How to Fix Lag in Palworld

Palworld is an exciting new life simulation game where you build and manage a society of cute but deadly creatures called Pals. However, like many new games, Palworld can suffer from performance issues like lag, stuttering, and low frame rates. Fortunately, several ways exist to optimize Palworld and achieve smooth, high-performance gameplay on high-end and low-end PCs. This comprehensive guide “How to Fix Lag in Palworld” will explore tips and tricks for maximizing your Palworld gaming experience.

How to Optimize Palworld Settings for Better Performance

How to Fix Lag in Palworld

Step 1: Update Drivers and Windows

Ensuring your system software is up-to-date before diving into Palworld’s settings is essential. Update your graphics card drivers to the latest available version for your GPU. Also, check for Windows updates and install the newest patches. Updated drivers and Windows can resolve software-related performance issues.

Step 2: Close Background Apps

Background apps on your PC can utilize the resources needed for optimal Palworld performance. Close any unnecessary programs before launching the game. This includes web browsers, chat clients, media players, and more.

Step 3: In-Game Graphics Settings

Now, look at the in-game graphics settings menus, where you can make several optimizations.


Set your resolution to match your monitor’s native resolution. Playing at lower resolutions will appear stretched and blurry. Higher resolutions tax your GPU more heavily.

View Distance

For powerful PCs, use the max “Epic” view distance to see distant objects. On mid-range systems, “Ultra” still looks great.


Like view distance, “Epic” shadows create the most realistic lighting effects for high-end rigs. Mid-range PCs can still enjoy detailed “Ultra” shadows.

Texture Quality

Textures control the details of in-game objects. For most systems, “High” texture quality balances visuals and performance. Lower this if you need more FPS.

Field of View (FOV)

Higher FOV allows you to see more peripherally. 90 FOV is ideal for Palworld. Higher values will negatively impact performance.


Turn VSync off to reduce input lag. Let your GPU push as many frames as possible for smoother gameplay.


Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling uses AI to boost FPS. However, some users report DLSS causing visual artifacts in Palworld. Try turning it off if needed.

Anti-aliasing (AA)

AA smooths jagged edges but is demanding. Experiment with lower AA settings or turning it off altogether.


Set your max FPS to unlimited so Palworld isn’t artificially capped below your PC’s capabilities.

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Step 4: Palworld-Specific Tweaks

In addition to the above graphics settings, Palworld has some game-specific performance issues that can be addressed:

Change Audio Device

Switching Palworld’s audio device to your primary sound device in Windows’ Volume Mixer can fix audio-related lag for some users.

Disable Auto-Save

The auto-save feature can cause intermittent lag when it periodically saves your game. Disable auto-save to smooth out performance. Just remember to keep it often manually!

Manage Creature Pens

Having too many creatures in crowded pens can tank your frame rate. Keep cells in a manageable population and build additional enclosures to spread them out.

Reduce World Objects

The more objects you place in your palworld, the more it taxes performance. Remove any unnecessary decorations and buildings to lighten the load.

Advanced Performance Optimization

For even higher FPS, there are further tweaks you can make by editing Palworld’s configuration files. Beware that incorrect changes can cause the game to crash or behave oddly. So proceed with caution!

Some possible advanced optimizations include:

  • Changing the primitive thread count to match your CPU cores
  • Increasing texture streaming pool size
  • Adjusting level streaming settings
  • Playing with grass density and scaling values
  • Turning off ambient occlusion and screen space reflections

The Steam community forums and PC optimization sites like Nvidia have additional tips for getting the most out of Palworld. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Optimizing Palworld is ongoing as you build more extensive and more complex worlds. By following this guide, updating your drivers, tweaking graphics settings, and customizing your experience, you can enjoy buttery smooth Palworld performance. The key is finding the right balance of visual quality and high FPS for your specific system.

Stay patient, take it step-by-step, and keep tweaking until you achieve Palworld gaming bliss. Your cute but deadly Pals are counting on you to build them the perfect world to call home!

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