How to Get the Legend Passive Skill in Palworld


Palworld is a new life simulation game where you can capture, breed, and battle creatures called Pals. One of the most coveted skills for Pals in Palworld is the Legend passive skill, which greatly boosts your Pal’s combat abilities. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about obtaining the powerful Legend passive skill.

How to Get Legend Passive Palworld

What is the Legend Passive Skill?

The Legend passive skill is an incredibly rare and powerful passive skill that can only be obtained from Legendary-tier Pals in Palworld. Passive skills provide permanent stat boosts and bonuses to Pals.

The Legend passive boosts a Pal’s:

  • Attack by 20%
  • Defence by 20%
  • Movement speed by 15%

This makes Pals with the Legend passive much stronger in battle and world exploration. Having this passive skill gives your Pal a big edge over others.

Where to Find Legendary Pals

Legendary Pals are the only creatures that can possess the Legend passive skill in Palworld. They are located in hard-to-reach areas and corners of the map. Legendary Pals are level 50, so you must prepare your best equipment and bring powerful Pals to capture them.

Some Legendary Pals that can have the Legend passive skill include:

  • Frostallion
  • Jetragon
  • Paladius
  • Necromus

Use the in-game Palpedia and online resources to locate Legendary Pals’ habitat and breeding details that can pass down the Legend passive.

How to Capture a Legendary Pal

Once you’ve tracked down a Legendary Pal, you must battle and capture it. Bring plenty of healing items, weapons, and your strongest Pals to defeat the Legendary creature. Their high-level and powerful attacks can easily overwhelm you.

Use traps strategically and have Pals with abilities that can stun, paralyze or inflict status ailments on Legendary Pals to make capturing easier. Avoid killing the Legendary Pal, as you want to capture it alive at low HP.

Throw as many capture balls as possible when their health is low until you successfully capture the Legendary Pal. This may take several tries, given their capture difficulty.

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How to Breed for the Legend Passive

After capturing a Legendary Pal with the Legend passive, you can pass this skill to other Pals by breeding. Take the Legendary Pal to the Breeding Farm and assign it along with another Pal of the opposite gender.

Place a cake inside the farm bin to initiate breeding. The Pal offspring produced will be able to inherit the Legend passive from the Legendary parent.

You may need to repeatedly breed the Legendary Pal to get babies that inherit the passive skill. Use online breeding guides to learn the combos and steps for passing down the Legend passive to specific Pals.

How to Use the Legend Passive Effectively

Pals who inherit the Legend passive skill will gain major attack, defence, and movement speed boost. This makes them incredibly effective in battles against wild Pals and bosses.

Send out your Legend passive Pals first in battles to overpower opponents quickly. The attack and speed boosts allow them to dish out damage rapidly while avoiding enemy attacks.

The Legend passive also helps when exploring Palworld, allowing Pals to move faster on the map and remove objects obstructing them. Level up Legend passive Pals to maximize the impact of their stat boosts.

Other Notable Passive Skills

While the Legend passive is the most powerful, other good passive skills in Palworld can benefit your Pals:

Tier 3 Passives: Lucky, Logging Foreman, Artisan, Burly Body, Diet Lover

Tier 2 Passives: Runner, Serious, Musclehead

Tier 1 Passives: Aggressive, Nimble, Power of Gaia, Pyromaniac

These boost stats include speed, elemental damage, defence, work efficiency, and more. Breed Pals to mix and match passive skills for your ideal Pal team.


Obtaining the Legend passive skill takes effort but provides a major edge in Palworld. Capturing the limited Legendary Pals and meticulously breeding for the skill gives you Pals unmatched combat performance. Pay attention to breeding trees and use online resources when passing down this coveted skill. With their mighty Legend-powered abilities, your Pals will dominate Palworld.

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