resources into researching technologies.
  • Build a Production Assembly Line – The Assembly Line can be placed like other buildings. It costs 100 Ingots, 50 Wood, 20 Nails, and 10 Cement to construct.
  • Construct a Power Generator – This powers the Assembly Line. It unlocks at Technology Level 26 and costs 50 Ingots and 20 Electric Organs. Connect it to the Assembly Line with Power Cables.
  • Assign an Electric Pal – You’ll need to assign at least one Electric Pal to operate the Power Generator. More Pals assigned increases production speed.
  • Obtain the Polymer Recipe – Unlocking Polymer requires reaching Technology Level 33. Go to the Assembly Line, and you’ll now see Polymer as a crafting option.
How to Make Polymer Palworld

Obtaining High-Quality Pal Oil

The key ingredient for the polymer is High-Quality Pal Oil. This rare resource is obtained as a drop from specific Pals:

  • Dumud – These camel Pals are found commonly in the desert biome, especially around coordinates -158 -91. They occasionally drop the oil when defeated.
  • Digitise – Giant turtle Pals that live in the desert. They have a chance to drop the oil, too.

Make sure you equip heat-resistant clothing before entering the desert biome. Once you collect the oil, head back to the base to start polymer production.

Crafting the Polymer

Now that your Production Assembly Line is set up and you have the High-Quality Pal Oil, you’re ready to start crafting polymer:

  1. Interact with the Assembly Line and select Polymer from the menu.
  2. Place 1 High-Quality Pal Oil in the input slot.
  3. Press the Craft button.
  4. After a moment, your polymer output will be placed in the output slot!

Repeat this process, collecting more oil as needed to stockpile the polymer. Having more electric pallets assigned to the power generator speeds up production.

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Uses for Polymer

Here are some of the main uses for polymer in Palworld:

  • Crafting Carbon Fiber – This material is needed for mid-to-late game equipment and can only be made with polymer. Carbon fibre is used for armour, weapons, and tools.
  • Advanced Assembly Lines – The Tier 2 Assembly Line, which unlocks more recipes, requires polymer construction. This allows you to craft better guns, explosives, machinery, and more.
  • High-Tech Pal Equipment – Many items that buff your Pals require polymers, like the Muscle Stimulator, Optical Camouflage, and Radio Communicator.
  • Heavy Weaponry – Devastating weapons like the Blaster Cannon, Laser Rifle, and Missile Launcher all need polymer to craft. These make taking down bosses and raids much easier.
  • Electronics – Radios, sensors, speakers, and advanced electric components use polymer. Maintaining an automated base requires these electronics.

Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to make the most out of your polymer production:

  • Build multiple Assembly Lines to multiply polymer output. A whole battery of them churning out polymer is extremely useful.
  • Assign as many electric plates as possible to the power generators for maximum speed.
  • Regularly farm High-Quality Pal Oil from the desert biome. Stockpile it to keep production flowing.
  • Hunt Mammorest and Quivern Pals are alternative sources of oil.
  • Prioritize carbon fibre production, then high-tech Pal equipment to strengthen your workforce.
  • With enough polymer, you can craft weapons capable of taking down the strongest bosses like Undertaker.


Polymer is the key to crafting virtually all high-end items and weapons in Palworld. Following this guide, you can set up reliable polymer production using the Production Assembly Line. With sufficient infrastructure and resources invested, you’ll be crafting devastating weapons and tools to dominate Palworld!

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