How to Get and Use Flour in Palworld


Flour is one of the essential resources in Palworld, an adorable and engaging life simulation game where you build a relationship with cute creature companions called Pals. Flour is crucial in crafting food to keep your Pals happy and healthy. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to get flour in Palworld.

Overview of Flour in Palworld

Flour is a key ingredient used to cook various recipes in Palworld, like bread, pancakes, cakes, and more. It is made by processing wheat in a Mill building. Flour is required to make Cake, which is vital for breeding Pals. It is also used to craft other dishes that satisfy your Pals’ hunger. A steady flour supply is crucial in Palworld for feeding and taking care of your Pals.

How to Get Flour Palworld

Steps to Get Flour

Getting flour in Palworld requires a few steps:

1. Obtain Wheat Seeds

The first step is to acquire wheat seeds, which can be purchased from the Shop for ten coins. Sometimes, You can obtain free wheat seeds from treasure chests, events, or quest rewards. Stock up on as many sources as you can afford early on.

2. Build Wheat Plantation and Mill

Once you have wheat seeds, you must construct a Wheat Plantation and Mill at your base. Both buildings are unlocked at level 15 and require the following resources:

  • Wheat Plantation: 85 Wood, 75 Stone
  • Mill: 85 Wood, 75 Stone

Position these buildings with enough space for Pals to work around them.

3. Grow and Harvest Wheat

Next, plant the wheat seeds in the Wheat Plantation. Assign your Pals to water, fertilize, and harvest the fully-grown wheat. Make sure to collect the harvested grain regularly.

4. Process Wheat into Flour

Finally, take the harvested wheat to the Mill building and use it to produce flour. Each grain makes one flour. You’ll need to process wheat into flour to build up reserves frequently.

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How to Use Flour

Once you have flour, it can be used in the following ways:

Crafting Recipes

Flour is used to craft recipes like bread and pancakes at the Campfire or Cooking Pot. For example, the Cooking Pot can make a cake that requires 5 Flours.

Breeding Pals

The Cake is Pals’ favorite food and helps significantly with breeding. Having flour to make Cake will let you produce more Pals.

Feeding Pals

Flour is used in Bread, Pancakes, Jam Buns, and more recipes to feed your Pals. Well-fed Pals work harder and live happier lives.

Tips and Tricks

  • Plant as much wheat as possible to get a high flour yield.
  • Build multiple Mills to process flour faster.
  • Automate harvesting and processing using hauler Pals for efficiency.
  • Make large batches of flour-based recipes so it lasts longer.
  • Prioritize supplying flour for Cake to breed more Pals.

Why Flour is Important in Palworld

Flour is essential in Palworld for these key reasons:

  • It lets you make Cake, which is vital for breeding more Pals efficiently.
  • Flour is used in many recipes that satisfy your Pals’ hunger.
  • Well-fed Pals are happy, work harder, and live healthier lives.
  • You need a steady supply of flour to craft food and breed Pals continually.
  • Running low on flour will make it hard to keep your Pals fed.

A good stock of flour is crucial for caring for your Pals in Palworld. Follow this guide to ensure you always have enough flour available!


In summary, flour is a critical resource in Palworld, made by processing wheat from wheat Plants in a mill. It is used to craft food to satisfy your Pals’ hunger and breed more Pals with Cake. You can establish a steady flour supply by obtaining wheat seeds, setting up wheat and flour production buildings, growing and harvesting wheat, and processing it into flour. Flour is essential for feeding Pals, breeding, and advancing in Palworld, so follow these steps never to run low!

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