How to Get Fiber in Palworld

Fiber is one of the most essential resources in Palworld. This versatile material is used to craft beds, tools, weapons, armor, base items, and more. A steady supply of fiber is crucial for survival and progression in the game.

Here are the main ways to obtain fiber efficiently:

How to Get Fiber in Palworld

Chopping Down Trees

The most reliable way to collect fiber is by chopping down trees. Equip a stone axe and target the various trees found around the islands. When chopped down, most trees will drop 6 fibers each. The trees quickly regrow after being cut down, ensuring you can return to chop them down shortly.

Trees are abundant across the islands, making this the easiest way to mass-produce fiber. Focus on chopping down the thinner trees, as the thicker palm trees yield no fiber. Over time, you’ll quickly accumulate fiber stacks simply by harvesting trees.

Hunting Creatures

Particular creatures will drop fiber upon defeat. Early on, one of the best targets is Hoocrate’s enemies like Little Hooc. These adorable penguin-like creatures can be found wandering cold regions and will provide 2-4 fiber when defeated.

As you explore further, keep an eye out for other fiber-dropping creatures. Anything with fur or feathers is a good bet. Stock up on weapons and go on hunting trips specifically targeting fiber-dropping creatures to build fiber reserves.

Using a Crusher

After reaching Technology Level 2, you can construct a Crusher station in your base. Feed excess wood into the Crusher to convert it directly into fiber at 1:1.

As your base expands, you’ll naturally accumulate large stockpiles of wood from clearing trees or collecting logs from chests. Running this excess wood through the Crusher produces a sizeable fiber income, speeding up how quickly you can amass fiber.

Crafting Palfiber Bandages

An advanced method is crafting Palfiber Bandages, which require 1 fiber and 1 aloe. Craft a batch of bandages, then unload them all to recycle the fiber while keeping the aloe. It takes more effort but converts renewable aloe into extra fiber.

Daily Resource Chests

Keep an eye out for the daily chests around the islands each morning. These frequently contain fiber alongside other random resources. Collect these daily to supplement your fiber income.

Prioritizing Fiber Collection

When expeditioning, consciously prioritize chopping trees and targeting fiber-dropping creatures. Stockpile more fiber than you think you need, as it gets used rapidly for crafting. Dedicate time specifically to collecting fiber, and your reserves will steadily grow.

Storing Fiber Strategically

Organize chests near crafting stations and store fiber alongside related crafting materials. For example, keep a Weapons chest containing fiber, sticks, and feathers near your Bow Crafting Table. This makes crafting jobs faster and more efficient.

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What are The Uses of Fiber in Palworld

Fiber gets used in almost every aspect of Palworld progression. Having ample fiber supplies is invaluable. Here are some of the primary uses:

Crafting Beds

Beds like Straw Pal Beds and Large Pal Beds require lots of fiber to craft. Beds are essential for keeping your Pals’ SAN levels high and ensuring they are well-rested for missions.

Creating Weapons

Fiber is needed to craft most ranged weapons, including bows, crossbows, and guns. An ample fiber stockpile lets you arm your Pals effectively for base defense and raids.

Manufacturing Armor

Protect your Pals by crafting fiber armor like the Wolfcloak or Pangolin Platemail. Fiber is also used in saddles for riding mounts.

Building Base Items

Many base items require fiber, from campfires and training dummies to traps and turrets. A developed base needs a ton of fiber for upgrading and security.

Crafting Tools

Pickaxes, shovels, watering cans – fiber is necessary for crafting the tools that let you gather resources and build up your base efficiently.

As you can see, fiber has endless uses in Palworld. Regularly chopping trees, hunting creatures, and finding other fiber sources will give you the abundance needed to thrive on the mysterious islands.

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