How to Get Gunpowder in Palworld

Gunpowder is an essential resource in Palworld that allows you to craft various explosives and ammunition for firearms. A steady supply of gunpowder can give you a strong advantage in defending your village and exploring the world. This guide will cover everything you need to know about getting gunpowder in Palworld.

Overview of Gunpowder

Gunpowder is crafted from two basic resources – charcoal and sulfur. Combined at a high-quality workbench, every two charcoal and one sulfur make a single gunpowder.

Gunpowder has several important uses:

  • Crafting bullets and shells for weapons like pistols, shotguns, and rifles.
  • Making explosive items like grenades and remote explosives.
  • Upgrading your workbenches to improve crafting capabilities.
  • Trading for other rare resources from merchants.

So, securing a way to get gunpowder will allow you to utilize firearms and explosives for combat and survival.

How to Get Gunpowder in Palworld

How to Obtain Charcoal

The first ingredient for gunpowder is charcoal, which must be produced by burning wood in a furnace. Here are some tips for getting charcoal:

  • Build a primitive furnace from 15 cobblestones. Place it near trees so you can easily burn logs.
  • Chop down trees in the forest biome to obtain basic records. Birch and oak logs work well.
  • Put records into the primitive furnace as fuel to start burning them.
  • After burning, charcoal will be left over as an item in the furnace’s output slot.
  • Upgrade to an advanced furnace whenever possible to double the charcoal yield from logs.
  • Plant and grow your trees near your base for a renewable charcoal source. Use bone meal to speed up growth.

With an efficient charcoal production line, you should be able to stockpile plenty of this crucial component for crafting gunpowder.

How to Find Sulfur

The other ingredient needed is sulfur, which must be mined from special sulfur nodes in the world. Here is how to obtain sulfur:

  • Sulfur nodes spawn in hot, dry biomes like the desert, so search first.
  • Sulfur nodes appear as yellow mineral clusters sticking out of the ground.
  • Equip a pickaxe and mine the nodes to extract raw sulfur. Each node drops 1-3 sulfur.
  • The desert biome will contain multiple sulfur deposits scattered around. Locate them by spotting the yellow colour amidst the sand.
  • Bring materials to build a small outpost in the desert to facilitate mining trips.
  • Use explosives to destroy clusters of sulfur nodes and collect the resources quickly.

Over time, regular mining excursions into the desert can stock up enough sulfur reserves for crafting gunpowder. Just beware of hostile Mogs that may also roam the sandy biomes.

How to Unlock the Gunpowder Recipe

Before you can craft gunpowder, you need to unlock its recipe first. Here’s how:

  • Obtain a high-quality workbench by upgrading from the basic workbench.
  • High-quality workbenches allow you to craft advanced items as you progress.
  • The gunpowder recipe is unlocked at technology level 21.
  • Keep gathering XP and completing research to increase your technology level.
  • Build knowledge centres in your base to speed up tech research.

Once your technology hits level 21, the gunpowder recipe will become available when viewing the workbench crafting menu. Now, you can combine charcoal and sulfur to start producing it.

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How to Kill Tocotocos for Gunpowder

An alternative way to get gunpowder is by hunting and killing the Tocotoco mob. This is a more combat-focused approach.

  • Tocotocos are bird-like creatures found wandering in the desert biome.
  • They are aggressive and will attack players on sight with ranged explosives.
  • Killing a Tocotoco will usually drop 1-2 gunpowder and feathers.
  • Bring weapons and armour when hunting them, as their bombs can inflict damage.
  • Melee weapons work well on these ground-based mobs.
  • Ranged weapons can also quickly take them out before they get close.
  • Build defensive walls and structures so you can shoot at Tocotocos from safety.
  • Turning their explosives back against them is an effective (and ironic) strategy!

With some effort, you can build up gunpowder reserves by hunting Tocotocos. Just be ready for a fight against these feathery bombers.

How to Craft Gunpowder

Once you have stockpiled charcoal and sulphur, it’s time to convert them into usable gunpowder. This requires a high-quality workbench:

  • Open up the workbench interface and select the Crafting tab.
  • Pick the Gunpowder recipe showing 1 sulfur + 2 charcoal = 1 gunpowder.
  • Place the sulfur and charcoal in the recipe slots to fill them.
  • Click Craft and gunpowder will be produced!
  • Repeat as needed, using up your stockpile of ingredients.
  • Consider crafting a few at a time so you don’t waste resources.
  • Upgrade the workbench again to boost crafting speed.

Soon, charcoal and sulfur will be turned into a stack of pure gunpowder, ready to make explosives, bullets, and more. Just be careful how you store it!

How to Use Gunpowder

Now that you have a supply of gunpowder, here are some of the helpful items you can create with it:

  • Bullets – All bullets require gunpowder to craft, allowing you to use firearms.
  • Explosives – Grenades, remote explosives, and land mines all need gunpowder.
  • Workbench Upgrades – Higher tiers of workbenches require gunpowder to unlock.
  • Trading – Gunpowder can be traded for other rare resources from NPC merchants.
  • Combat – Grenades and other explosives are useful weapons against Mogs.
  • Mining – Explosives can help gather tough resources like iron.
  • Pal Training – Teach Pal combat skills with firearms practice.

Just don’t let your gunpowder stockpile go to waste! Use it promptly to improve your equipment and options for thriving worldwide.

How to Maintain Gunpowder Production

Gunpowder is needed, so you’ll want to maintain steady production over time. Here are some tips:

  • Build multiple primitive furnaces to mass-produce charcoal from wood.
  • Bring extra pickaxes and weapons on desert trips to harvest sulfur safely.
  • Set up safe storage like chests and vaults to hold gunpowder reserves. Keep it far from flames or sparks!
  • Occasionally, hunt Tocotocos to supplement crafting with extra gunpowder drops.
  • If supplies run low, make gathering charcoal and sulfur a priority again.
  • Consider building outposts near sulfur deposits or forests to reduce travel time.

With some effort invested into infrastructure and logistics, you can secure a stable supply chain for this vital crafting reagent.


Gunpowder provides access to powerful weapons, explosives, and equipment to help you better survive Palworld. Following this guide, you should now understand the essential sources, uses, and crafting process for gunpowder. The keys are harvesting charcoal and sulfur, unlocking the workbench recipe, and maintaining steady production. Use your gunpowder wisely; it will serve you well on your journey across the mysterious Palworld!

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