How to Get Leather in Palworld


Leather is an important crafting material in Palworld that allows you to create various armour, saddle, and equipment items. Obtaining a steady supply of leather can help you progress faster by crafting better gear. This article will explore the different methods of acquiring leather efficiently.

How to Get Leather in Palworld

Defeat Specific Pals

The primary way to get leather in Palworld is by defeating certain Pals with a high leather drop rate. Here are some of the best Pals to farm for leather:


Foxparks are fox-like Pals found in forest and plains biomes. They are low-level Pals that are easy to defeat. Foxparks have a high leather drop rate, making them great targets early in the game.


Fuacks are duck-like water Pals found near rivers and coasts. They can be more challenging than Foxparks but provide lots of leather. Using ranged attacks makes defeating Fuacks easier.


Rushoars are boar-like Pals found in forest biomes. They are aggressive and charge at players, so keep your distance. Once defeated, Rushoars tend to drop plenty of leather.


Direhowls are wolf Pals located in cold, snowy biomes. They are at a higher level than Foxparks but have a very high leather drop rate. Ranged attacks work best against their packs.


Eikthyrdeers are large deer Pals found in forest clearings. They take some skill to take down but are a leather jackpot. Utilize terrain like cliffs for an advantage.

Other Good Options

Other great Pals for farming leather include Vixy, Melpaca, Nitewing, Ribbuny, Incineram, Chillet, Univolt, Tombat, Verdash, and Kelpsea. Seek them out in their preferred biomes.

How to Purchasing from Merchants

Another way to acquire leather is by purchasing it from Wandering Merchants worldwide. Merchants will randomly spawn and trade leather and other items for gold coins.

Good locations to find merchants include:

  • Small Settlements
  • Near Shelters
  • Along major roads

When you find a merchant, check if they have any leather in stock. The price is typically around 150 gold coins for 5-10 leather. Defeating Pals and looting chests will provide gold income to trade with merchants.

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Recommended Farming Locations

Certain locations and structures in Palworld have higher concentrations of leather-dropping Pals. Prioritize these areas when farming for a steady leather supply:

Sea Breeze Archipelago Church

This church on the Sea Breeze Archipelago island contains many Nitewing bats that respawn quickly. The cramped interior lets you easily defeat them for lots of leather in groups.

Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster

The Pals near this underground waypoint tend to have high leather drops, especially Fuacks, Vixy, and Univolts. The confined spaces make gathering and defeating them very efficient.

Direhowl Caves

These snowy caves are home to packs of Direhowls. Move methodically through the caves while defeating them for a leather bonanza. Their respawn rate keeps these caves productive.

Verdant Forest Shelters

Many Foxparks, Rushoars, and Eikthyrdeer congregate near Shelters in Verdant Forest biomes. Clear the area, rest at the Shelter, and then clear again when they respawn.

How to Use Leather for Crafting

Once you’ve acquired a good stockpile of leather, it can be used to craft various armour, saddles, and items. Here are some of the top uses for leather:

Cold Resistant Pelt Armor

This durable armour requires 15 Leather and an Ice Organ drop from certain Pals. It unlocks at level 18 and is very helpful in snowy areas.

Pal Saddles

Saddles allow you to mount and ride certain Pals. Most require 5+ leather and other crafted items before they can be equipped.

Leather Furniture

Chairs, tables, and other furnishings can be crafted with 1-3 leather each. Decorating your base with leather furniture increases morale.

Storage Items

Backpacks, pouches, and feed bags are useful leather items that expand your inventory and carrying capacity.

Camping Equipment

Sleeping bags, tents, and camping tools like hatchets often require leather. These are helpful for long expeditions away from your base.


Hunting specific Pals, buying from merchants, and targeting known leather hotspots are the best ways to stock up on this valuable material. With enough leather, you can craft improved gear and buildings to take your Palworld experience to the next level.

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