How to Get Wool in Palworld

Palworld is a quirky life simulation game where you build a relationship with creature companions called Pals. One of the key resources you’ll need to progress is wool, which can be obtained from certain Pals or generated on your Ranch. This guide will outline the basics of gathering wool through defeating Pals, capturing them, and investing in a wool-producing Ranch.

Where to Find Wool-Producing Pals in the Wild

When starting in Palworld, one of the most common sources of wool will be the fluffy white Lamballs wandering around grazing on grass. These woolly creatures can be found lounging in fields and parks during the daytime.

Defeating a Lamball in battle will sometimes reward you with 1-2 wool, though it’s not a guaranteed drop. Try defeating groups of 3-5 Lamballs to have a decent haul of yarn for early-game crafting needs. Just beware of their charging attacks!

Later in the game, you’ll encounter more exotic wool producers like the llama-like Melpaca or round, rolling Cremis. These Pals provide wool more consistently when defeated but may be less common spawns than the plentiful Lamballs.

Overall, hunting and battling wool-producing Pals can be an effective way to gather small batches of wool, especially early on. But you’ll want to capture Pals and utilize your own Ranch for large, consistent yields.

How to Get Wool Palworld

How to Capture and Ranching Wool Pals

Once you reach Technology Level 5, you can unlock the Ranch building. This structure allows you to house captured Pals like Lamballs, keeping them permanently contained while they automatically generate whatever resources are natural to them.

For wool-gathering, the ideal Pals to capture for your Ranch are:

  • Lamballs: The most common wool producer found early on. Just grab one with a lasso and drag it back to your Ranch.
  • Cremis: Slow moving but yields more wool than Lamballs. Roll them to your Ranch.
  • Melpaca: Llama-like Pals that frequently shed high wool amounts when ranched.

To capture a Pal:

  1. Equip a lasso and rope one to immobilize it temporarily.
  2. Grab the roped Pal and drag them back to your Ranch. Get
  3.  them within the Ranch boundaries and release them to add them to your pool of Pals.

Your captured Lamballs, Cremis, or Melpaca will begin passively shedding wool over time. Wool resource piles will appear within the Ranch, which you can collect by interacting with them.

The amount of wool-generated scales is based on how many wool Pals you have captured. You can also feed your Pals ranch snacks to increase their wool yields for some time.

Ranch Tips

Here are some tips to get the most out of your wool Ranch:

  • Try to capture at least 4-5 Pals at once to jumpstart wool generation.
  • Check back daily to collect the wool piles. They don’t accumulate indefinitely.
  • Build Ranches in multiple settlements to produce wool in bulk.
  • Feeding ranch snacks boosts wool yield temporarily.
  • Expand your Ranch with upgrades for more space and output.

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How to Craft Wool into Cloth

Once you’ve gathered some wool from Pal defeats or ranch harvesting, you can take it to the next level by crafting cloth. This will require accessing a crafting station and having the cloth recipe unlocked.


Before you can start crafting cloth at a workbench, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Technology Level 3: Unlocks the ability to prepare material. Upgrade your tech to reach this.
  • Workbench Access: Situated in your base or found in various towns.
  • Wool: You’ll need 2 wool for every 1 cloth produced. Stock up before crafting.

Crafting Process

Follow these steps to turn your wool into usable cloth:

  1. Approach a workbench or other crafting station in your vicinity.
  2. Interact with it to open up the crafting menu.
  3. Scroll through the recipes until you locate the cloth option.
  4. Check that you have at least 2 wool in your inventory. Crafting 1 cloth consumes 2 wool.
  5. With the requirements met, select the cloth recipe and confirm crafting.
  6. Your character will now convert the materials into finished cloth! Repeat as needed.

And that’s it – you now have a soft, woven cloth ready to be used for clothing items, bags, crafting projects, and more. Turn excess wool into cloth for storage, then craft it back into needed items.

What is The Uses for Wool and Cloth

Now that you’re a master wool gatherer and cloth crafter in Palworld, here are some of the main uses for these important resources:


  • Craft into cloth (2 wool per cloth)
  • Make woolly armour for protection from cold/heat.
  • Use it as a crafting component for items like fuzzy fabric.
  • Sell for money at traders and shops.


  • Craft warm clothing like jackets, pants, and hats.
  • Make t-shirts, dresses, robes, and other apparel.
  • Craft into bags, pouches, and storage items.
  • Use as an ingredient for beds, decorations, and more.
  • Sell for higher profits than raw wool.


With the wool-producing power of Pals like Lamballs, Cremis, and Melpaca, you’ll be stocked up on fluffy wool quickly. Convert excess into cloth at workbenches to prepare for all your crafting and tailoring needs.

Ranching multiple Pals takes wool-gathering to the next level, giving you renewable wool piles daily. Remember to feed your Ranch with snacks, too!

Now, you know how to build up a wool stockpile, craft fine cloth, and craft an array of items to help you thrive in the quirky world of Palworld. Keep an eye out for other resource-producing Pals as well.

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