How to Get Rid of Wanted Status in Palworld

Palworld is a unique life simulation game where you build a business using Pokemon-like creatures called Pals. As you play, your actions affect your reputation and can even give you a Wanted status if you commit crimes. Getting this Wanted status puts a target on your back, with PIDF units hunting you down to eliminate the threat.

Fortunately, players can use a few methods to remove the Wanted status and get back to business as usual in Palworld. Here are the main techniques to lose your Wanted level:

Let the PIDF Kill You

The easiest and fastest way to erase your Wanted status is to let the PIDF kill you simply. As soon as you die, the Wanted level immediately disappears.

To use this method:

  1. Ensure you have no important items you want to keep in your inventory. Dying means dropping everything.
  2. Please wait for the PIDF units to detect you and start their attack. Don’t fight back or run away.
  3. Allow yourself to be killed by the PIDF. As soon as you die, your Wanted status will be removed.

The main advantage here is speed and simplicity. Just one death and your Wanted level is gone. However, the big disadvantage is you’ll have to go back to your death spot to reclaim your inventory items. Make sure you remember where you died!

How to Get Rid of Wanted in Palworld

Escape and Hide

For players who don’t want to lose their items, running away and hiding from the PIDF is an option. If you can get far away from the crime scene and find a good hiding spot, you can wait out your Wanted level.

Here are some tips for escaping and hiding from the PIDF:

  • Sprint away as soon as the Wanted status appears to get a head start.
  • Use vehicles like cars or helicopters to put distance between you and the PIDF quickly.
  • Find indoor locations like buildings or caves where PIDF units won’t search.
  • Crouch in bushes or other natural cover to stay out of sight.
  • Travel to a distant town where the PIDF won’t look for you.
  • Wait 24-48 in-game hours before coming out of hiding.

The advantage of hiding over dying is you keep all your items and progress. But it takes much longer for your Wanted status to clear. You’ll need patience and care to avoid the PIDF until the coast is clear.

Eliminate Witnesses

For players with strong weapons and a lack of morals, killing witnesses to your crimes will erase your Wanted level. If no one is left alive to report your criminal activities, the PIDF won’t come after you.

To use this method:

  1. Equip the strongest weapons you have available. You need to kill quickly.
  2. Immediately attack all NPCs in the area who witnessed your crime before they can report you.
  3. Kill all the witnesses rapidly before the PIDF gets summoned.
  4. Loot any useful items from the NPC victims.
  5. Walk away safely with no more Wanted level.

The advantage here is you can immediately remove your Wanted status on the spot if you can kill all the witnesses fast enough. It lets you get back to business quickly.

The downsides are the difficulty of killing all witnesses before they alert the PIDF and the extra crimes piled on by murdering innocents. Use this risky method carefully.

Reload Your Game

If all else fails, the nuclear option for removing your Wanted level is reloading a previous save or quitting to the main menu and restarting your game. This resets the game before you get the Wanted status.

To reload your game:

  1. Open the menu and go to Load Game. Choose a save from before you committed the crimes.
  2. Load that save. It would help if you respawned with no Wanted level.
  3. Alternatively, exit to the main menu and restart the game. This also resets your Wanted status.
  4. Resume playing normally without a Wanted level.

Reloading works as an instant “get out of jail free” card. The only catch is you have lost any progress since your last save. Try the other methods first, if possible, to avoid losing gameplay.

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How to Choose the Right Method

Which method is best for your situation when trying to eliminate your Wanted status in Palworld? Here are some recommendations:

  • Die if you have no items to reclaim – Dying is fast and easy, with no inventory to recover.
  • Hide if you have an important inventory. Escape and hide to keep your items while waiting for your Wanted level.
  • Kill witnesses for quick resolution – Eliminate witnesses if you have the firepower and don’t mind more violence.
  • Reload as a last resort – only reload if you can’t use other methods or fail to shake your Wanted status.

Consider your gameplay style, inventory, and moral flexibility when choosing how to shed your Wanted level. Use a combination of techniques for the best options.

Tips for Avoiding Wanted Status

The easiest way to deal with Wanted levels is to avoid them completely. Here are some tips to keep your nose clean and steer clear of Wanted status in Palworld:

  • Don’t commit crimes! Don’t do illegal activities if you don’t want to be Wanted.
  • Wear disguises when committing minor crimes to avoid being identified.
  • Don’t get caught by law enforcement or witnesses when breaking the law.
  • Bribe authorities to look the other way instead of reporting your crimes.
  • Eliminate evidence like security cameras that could catch you in the act.
  • Use remote locations when possible to avoid witnesses for illegal activities.
  • Take out witnesses immediately before they can report you to PIDF.

Stay sneaky, use discretion, and don’t leave loose ends. Careful criminal behaviour means you’ll rarely worry about gaining Wanted status.


Gaining Wanted status is part of the challenging gameplay and moral choices offered by Palworld. But removing that Wanted level quickly lets you return to business without interference.

Use the techniques outlined here, like dying, hiding, killing witnesses, and reloading saves, to erase your Wanted status. Choose the method that best fits your playstyle. And when possible, avoid the Wanted level entirely by covering your tracks.

With these tips, you can keep the PIDF off your trail as you build your pal-powered business empire however you see fit. Stay sharp and always have an escape plan if you intend to play on the shady side of the law. Careful planning means removing those pesky Wanted levels and continuing your not-so-law-abiding Palworld adventures.

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