How to Get Fertilizer in LEGO Fortnite

As any experienced player knows, survival in the blocky world of LEGO Fortnite requires more than just quick building skills and sharpshooting. Establishing a reliable food supply is essential as you fight to be the last one standing. This is where fertilizer comes in – the valuable resource that can transform your makeshift farm into a thriving source of crops and sanctuary in the chaos of the battle royale.

Locating Those Key Components: How to Obtain Fertilizer

Fertilizer is not a standard item you’ll find lying around in chests or available for purchase. In LEGO Fortnite, there is only one way to get this precious commodity: from animal droppings. Here is how you can locate fertilizer and collect it effectively:

Step 1: Identify Animal Cluster Locations

Exploring the biome habitats across the LEGO Fortnite landscape, you’ll discover farms and rural areas dotted with passive mobs like cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs. These are the hot spots for collecting fertilizer. Mark them on your map to create a fertilizer-gathering route.

Step 2: Keep an Eye Out for the Visual Cues

As you approach clusters of animals, watch the ground closely. The “poop emoji” visible on the grass blocks indicates fertilizer is ready to be collected nearby. The more animals in one area, the more abundant the fertilizer deposits will be.

Step 3: Interact with the Droppings

Fertilizer in LEGO Fortnite takes the form of minor, brown particle effects on single grass blocks. Crouch near the visual cue and interact with it to automatically pick up the fertilizer and add it to your inventory. No tools are required!

Step 4: Optimize Your Collection Strategy

To collect fertilizer efficiently:

  • Prioritize areas with the highest animal density
  • Patrol around the animals rather than staying stationary
  • Revisit locations after some time has passed for new droppings

With these tips, you’ll have a stack of fertilizer in no time!

How to Get Fertilizer in LEGO Fortnite

Utilizing Fertilizer to Boost Your Farms

Once you’ve collected this precious material, it’s time to put it to work. Fertilizer is the key to creating lush, vibrant farms in LEGO Fortnite’s rugged landscapes. Here’s how to use it for agricultural success:

Craft Garden Plots

Using your trusty shovel, dig up grass blocks to create plots for planting crops. Then, with fertilizer in hand, interact with each property to infuse nutrients into the soil, creating an optimal environment for your seeds.

Grow a Diverse Range of Crops

Fertilizer enables you to cultivate more than wheat, beetroot, and melons. With the added nutrients, you can now grow corn, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, and other vegetable staples on your plots.

Speed Up Growth Times

In addition to enabling more crop types, fertilizer dramatically increases growth rates. Your plants will progress through stages rapidly, allowing you to harvest more frequently.

Increase Yields

The most crucial fertilizer benefit is abundantly higher yields per plant. Expect over triple the number of food items like corn cobs, potato crops, and melon slices with a fertilized plot. That means more food sustainability with less planting effort!

With a steady fertilizer supply reinforcing your farm, you’ll be well-fed and ready to survive in the long haul of a LEGO Fortnite round.

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Advanced Tactics: Maximizing Your Fertilizer Production

As your agricultural infrastructure expands in the late stages of a match, having a renewable fertilizer source becomes critical. Rather than hunting for droppings in random locations, savvy players can boost fertilizer generation rates right at their farms.

Step 1: Construct Animal Enclosures

Gather fences and trapdoors to build simple enclosures near your farm plots. Lure cows, sheep, and chickens in with wheat and seeds. This concentrates animals, so collecting manure is faster.

Step 2: Provide a Targeted Diet

To encourage frequent and plentiful droppings from penned creatures, feed them renewable crops from your farms. They are pumping animals full of vegetables like pumpkins, raspberries, and corn, which speeds up their digestive cycles.

Step 3: Collect Frequently

Check your animal pens regularly for fresh manure deposits. With increased food intake and confined movement, your livestock will generate piles quickly! Gather fertilizer often to spread across your expanding farmland.

With the power of fertilizer, your agricultural empire will keep your tribe well-fed and thriving right to the final circle face-off!

Conclusion: Fertilizer Lets Your Farms Fuel Victory

In the cutthroat battle royale world of LEGO Fortnite, where building and fighting skills rule supreme, mastering farming fundamentals can provide that stealth edge to outlast opponents. Fertilizer is undoubtedly one of the most valuable materials for guaranteeing renewable food resources.

By locating animal clusters, efficiently collecting manure, utilizing fertilizer across crops, and optimizing livestock production, players can erect prosperous farms that offer health regeneration, ingredients for potent consumables, and surplus food to barter. Your fertilizer-fertilized fields will fuel your entire team’s victory push!

So next time you’re frantically gathering weapons and building shelters amidst the chaos, don’t forget to stop and scoop some poop too!

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