How to Leave a Guild in WOW Classic

World of Warcraft Classic takes players back to the early days of Azeroth, before the release of expansions like The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. Along with the old-school graphics and gameplay, Classic has reintroduced many social dynamics from early WoW, like the importance of guilds and server communities.

Joining a guild in WoW Classic provides many benefits, like easier grouping, guild chat and rewards, and progression through end-game raids. However, there may come a time when you want to move on from your current guild and join a new one better suited to your playstyle and goals. Leaving your guild in WoW Classic is easy to do, but there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to move on.

When to Consider Leaving Your Guild

Here are some common reasons players may want to leave their current guild in WoW Classic:

  • Your playtimes have changed, and you can no longer participate in guild activities on a regular schedule.
  • You want to join friends or family who have formed a new guild.
  • Your guild has lost members and is no longer progressing at the pace you want.
  • Leadership issues like drama or disagreements with the guild master or officers.
  • You’ve reached a higher level and want to join a guild focused on end-game progression.
  • Your interests have changed, and you want to join a PvP, RP, or social guild instead of a raiding one.

Leaving a guild you’ve been a part of for a long time is a big decision. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons before making the move. If you hold an officer position, talk to your GM before resigning since this can impact the guild organization.

How to Leave Guild WOW Classic

How to Leave Your Guild in WoW Classic

When you’ve decided it’s time to move on, leaving a guild in WoW Classic only takes a few quick steps:

Using the /gquit Chat Command

The easiest way to leave a guild is by using the /gquit or /guildquit command in any chat window, like General or Guild Chat. Just type out:

Copy code



Copy code


You’ll see a confirmation message that you have left the guild, and any guildmates online will be notified in chat that you have left. This method lets you go discreetly without having to discuss it with anyone.

Via the Guild Roster Screen

Alternatively, you can leave your guild via the Guild Roster panel:

  1. Press the hotkey ‘J’ to open the Guild tab.
  2. Click on your character name in the roster list on the right side.
  3. In the small pop-out window, click the ‘Leave Guild’ button.
  4. A confirmation prompt will appear – click ‘Yes’ to confirm leaving the guild.

This way, it gives you a chance to look through the guild roster, and member notes one last time before leaving.

No matter which method you use, there is no cooldown before you can join a new guild. Once you quit your current guild, you’re free to receive invites and enter a new one right away.

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What Happens When You Leave a Guild

Here are a few things to expect once you decide to move on and leave your WoW Classic guild behind:

  • You lose access to the guild chat channel and all communication with guildmates.
  • Any guild reputation or achievements you earned are removed.
  • Your public note and officer note are deleted.
  • You cannot represent the guild with a guild tabard.
  • You lose access to the guild bank and all items/money stored in it.
  • Any guild perks like experience buffs or reduced durability loss no longer apply.
  • If you want to rejoin the guild later, you’ll have to be re-invited and start over at the lowest rank.

To minimize the impact on guildmates, it’s courteous to give them notice in guild chat that you’re leaving before quitting the guild. This gives them a chance to thank you and say goodbye!

Leaving a Guild Gracefully

While not required, gracefully exiting your guild can help maintain good relationships with guildies you may still want to play with later. Here are some tips:

  • Give notice in guild chat that you intend to leave soon and provide reasons.
  • Send a private tell to the guild master explaining why you’re going.
  • Offer to help transition any guild roles or duties you handled to other members.
  • Thank guild members for the time you shared and offer to stay friends.
  • If there is guild bank gear that is reserved for you, ask if you can transfer it out.
  • Say goodbye in guild chat before using /gquit to leave.
  • Consider sticking around in Discord or other guild community channels if you have built in-game friendships.
  • Offer to help out former guildies occasionally if they need a hand.

How you leave your guild says a lot about your character. Exiting gracefully ensures you maintain positive relations as you move on to new guilds and communities within WoW Classic.

Finding a New Guild

Once you have left your previous guild behind, it’s time to join a new one. Here are tips for finding the right guild for you in WoW Classic:

  • Ask around in General chat – letting others know you are looking can lead to invites.
  • Browse the realm forums – many guilds post recruitment ads detailing their focus.
  • Consider your playstyle – decide if you want a PvE, PvP, RP, or social guild.
  • Join Discord servers – many Classic guilds recruit new members via their Discord channels.
  • Look for guilds recruiting in Trade chat – but beware of spamming guild invites.
  • Check the ‘Guilds’ panel – filter and browse guilds currently on your server.
  • Ask in LookingForGroup – other active players can suggest good guild options.
  • Hop around – try being a trial member of a few guilds before fully committing.

Finding the right guild that fits your current goals and playtime will enhance your overall WoW Classic experience. Taking the time to leave your previous guild respectfully keeps you in good standing as you move forward.


Leaving a guild in WoW Classic is easy to do – a simple chat command or clicking a button removes your affiliation. However, exiting gracefully and on good terms is preferred to maintain positive relations with former guildmates.

Look at moving to a new guild as an opportunity to find a community better aligned with your current interests and goals in Azeroth. By giving proper notice, assisting with the transition, and thanking your guildies, they’ll remember you fondly when your paths cross again.

Whether you want to raid at a more competitive level or just find a casual guild of friends to quest with, taking those first steps to leave your guild can open up greater enjoyment of your WoW Classic journey.

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