How to Get Pal Fluids in Palworld


Pal Fluids are an important resource in the quirky game Palworld. These magical fluids can be obtained from certain water-type Pals and are used to craft essential items like Cement and Hot Springs. A steady supply of Pal Fluids is crucial for constructing high-quality structures, maintaining your Pals’ sanity, and progressing in the game. In this guide, we’ll review the best methods for obtaining Pal Fluids and explain why they are vital in Palworld.

How To Get Pal Fluids Palworld

Where to Find Pals That Drop Pal Fluids

Not every water-type Pal will drop Pal Fluids when defeated or caught. The Pals that reliably yield Pal Fluids are:

  • Pengullet – A penguin-seal hybrid Pal found along coastlines and rivers. It is one of the earliest sources of Pal Fluids.
  • Fuack – A duck-fish Pal that swims in rivers. Drops 1-3 Pal Fluids when caught.
  • Teafant – An elephant-seal Pal located near beaches. Drops 2-5 Pal Fluids.
  • Celaray – A manta ray-like Pal that swims offshore. Yields 4-7 Pal Fluids.
  • Kelpsea – A seaweed Pal encountered in shallow oceans. Drops 3-6 Pal Fluids.
  • Surfent – An orca-seal Pal found in deep seas. Yields 6-10 Pal Fluids.

Some ideal early game locations to find these Pals are along the coastline near Grassy Behemoth Hills and the starting beach area. Once you access boats or underwater breathing harnesses, you can venture out to sea to find more ocean-dwelling Pals.

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How to Craft and Use Pal Fluids

Now that you know how to acquire Pal Fluids efficiently, let’s look at why they are so important in Palworld:

Craft Cement

Pal Fluids are critical for crafting Cement in the Cement Mixer. Cement is essential for constructing high-durability structures like the Production Assembly Line. The Cement Mixer itself also requires Pal Fluids to craft.

Create Hot Springs

Hot Springs are the most effective way to keep your Pals happy and maintain high sanity in your base. They require Pal Fluids to craft. Keeping a steady supply of Pal Fluids for Hot Springs is crucial.

Craft Harnesses

Certain powerful harnesses like the Oxygen Tank require Pal Fluids. Having access to these special harnesses gives your Pals new abilities and advantages.

Potions and Plantations

Pal Fluids are used to create potions like Strange Juice and plantations like the Lettuce Plantation. These provide helpful bonuses and resources.

Other Structures

Advancing in the game requires crafting buildings like the Water Fountain and Witch Cauldron, which need Pal Fluids.


Securing a reliable Pal Fluid supply is an essential priority in Palworld. Defeating Pals like Pengullet, using Electric Pals, and equipping Meat Cleavers are effective farming methods. Pal Fluids are integral for crafting Cement, Hot Springs, harnesses, potions, plantations, and important structures. Focus on acquiring them steadily, and your Pal civilization will flourish. With these tips, you’ll be flush with Pal Fluids quickly!

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