How to Get Cloth in Lost Ark

Journeying through the vivid world of Lost Ark, players discover a vast range of valuable resources used for crafting weapons, accessories, and more. One such commodity stands out as an exceptionally useful material – cloth. Crafters continuously seek out this versatile resource to create clothing, trade goods, and even legendary skins, bestowing powerful attributes. For those striving to optimize their cloth-gathering endeavors, this guide entitled “How to Get Cloth in Lost Ark” unveils pro tips and strategies to acquire cloth sustainably. 

From scouring cotton-rich forests to dismantling unwanted skins, various methods exist to stockpile this precious crafting component. We will embark on an insightful expedition to master the dynamics of gathering cloth within Arkesia’s lands. We will uncover the best practices to utilize this valuable asset on your crafting crusades fully. So get your gathering tools ready and prepare for an adventure in the cloth collection as we explore the intricacies of this crafting material so coveted throughout Lost Ark.


Lost Ark, a captivating world filled with adventure and discovery, introduces players to a vast array of resources essential for crafting and customization. Among these, cloth stands out as a valuable commodity used in crafting clothing, accessories, and trade goods. In this guide, we’ll explore various methods to acquire this precious resource and share tips to optimize your cloth-gathering experience.

How to Get Cloth in Lost Ark

Gathering from the Environment

Embark on a journey through the lush landscapes of Lost Ark, focusing on forests and grasslands where cloth is scattered. Explore areas abundant with plants and vegetation, increasing your chances of stumbling upon this valuable crafting material.

Disassembling Unwanted Skins

Dispose of unwanted Epic skins acquired from Yoz’s Jar or other sources by dismantling them into cloth. This not only helps clear inventory space but also provides a sustainable source of crafting materials.

Completing Crafting and Gathering Quests

Keep a keen eye out for quests and rewards related to crafting and gathering, as they often offer clothes as a valuable reward. Embrace these opportunities to advance your crafting endeavors.

Trading with Other Players

Engage with the player community by utilizing the Auction House for cloth trades. If you are in urgent need of clothing, this can be a swift and effective method, especially if you possess other valuable resources for trading.

In-Game Store Purchases

For those seeking convenience at a cost, cloth is available for direct purchase from the in-game store using Royal Crystals. While the most expensive option, it’s a quick solution for those looking to stock up on clothes.

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Additional Tips for Cloth Gathering in Lost Ark

a. Strategic Gathering

Focus your gathering efforts in areas where specific types of cloth are more likely to spawn. For instance, if you need cotton cloth, target areas abundant with cotton plants.

b. Utilize the Gathering Compass

Maximize efficiency by employing the Gathering Compass, a tool designed to locate specific resources, including cloth. This can streamline your search for particular types of clothing.

c. Join Guilds and Trade with Friends

Forge alliances within the Lost Ark community. Guilds and friends can serve as valuable sources of cloth and other crafting materials, fostering a collaborative gaming experience.

Crafting Legendary Skins: A Cloth Endeavor

Delving into the world of Legendary skins requires a specific amount of cloth, dependent on the skin’s rarity. Crafting these skins enhances attributes, providing a significant advantage in the game.

Tips and Tricks for Lost Ark: Mastering the Game Dynamics

a. Epic Skin Dismantling

Gain cloth by dismantling Epic skins looted from Yoz’s Jar. Each dismantled Epic skin yields seven pieces of cloth, contributing to your crafting endeavors.

b. Skin Crafting Insights

Explore the new crafting system introduced by Yoz’s Jar. Visit the Skinsmith NPC to discover a range of skins you can craft, with each part yielding valuable cloth upon dismantling.

c. Legendary Skin Advantages

Legendary skins, comprising weapons, headwear, chest pieces, and pants, offer double the attributes compared to Epic skins. Acquire them from Yoz’s Jar to gain a considerable in-game advantage.

Navigating Lost Ark: Tips for Effective Gameplay

a. Skipping the Prologue

Save time by skipping the prologue, as the rewards are not essential for a swift leveling experience.

b. Prioritize Main Quests

Focus on completing main story quests to accumulate significant experience points. Avoid getting sidetracked by side quests or collectibles.

c. World Quests Unveiled

After reaching level 36, expose yourself to “World Quests” to achieve substantial level progression.

d. Power Pass Efficiency

Upon reaching level 50 with a character, receive a Power Pass in your email, allowing quick leveling of another character without the grind.

e. Pet Quest Efficiency

Complete the “Learning About Pets” quest early on to obtain a pet that enhances loot collection efficiency.

f. Diverse Leveling Methods

Consider using XP potions, running cubes, boss rushes, and active quests in specific areas like Svern and Rowen to gain additional experience efficiently.


In Lost Ark, the journey is as crucial as the destination. By implementing these strategies for cloth gathering and gameplay efficiency, you’ll not only enhance your crafting capabilities but also expedite your journey toward endgame content. Happy gaming!

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