How to Get Resin in Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a dark fantasy survival game set in a mystical world filled with magic and danger. As you explore the procedurally generated open world, you’ll need to gather resources to craft weapons, build structures, and survive against supernatural enemies. One essential resource is resin, primarily obtained by chopping down trees.

Resin is an important crafting component for lighting, weapons, armour, and other key items in Enshrouded. A steady resin supply will allow you to upgrade your equipment, light your base, and progress further in the game. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively farm resin in Enshrouded.

What is Resin Used For?

Before we dive into the best resin farming methods, let’s first understand why resin is so valuable in Enshrouded. Here are some of the main uses of resin:

  • Crafting Torches, Candles, and Light Sources: Resin is used to craft most lighting items, including the Torch, Wall Torch, Candelabra, and more. Proper lighting is crucial for navigating dark areas and lighting your base at night.
  • Upgrading the Flame Altar: The Flame Altar allows you to craft spells and items imbued with magical fire abilities. Upgrading it requires resin along with souls.
  • Fire Ammo and Explosives: Resin can be combined with cloth and other materials to make Fire Arrows, Fire Bombs, and Exploding Jars that deal fire damage.
  • Staves: Powerful magical staves require resin to craft along with souls and other materials.
  • Fire Spells: Offensive fire spells such as the Fireball need resin to be cast repeatedly. Resin essentially acts as the “ammo” for these spells.
  • Wooden Structures and Furniture: Many wooden blocks, walls, furniture, and other items require resin in their recipes.

Having a large stockpile of resin will ensure you can take advantage of these important crafting opportunities and progress in Enshrouded. Now, let’s go over how to obtain resin efficiently.

How to Get Resin in Enshrouded

Chopping Trees

The primary method of collecting resin is chopping down trees in the forest biomes scattered worldwide. When you destroy a tree, it has a chance of dropping the following:

  • Wood: Used for crafting and building structures.
  • Twigs: Used in recipes for tools, torches, and other items.
  • Leaves: Have a small chance to drop healing herbs.
  • Resin: The magical golden sap dropped from select trees.

Not all trees contain resin – you’ll have to search for specific varieties. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on large, towering trees with orange, red, or brown autumnal leaves. These trees have a higher chance of containing resin deposits when chopped.
  • Smaller green trees may occasionally drop resin, but not nearly as frequently. Prioritize the bigger-looking trees.
  • Using an axe speeds up chopping trees dramatically compared to using your bare hands or a crude stone tool. Craft a Basic Axe or upgraded Bronze Axe as soon as possible.
  • Each swing will remove a chunk of the tree’s health until it is destroyed back away when it starts to fall over.
  • Watch closely when the tree breaks apart – shining golden resin blobs will pop out along with wood and twigs. Rush to pick up the resin droplets before they disappear.

With an axe, comb through forest biomes, harvesting the tallest and oldest trees you can find. Gather every piece of resin that drops while collecting other wood materials that may be useful.

How to Maximize Your Resin Yield

Here are some tips to optimize resin harvesting and get the highest yield from each tree-chopping session:

  • Use food buffs that boost your gathering skills, like the Gatherer’s Stew, to double the resources gained from each tree. The buff’s duration determines how long the boosted yield lasts.
  • Wearing armour with the “Lumberjack” perk increases resin gained from trees by 25% – very useful for farming runs.
  • Clear an area of all trees, then exit and re-enter the game to make new ones respawn rapidly. This lets you quickly harvest multiple batches.
  • Plant Acorn seeds to grow small trees – these can be chopped continuously as a renewable source. However, small trees have lower resin rates.
  • Use the hoe tool to de-stump chopped trees so new ones will grow back over time.

Saving resin-boosting consumables and gear for dedicated farming runs will result in much higher resin income. With enough trees chopped, you should build up a sizable resin supply.

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What To Do With Excess Resin

If you’ve stockpiled more resin than you need, here are some productive uses for the excess:

  • Craft greater quantities of torches and lighting items to illuminate large builds.
  • Mass produce Fire Arrows for difficult boss fights and dungeon runs.
  • Upgrade your Flame Altar to unlock new fire-based spells and gear upgrades.
  • Craft the highest tier Bronze, Iron, or Steel weapons and armour, which require lots of resin.
  • Build up a large stockpile as a reserve for future crafting needs.

Having a surplus of resin enables you to be productive on projects that would otherwise be gated by frequent resin farming. Turn it into useful gear, items, and equipment so none goes to waste.

What Are The Alternate Resin Sources

While chopping trees is the primary resin source, there are a couple of other less efficient methods to mention:

  • Very rarely, killing certain enemies like Ents and Spriggans will make them drop 1-2 resin. It is not efficient for farming but useful as a bonus.
  • Supply Crates found in camps sometimes contain resin along with other random items. Again, it’s not reliable, but it’s nice when it happens.
  • Checking with any Trading Posts can occasionally yield resin for sale from the merchant there. But this is dependent on randomized stock.
  • The resin can be combined from Acorn Residue crafted using Acorns and Souls as a last resort. But this conversion comes at a high cost.

Outside of tree chopping, these other sources of obtaining resin only provide small amounts inconsistently. Focus on finding and harvesting large old trees in forest biomes for your main resin supply.


Resin is an essential resource in Enshrouded for crafting lighting, weapons, upgrades, and other important items. To stock up on resin, equip an axe and look for large old trees in the forest – these have the highest chance of dropping multiple resin deposits when chopped down. Use resource-boosting consumables and gear to maximize yield. Plant additional trees to renew choppable ones. With these tips, you’ll have the resin you need to thrive in the dangerous magical world of Enshrouded!

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